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January 1st 2008
Published: January 12th 2008
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Lotta and ILotta and ILotta and I

finally a pic of the two of us!
New years is HUGE in Finland!!!!!! So Marru's brother and his fiance were visiting from Jyvaskyla (spelling?) for new year! Marru's brother made us some sushi and we had it for our nighttime snack, wasabi and all! It was great, I hadnt had sushi in FOREVER, and it was really good! Then a couple hours and many pool games later (mostly...if not always me losing to Henkka) we drank some strawberry margaritas. Then Henkka and I left the adults to party it up, and walked down to the Hesburger where Anssi and his mother picked us up and drove us to Aikka's house! We partied there for a while, eating pirates booty (compliments of the Lampasi's), chips, pizza and some veggies. Henri Routilla and Anssi had some fireworks, so both of them, Henkka and I, and Aikka's friend Miska went outside to shoot them off. They were such cool fireworks. It's like all the illegal fireworks in America are fare game here!!! and EVERYONE shoots them off! Almost every house had huge 15 meter fireworks flying above! There was snow on the ground, so the fireworks looked amazing reflecting off everything! At around 11 we all started walking towards Kylpyla (the

Spa Hotel near my school) for the midnight fireworks show. On the way we passed SO many people shooting off the big fireworks into the sea! As we came closer to the beach in front of Kypyla it sounds like a war movie. Constant loud bangs coming from everywhere. Then as midnight approached the real fireworks show started, and everyone went around hugging and yelling "Hyvaa Utta Vuotta!!!" (happy new year). There were at least 300 people there and most of them were from my school, so everyone was telling me happy new year!!!! It was a blast! We stayed outside until 2:30am or so, while everyone set off the last of their fireworks, then walked home to my WARM WONDERFUL HARD ( haha heini.😉...) bed! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Additional photos below
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heini met up with us on the beach for a while!

lighting the fireworks!

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