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December 25th 2007
Published: January 9th 2008
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our pretty little tree
Gingerbread. Chocolate. Ham. Glogi. Champane. Gingerbread. Chocolate. Silli. Ham. Gingerbread. HAM!!! Ok, so it IS FINALLY CHRISTMAS EVE IN FINLAND!!! I MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "and there was much rejoicing"!!!! Alright, so I have to admit, it was SO MUCH better then I could have ever imagined. I was incandescently happy the entire day! We woke up late, and dressed in our warm comfy clothes, to walk to the old town center. There, around the towering Christmas tree music played, and the towns people gathered. There were at least 200 people, crowed around. I spotted many people I knew from school, and Rotary. I met up with Eija, and she gave me a glass of Glogi. I returned to Heini, Henkka and Marru, for the annual Christmas Peace speech. Drums played, and three women came out and sang for us. A peace speech was given, then more drums and song. We walked back home, and kind of veged for a couple hours, watching the Snowman and Shrek's Christmas special. Lea Ailio Mummi was dropped while Marru Aiti was cooking, and she began to play the piano for us. Heini also played Walking in the Air a couple times!!! Heini and I made a
Center Old TownCenter Old TownCenter Old Town

walking distance from the harbor and our house. the peace talk
few pans of gingerbread cookings, and decorated them, while Aina Mummi (Marru's mother), Henkka and Marru went to the Christmas church service, and the grave yard. Heini made one possu (pig) cooking and decorated it with Henkka's name! I set up some luminarias while they were gone. When they returned we watched the last episode of the Joulu Kalenderi (the Christmas Calender, a hilarious show where the elves speak tontu mies (elf man) finnish, which is more like finglish, because they speak english and finnish together). Marru set up the "fish table" around 5 and we began to eat! For the first fish course we had a couple types of silli (herring), salad, and some smoked fish. For the main course we ate porkana laatikko, imelletty laatikko, boiled potatoes, and KINKKU!!! (which in english is like...ummm..haha ok: carrot caserole, yam caserole, and HAM!). After dinner we watched Jimminy Cricket's Christmas special!!!! (just like old times familia!), It was really cute. After we had panna cotta (spelling?) with strawberry sauce! It was great, but SO filling....but of course we all had enough room to divour tons and tons of chocolates! As Heini and I were sitting in the tv room, Marru yelled "I think Joulupukki is coming now!" and we all started laughing as Henkka came though the door wearing a large red robe and carrying a walking stick that resembled a golf club.... 😊 We sang the Joulupukki Laulu to him a couple of times, (in finnish yes, rather amusing) it says something about an old man and a white beard...I dont know! Heini and I sang Peteri Punakuono (Rudolf) then Joulupukki's little helper...aka...ME handed him the presents and he passed them out! As everyone opened their presents, I could not stop smiling, the entire night I was laughing and SO happy to be here! After all the presents were opened Henkka and Heini drove Lea Mummi back to her home. When they returned we all drank some champagne and tried to play this new "travel across america" board game. What a night. My first Christmas in Finland, and hopefully not my last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Heini ja MarruHeini ja Marru
Heini ja Marru

Sisko ja Aiti!

and christmas tree!
Minun Loistava Perhe!Minun Loistava Perhe!
Minun Loistava Perhe!

my wonderful family!
oi cavult (spelling? haha)oi cavult (spelling? haha)
oi cavult (spelling? haha)

i just woke up, but hey i got some glogi from eija! :)
i thoughti thought
i thought

i thought i saw sylvia (canadian) over there, so i zoomed in a took a picture...i still think i see her inthe pic...not exactly sure!

awww. so sad how much snow we had! :(
Heini just HAD Heini just HAD
Heini just HAD

to climb in our little pile of snow from the zamboni!

Heini and I baked Gingerbread!
Living RoomLiving Room
Living Room

Heini ja HenkkaHeini ja Henkka
Heini ja Henkka

Kiettossa! In the kitchen!
Henkka Possu!Henkka Possu!
Henkka Possu!

haha Henkka Pig. by Heini. :)
Mummi ja Mina@Mummi ja Mina@
Mummi ja Mina@

Mummi and I! Marru's mother!
Henkka ja MummiHenkka ja Mummi
Henkka ja Mummi

Henkka and his fathers mother! Lea Mummi!

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