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August 7th 2007
Published: August 14th 2007
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he makes me laugh. upstate new yorker. :)
hey im writing again woo hoo! so its silent time. aka time to sleep but im still up. the usual. eating gummies and talking with my roommate sarah. shes from canada! wicked. so today we started language camp. last night was basically just getting over jetlag. aka sleeping. but Lane (sweet texan I met on the plane) and I stayed up the latest out of all the Americans here because we wanted to meet the rest of the kids on the busses from the airport (brazillians, swiss, germans, and so many more!) and to experience the usual late night snack of finland. it was pretty good; bread and butter (with EVERY meal) cucumbers, juice, coffee (always), ham slices and swiss cheese in an open faced sandwhich. oh and we don’t fall asleep here until around 11 because it is still really bright outside! so now its silent time because it IS 11. well actually midnight!

so today for breakfast @ 8am we had cereal (plain corn flakes), bread and butter, coffee, oatmeal with cranberry sauce and granola. not bad, then we went to the meeting hall and were seperated between languages we speak and languages we are from. Then we

my wonderful Finnish tutor!
were put into separate groups of 4-5 with one toutor. the tutor took us to our class where we spent and hour or so learning with the teacher Mimmu. our tutor sits at our table with us and helps our small group while the teacher is teaching. I was the only girl in my group. the others were Brennan from Alaska, Nick from upstate NY, and Max from Wisconsin. it was fun. we learned a ton in one session. oh and also the cokis (coke) machines here give out .5 liter bottles! and if you return them to the store they are worth almost 35 us cents! so almost everything is recycled here! so after that session we had lunch, breaded fish, (which was really really yummy) fruit salad, normal salad and coffee. its crazy the finns eat at least 4 or 5 meals a day. but they're not really meals, more like little snacks, like a piece of bread with a banana. its hard to get used to. so after lunch I went down to the lake with some of the other exchange students, Nick and I in the lead, with the keys to the row boats!!! we had
the americanlienensthe americanlienensthe americanlienens

muah, bri, texas, julia, and matt at cozy night!
races to the island and actually hiked around the island which would be a great place to play king of the mountian! we then went back into the big hall around 16pm and had an info lecture about saunas (actually pronounced sa-oo-na). while we were in the lecture we signed up for a time slot to sauna ourselves! my time was at 20:00! so we had dinner next at 17:00. potato soup and bread and butter (they LOVE their potatos here! theyre in almost every meal or at least once a day!!!) then we just hung out and played games and such kinda of free time with whoever we wanted! I went swimming in the 65 degrees lake. it was the coldest thing I have ever been in. it makes you breath so hard while youre swimming. your arms start going numb! then I saunad. I have no idea if that is a verb. but now it is. so that was HOT. my goodness. and slippery! I slipped! it was painful. it was a crazy day here in finland! but amazingly HOT! well not hot but for finland! it was like swim suit weather. it felt so much better after
dormdormdorm SIDE of the dorm!
the cold water! im dying of tiredness/sleepnesss/drowseyness/ yeah. basically tired
hope you're having fun!

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time warptime warp
time warp

Lets Do the Time Warp AGAIN!!! lol. cozy night talent show thingy! woo hoo!
the lakethe lake
the lake

this pic is the result of staying up WAY to late with my canadian room mate editing pics!
the groupthe group
the group

Max, Riina, Brennan, Nick, Steph! Riinas Tutor group! (needs to learn how to roll their Rs! lol)

Everyone saying bye to Toni! (blonde tutor in the center!) :(

he was SO funny. Luiz the Brasilian!
The HatThe Hat
The Hat

the mexicans gave nick the hat on the way to the rave! lol
yellow hairyellow hair
yellow hair

Riina, Max and i at cozy night!
district 1410district 1410
district 1410

being CRAZY nervous before meeting our host parents. thankgod were in the same district!!!
table partnertable partner
table partner

my right side table partner in class!
strike a posestrike a pose
strike a pose

texas and washington dancing in class. (try and read the orange pieces of paper in the back...vocab) lol
tall towertall tower
tall tower

the tallest tower in Finland! (from the trip to Tampere1)

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