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August 14th 2007
Published: August 14th 2007
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ready for school. early in the morning. class at 8:20!
i started school today! it was crazy. everyone dresses SO different. and they are all the same style its wierd. the guys wear long jeans but they roll them up to their knees. then the guys that play ice hockey tuck them into their socks. all the girls dress up for school. its very eruopean. i didnt really experience any finnish classes today because everyone was getting their schedules, but i start tomorrow! i did however have to introduce myself to the whole student body. that was lol. well now everyone knows me! i met with my rotary counsler yesterday and she took me to school. my school counsler had me make a list of the classes i like and the classes i dont so she can make me a schedule for tomorrow! i ate lunch with a few girlfriends i have made...i only remember ones name...Lotta. they were my host sisters best friends before she left for the US. now they are showing me around! after school today i walked home with them to say goodbye to Dakota who is leaving tomorrow for Minnisota for her exchange. she is amazing. hilarious. im really sad i dont get to see her until may!!! after they showed me the way home i got my swim suit on and went for a bike ride to the main beach. (i was swimming at the little beach near my house a few days ago) this beach has a higher dock that goes out really really far. it also has more steps at the end of the dock that got to a higher dock that you can jump off. it is 15 feet above the water. i was the only girl jumping. i have to say it was pretty funny. there were all these girls tanning and im doing cannon balls, my friends thought it was a great way to find a date for the winter dance. (yes, everyone starts looking now becuase theyre are not enough boys, i think there are plenty though. there were about 15 jumping with me!) well i had a ton of fun! i came home and showered then took a nap. i was beat. it started to rain so i watched Win A Date with Tad Hamilton in finnish. it was SO hard to understand! then hostmom (yes that is now one word) made some fish for dinner. and after i finish writing this i am off to bed! another day of school tomorroww!!! oh and besides school, i start language classes in Raiso (a town near by) and another class in Turku (the biggest city near naantali). i go to each once a week. they are Finnish for Foreigners classes! im going in to Turku on thursday to go shopping with my host mom and see the sights. im going to meet up with some friends from camp and we are going to shop together! im going to have to get a pair of flats becuase girls just dont wear sneakers here! 😊 lol!


18th August 2007

This is all so VERY, VERY AWESOME!!! Thank YOU!!!

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