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Europe » Finland » Lapland » Rovaniemi July 28th 2014

Rovaniemi just south of Arctic Circle in Finland/Lapland 27 July 2014 We arrived in Rovaniemi at 7.30pm after driving almost 700kms which was the biggest drive in one day for us since being in Europe this year. It was actually 8.30pm because Finland is in a different time zone to Sweden. We hadn't had dinner, so after booking into the camp site which was just over the other side of the city, we found a restaurant just up the road, which had some entertainment. We enjoyed our dinner - Tom had salmon and I had sauté reindeer. The reindeer was like a strong flavoured beef. When we were driving towards Rovaniemi, we saw a sizeable electrical storm in the distance. When we got into the city, the ground was wet. We had missed it completely, fortunately, ... read more
Arctic Circle and Santa Clause Village 8 kms nth of Rovaniemi Lapland  (25)
Arctic Circle and Santa Clause Village 8 kms nth of Rovaniemi Lapland  (26)
We chatted to Santa in his grotto on the Arctic Circle and Santa Clause Village 8 kms nth of Rovaniemi Lapland

Europe » Finland » Lapland » Rovaniemi December 26th 2012

It’s Christmas Eve 2012, and I am on a tour bus in Northern Scandinavia going from Kiruna, Sweden, to Inari, Finland. It is about -25 degrees outside which is a little warmer than it was yesterday, although ice is starting to form on the inside the bus, by the window I am sitting next to. Yes, it is cold, but we keep ourselves warm by having some fun conversation with our fellow tour-goers. Most of them are Australian couples, although there are a few Kiwis thrown in the mix too. They’re all good people and good chats, fun people to be spending long coach journeys with. We eventually arrive at what our tour operator describes as a "resort". I suppose technically it is a resort, as it is a winter leisure complex of sorts where you ... read more
The Brightest One
The Light Show
The Crew

Europe » Finland » Lapland » Rovaniemi December 18th 2011

We arrived in Lapland around 5pm, of course it was so dark, it was like midnight. We finally arrived at our hotel after a mixup and being taken to the wrong hotel, where of course they new nothing of us arriving! It was a quite pleasant -5c. There was quite a bit of snow, but more icy - rather like the Australian snow fields. We walked around the town of Rovaniemi -Since Rovaniemi is the capital of the Province of Lapland, many government institutions have their offices there. About 10,000 of the inhabitants are students. Rovaniemi is home to the university of lapland and the Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences. Over 70% of Finnish people are tertiary educated, which is the highest percentage in the world. Rovaniemi's most prominent landmarks include the Jätkänkynttilä bridge with its ... read more
sunrise on the river
on the way to reindeer farm
Sami initiation

Europe » Finland » Lapland » Rovaniemi July 29th 2011

Am plecat de la Oulu (traiasca varul Ciprian care ne-a dat de ale' gurii) hotarati sa ajungem la Tromso pe lumina, ceea ce nu e prea greu avand in vedere ca soarele apune pe la ora 23:30. Abia acum am vazut pe drum primul Ren ratacit. In schimb niciun Elan pana acum. In drum ne-am oprit la satul lui Mos Craciun unde am auzit Leru-i ler si O brad frumos.... in varianta internationala . Dupa cautarea piticilor angajati sa faca jucarii pe care nu i-am gasit, cred ca erau in pauza de insolatie (22 de grade), fiecare dintre noi s-a hotarat sa cumpere cate un suvenir.... Dani si a luat moose sound box.... e super tare.... Am facut poze. Dani + Tania au facut poze cu costumatie de eschimosi si apoi, a aparut un turc de ... read more
Photo 5
Photo 2
Photo 3

Europe » Finland » Lapland » Rovaniemi June 29th 2011

Rovaniemi, 29.06.2011. Rovaniemi, die nordfinnische Stadt ist für zwei Dinge bekannt. Zum einen liegt Rovaniemi ziemlich genau am Polarkreis und zum anderen ist Rovaniemi der Wohn- und Arbeitsort von „Santa Claus“. Beides, der Polarkreis sowie der Wohn- und Arbeitsort von „Santa Claus“ liegen am gleichen Ort ca. 8 km nördlich der Stadt. Auf der Weiterfahrt nach Pello statteten wir der Touristenattraktion einen Besuch ab. Es war 09.00 Uhr am Morgen und bei strahlendem Sonnenschein schon 20° C warm. Da kamen trotz der Weihnachtslieder die über der Anlage schwebten, keine weihnachtlichen Gefühle auf. Den Weihnachtsmann selber besuchten wir nicht, wir wollten in nicht bei seiner Arbeit stören. Doch die Souvenirläden wurden von uns durchstreift und die imaginäre Linie des Polarkreises überschritten. ... read more
Rovaniemi Einkaufsstrasse
 Wohn- und Arbeitsort von Santa Claus
Ein Teil der Anlage

Europe » Finland » Lapland » Rovaniemi January 13th 2011

Viaggio di Manu & Clint Prima di iniziare a raccontare il nostro viaggio tra i ghiacci della Lapponia finlandese, bisogna fare un passo indietro, al Natale 2003. Infatti e' stata in quell’occasione che mio marito mi ha fatto trovare sotto l’albero due biglietti aerei della Finnair destinazione Rovaniemi! Avevo sempre sognato visitare i luoghi di Babbo Natale e il grande nord in inverno... E perche no, magari riuscire a vedere l’aurora boreale! Ah... Noi non amiamo molto i viaggi organizzati e in questo caso crediamo siano proprio superflui. Organizzare una vacanza come quella che abbiamo fatto noi e semplicissimo: basta avere una conoscenza base dell’inglese e di internet, dove si trovano tutte le informazioni che servono. La Finlandia e un paese tecnologicamente molto avanzato... 20/02 – Partiamo dalla Malpensa con piu di un’ora di ritardo causa ... read more
Villaggio di Babbo Natale
Ufficio postale di Babbo Natale
Circolo polare artico

Europe » Finland » Lapland » Rovaniemi July 9th 2010

In de ochtend komen er enkele regendruppels naar beneden. Gelukkig had ik tijdig de was binnengehaald. De 2 Polen trekken samen verder. Ik doe de helft van hun traject. Ik zeg nog saluut tegen men landgenoten en ik trek naar het centrum. Bij de post ga ik langs voor Euromunten van 1 en 2 cent die niet mee in de omloop zijn in Finland. Hier hebben ze enkel collecterboxen en verwijzen ze me door naar de bank. Na een tijdje wachten geraak ik daar ook niet gesteld en verwijzen me door naar de Poolcirkel. Ik ga nog langs de toeristische dienst waar ik campingbrochures bemachtig en even online ga. Na de supermarkt cruise ik naar Santa Village. Over een mooi fietspad kom ik na een half uurtje daar aan. In een souvenirshop koop ik wat gadgets ... read more

Europe » Finland » Lapland » Rovaniemi July 8th 2010

Als ik deze morgen ontwaak is de ganse voortent nog gevuld met muggen, alsook gewone vliegen. Ik ruim in de binnentent op en doe dan astronautenpak (lees: regenpak) aan om me in deze barre omgeving te wagen. Ik ruim de tent op en maak dat ik weg ben. Voor toilet en ontbijt is er geen tijd. Ik rijd 20km tot Tervola waar ik inkopen doe en iets eet. Het is best nog vroeg en de baan schiet goed op. Het is ook rustig rijden en de landschappen zijn best mooi in vergelijking met de voorbije dagen. De rustige weg gaat nog voort tot Rovaniemi maar ik besluit om af te slagen terug naar de grote E8 want daar zijn benzinestations en een toiletstop wordt ondertussen noodzakelijk. Met een opgelucht gevoel volg ik verder de E8 waar ... read more

Europe » Finland » Lapland » Rovaniemi July 7th 2010

After the glorious weather of yesterday, rather a shock to be woken in the middle of the light of night to the sound of heavy rain on our roof (rain is always noisier than usual in a motorhome). Not sure what time it was when it started as at some point this afternoon we remembered that one Scandinavian country was an extra hour ahead and of course it was Finland. So, the photos I took of the midnight sun yesterday are even more impressive - as I obviously took them at 1am and went to bed even later than I realised. Odd how one can lose an hour just by passing under the flag of Finland en route from Sweden but that is where it must have gone. We did ‘not a lot’ today because of ... read more

Europe » Finland » Lapland » Rovaniemi July 6th 2010

Hard to get up this morning as had very little sleep. Went to bed late as had to sort out the laptop which did a major go-slow on the internet and wouldn’t virus scan so was worried it had been ‘got out’ through some of the suspect wifi I have been using. Sorted it out and all ok by 3am ! Couldn’t then get to sleep as caravan behind us were partying - until 3.30 am. At 4.14 am it was not just broad daylight but it was also warm and brightly sunny which is not conducive to sleep. To get to Finland we had to go a little further North. We were hopeful the scenery would be something other than trees and tarmac but really it wasn’t so the I-spy jokes about things beginning with ... read more
Swedish houses
Finnish flag
Finnish reindeer

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