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August 21st 2007
Published: August 21st 2007
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the package!the package!the package!

thank you SOO much ama! I LOVE YOU!
Early morning today in school, the usual 8:20. I had English 4 first today! We worked in the language lab taking quizzes and doing exercises. I worked with Henri since I haven’t been given my internet password yet. We did I quiz on American and British history that was hilarious. One of the questions was “What is an Excalibur?” and one of the multiple choice answers was “an Arnold Swartnegger Movie”!!! it was a pretty crazy quiz. I had Biology next, and we studied the part of a cell. I took notes in Finnish to practice my spelling and I realized that most scientific words sound a little like English if you say them right! After Biology I had two free periods! Not many other students have a free period during that time so I decided to go for a bike ride through town. I went and checked out the internet café, bought a yogurt smoothie from the food store, and walked around the fresh produce market in the center of town. When I got back to the common room I met the new German exchange student. It was her first day so I took her to lunch with me so
the dockthe dockthe dock

sunset dock!
she could sit with my friends! Did you know that in Germany they don’t serve lunches in school? After lunch I had math! Woo hoo! I can do this math really easily, usually, its basically what I took in 9th grade, just going a little further in each problem! I think it will get more difficult though! My teacher is the vice principal; his name is something like Sapu Something! I think he is dating our principal! After math I had another free period so I asked the art teacher if I could set up the wheel for my next two periods of art. She let me and I spent those next 45 min setting it up! Finally when my class started I threw three pots while everyone else sculpted figures! I made a mess, no joke. We were laughing about how much red clay was everywhere. I think I did an hour of throwing for an hour of cleaning!!! After art I met up with Tatu and we biked over to his house to play a couple games of chess. I lost and then I went home. That was a nice long bike ride! When I got home Erkki

after swimming!
told me that I had gotten a package! YAY! My first package since arriving! It was from Ama! Full of lifesavers, candels, and everything nice! It was so exciting! It was really hot so I got my swim suit on and asked Leena if she wanted to come swimming with me. She said it was too cold for her so I called Henri and Heini and five minutes later Henri and I were on our way to the sea! We didn’t swim very long because it was really cold, but we both jumped off the dock a few times! We stayed down at the dock for around two hours, talking and enjoying the scenery. We walked home around 8 and then we each went home to eat dinner. After we finished Leena and I went over to the neighbors house again because they wanted to see my pictures from home! I stayed over there until 10 showing Henri and Heini my scrap book! When I got home Ema was home from work and she had brought some new nail polishes so we did our nails then went to bed!


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