Nonqaba's Going Away no no. Nonqaba's COMING HOME party!

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January 4th 2008
Published: January 12th 2008
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Ellen, Danie, NonEllen, Danie, NonEllen, Danie, Non

and my coat...
Wonderful, loud, amazing, entertaining, considerate, NONQABA!!!! "and thats the last time youre going to hear the click"

Non was one of our oldies (an oldie is an exchange student that came from the southern hemisphere so their exchange year was from January to January). She was fabulous to be around. She made us laugh with her funny stories about South African boys, and pine apples, and she's a great listener. She has the right advice for everything. Oh, and of course, she is groovy at braiding hair. 😊 She lived in Pori, Finland for her exchange year, and had some of us newbies up to Pori for her going away party! She had some funny rules for her party like: "No crying. No talking about politics. Only liquid gifts accepted" She flew home to SA on the 6th, and i'm sure she's having a blast getting back into things at home, on the pine apple farm. ps-love you Non!

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max and i took the bus to pori together, and stopped at this place for some food!!! hesburger!
trying not to freeze. trying not to freeze.
trying not to freeze.

zip up yo jacket girrrl
in the tree?in the tree?
in the tree?

yeah. chasing ed.
plad is SO in.plad is SO in.
plad is SO in.

Ed and Case
Popcorn anyone?Popcorn anyone?
Popcorn anyone?

oh ho ho ho


from tara and nick!!!

18th January 2008

hahahah ED he's so freaking funny. and non and her stories of SA boys... pooooh your calves are big! hahaha god i miss her and that picture of me daniel and non isnt completely rotary appropriate... because i look fat haha

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