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January 3rd 2008
Published: January 12th 2008
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So todays the day WE DIDDLE THE CUSTOMERS...(ok inside joke...mom? seany? haha alright) well today I spent the day packing. It was rather sad, seeing my side of the once oh so crowded room now so empty.... I wasnt homesick, I was nervous. Very. This really seemed like my frist move, because I dont know my new family really well (as I did when I moved into the Ailio's), and my new house is further away from the Ahti's! This was all crashing down on me as I re-searched the bathroom and picked up a couple lonely bobby pins. After all my items were packed and Henkka had reminded me to take down my New Mexico flag hanging over my bed, we (Henkka, Heini, and I) went downstairs to play one last game of Monolippu (spelling Heini? Henkka? en muista!) I was jumpy, fidgitty, sad and excited all at the same time. Heini kept laughing at me, and Henkka kept giving me nervous smiles and making me laugh. I ate some goat cheese and crackers (yes! we have them in FINLAND!!!!) to calm me down, but when Marru and Leena walked in the door ready to take me, I was just as nervous if not more! We ate a quick dinner of baked potatoes in silence. Going through my head were toughts of seeing these wonderful people again, they dont live too far from my next family, but they are very busy...and I wonder if my next family will like me...I already like them! Marru, Henkka, Leena and I packed all my stuff into the car, and said our goodbyes. Both Leena and Marru drove me to Metsavirnankatu 12 (my new address) and walked me inside. I was wearing the oldies cowboy hat and my New Mexico flag over my shoulder as an ice breaker. It worked. Right when I walked in I was greated with four lovely smiles. Tom and Hanna, my new parents, and Matias and Matilda, my new brother and sister! After getting all my belongings into my new room I said goodbye to my two wonderful mothers, and hello to the Palenius family.

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Tervetuloa StephanieTervetuloa Stephanie
Tervetuloa Stephanie

"welcome Stephanie"
all my bags....all my bags....
all my bags....

what am i GOING to do?

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