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Europe » Finland » Southwest Finland » Naantali August 22nd 2007

Today was a special day. I didn’t have a class until 10:15am! It was great! I loved sleeping in late! When I did finally get to school, I had biology! I usually take notes in bio, even though they are in Finnish because there are many scientific words that are similar to the English translation. Today there was a lecture so I wrote Emily a letter in Finnish. It was pretty pathetic actually. I think I ended up saying something like: "I am swim" but Maiju and Henri both read it and helped me fix it! After Bio I had a lunch of potatoes, potatoes and more potatoes, oh yes, and some bread! I had two free periods next so I went for a bike ride though town, absorbing everything! I rode around for an hour ... read more
the boat

Europe » Finland » Southwest Finland » Naantali August 21st 2007

Early morning today in school, the usual 8:20. I had English 4 first today! We worked in the language lab taking quizzes and doing exercises. I worked with Henri since I haven’t been given my internet password yet. We did I quiz on American and British history that was hilarious. One of the questions was “What is an Excalibur?” and one of the multiple choice answers was “an Arnold Swartnegger Movie”!!! it was a pretty crazy quiz. I had Biology next, and we studied the part of a cell. I took notes in Finnish to practice my spelling and I realized that most scientific words sound a little like English if you say them right! After Biology I had two free periods! Not many other students have a free period during that time so I decided ... read more
the dock

Europe » Finland » Southwest Finland » Naantali August 21st 2007

Today Ema, Tapio, and I woke up really late after our night out! Tapio made us breakfast and then we all just hung around for a while, trying to wake up. Leena and Erkki started painting the porch and they told me to go for a swim since it was so sunny. I decided it would be a good idea so I went down to the dock and layed in the sun. It was breezy down near the water and though the sun was out it was not warm enough to swim, so I just layed in the sun. It was very comfortable, I listened to music and I think I may have fallen asleep for a while! I came home around 6 for dinner and then Tapio took Emma and I to a Golf Bar ... read more
Naantali Spa-the entrance to the Sunborn Princess
the Sunborn Princess
down at the dock!

Europe » Finland » Southwest Finland » Naantali August 18th 2007

This morning I woke up at noon. I guess I’m not over jetlag yet! After breakfast, or should I say lunch, Leena, Ema and I went to Mylly (pronounced Mooloo, aka the Mall) to buy Erkki his birthday present! I got him some scented candles for the sauna the day before so I just came along to sitesee! On the way home Leena drove me on yet another tour of Naantali. We visited all the new houses! They are all so colorful; there are wooden ones and stone. It is not like New Mexico in a sense that all the houses here are the same style; high metal pitched roof, wood panals or stone fake panals, and all pastel colors. We also stopped by Leena's work so she could show me around. Leena sells kitchens, and ... read more
Bucket o' Crabs
The Crabs...
The Table

Europe » Finland » Southwest Finland » Naantali August 16th 2007

Yesterday was my first real day of school. I am taking Biology, English (to help out) Music, Math, and Art. Art is definitly my favorite class so far. the teacher barely speaks english but she gesticulates a bunch pointing and nodding and waving her arms until i know whats going on. today we used bailing wire to create a person. the assignment was to add an element of ourselves into our creation. it was a windy day today and i was longing to fly a kite so i made my figure flying a kite! (pics!!!) we also made a list of a few things we would like to learn in this class. i mentioned the potters wheel on my list and now she is having me teach the class! speaking of teaching classes...English is an INTERESTING ... read more
wire woman

Europe » Finland » Southwest Finland » Naantali August 14th 2007

i started school today! it was crazy. everyone dresses SO different. and they are all the same style its wierd. the guys wear long jeans but they roll them up to their knees. then the guys that play ice hockey tuck them into their socks. all the girls dress up for school. its very eruopean. i didnt really experience any finnish classes today because everyone was getting their schedules, but i start tomorrow! i did however have to introduce myself to the whole student body. that was lol. well now everyone knows me! i met with my rotary counsler yesterday and she took me to school. my school counsler had me make a list of the classes i like and the classes i dont so she can make me a schedule for tomorrow! i ate ... read more

Europe » Finland » Southwest Finland » Naantali August 11th 2007

Pictures are worth a thousand words.... read more
living room
kitchen table
up to my room!

Europe » Finland » Southwest Finland » Naantali August 11th 2007

hey all! im here at my host parents house in Naantali! the first day i got here i went on a boat ride to a couple islands with my host parents, went swimming in the sea and dived off the dock near my house, and went out to eat dinner at a finnish resturaunt at the harbor. i really like naantali. it is so pretty and green. my house is only a 2 min walk from the dock where i can swim...even though is it really really cold water :) i got used to it really quickly! my room is on the second level of my house. it is kind of like a loft. really pretty and colorful. i have a window that looks out to the neighbors house and the road to the dock. i ... read more
the dock near my house
me casa
little dock

Europe » Finland » Southwest Finland » Naantali August 7th 2007

hey im writing again woo hoo! so its silent time. aka time to sleep but im still up. the usual. eating gummies and talking with my roommate sarah. shes from canada! wicked. so today we started language camp. last night was basically just getting over jetlag. aka sleeping. but Lane (sweet texan I met on the plane) and I stayed up the latest out of all the Americans here because we wanted to meet the rest of the kids on the busses from the airport (brazillians, swiss, germans, and so many more!) and to experience the usual late night snack of finland. it was pretty good; bread and butter (with EVERY meal) cucumbers, juice, coffee (always), ham slices and swiss cheese in an open faced sandwhich. oh and we don’t fall asleep here until around 11 ... read more
the americanlienens

Europe » Finland » Southwest Finland » Naantali August 5th 2007

im here. its crazy. i am the most tired i have EVER been but its already 6pm here and its only like 9am in NM so if i fell asleep now it would mess up the whole jetlag stuff. so im staying up. crazy I know. I am NOT functioning regularly I am just walking in a daze. I cant believe im here. so i think i ate raindeer tonight. were not exactly sure. it was some kind of meat but egh it wasn't very good. but we also ate plain boiled potatos, peeled. the salad was really good though! its so pretty here! i mean like beautiful trees and such! i had an amazing plane ride. so much fun. it turns out i was sitting next to my dance partner kurt from NM the ... read more

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