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Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia September 10th 2021

There is another European "Riviera" in Croatia starting about an hour south of Split and centered around Makarska. I stopped there not to schmooze but to tackle the second highest peak in Croatia, Sveti Jure, at 1752m located in Biokovo National Park. And the vertical gain was almost the entire height of the massif since I would be starting only a bit above sea level so it was going to be a bit tough especially with the heat. First stop was the park office which was closed but fortunately the tourist office in the same building was open and I was able to procure a pretty good park trail map. Also, I was told the one way hike from Sveti Ivan (a small church in the village of Makar a bit above Makarska) would take me ... read more
Sveti Jure
Vošač From the Plateau
Sveti Ivan Church, Makar

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Zadar August 13th 2021

Bonjour à tous, Je suis exactement à Crikvenica Enfin une journée sans problèmes. J'ai réussi à tenir mes projets du jour. Ce blog à de plus en plus de succès, environ une cinquantaine de visites par jour. Je reçois des messages, pour ceux que je peux situer, d'Indes, Australie, Suisse, Allemagne, à la lecture des commentaires tous apprécient. J'en suis le premier agréablement surpris. Merci à tous. Malgré que le patron soit un enfoi.....j'ai par contre très bien mangé, et sa terrasse était très agréable. J'ai eu droit à un magnifique couché de soleil. Par contre la chambre minable de chez minable. C'est du passé, mais je l'ai quand même bien "saqué" dans la notation Booking. C'est pour les 100km, et les 3 heures de voiture. Finalement dans cet hôtel, il y avait que l'extérieur de ... read more
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Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Split August 12th 2021

Bonjour à tous Si il y a une journée que je déteste dans l'année c'est le 12 aout, ce qui veut dire pour moi un de plus!!!!!!!! En lisant ces lignes, soit vous allez bien rire, soit vous allez me plaindre. Je m'étais programmé une petite journée en kilométrage, heureusement, si non qu'est ce aurait été. La journée commence super bien, un des plus copieux petit déjeuner de puis que je suis parti, au moment du check out (de rendre la clé) la réceptionniste, me demande d'attendre 1 minute, dans ma tête, quoi encore, elle revient avec une bouteille de vin blanc, et me dit c'est votre cadeau d'anniversaire (en anglais) je suis resté quoi, je m'attendais à un problème, mais pas à un geste comme ça de la part de cet hôtel. Ca ma rappelé ... read more
Trogir la baie

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik August 9th 2021

Bonjour à tous, Entre les kilomètres, et la chaleur, le soir je suis lessivé. Je n'arrive pas à lire plus de 10 pages, hier vers 10 heure, j'éteignais, et dans les bras de Morphée. Je crois avoir trouvé l'explication concernant ma "cagade" de réservation. J'avais rentré dans les demandes, un hôtel à Dubrovnik donc en Croatie, et lorsque, j'ai élargi la demande, elle est resté en Croatie, oubliant, qu'ici le pays était morcelé. Aujourd'hui a été beaucoup mieux que les deux jours précédents. Après un pdj super copieux, à 8h30, je programmais Ston, à 75 km. Ston en Croatie, est connue, pour ses remparts, construits en 1358, il mesure à l'époque 7km de long. A ce jour ils sont la plus longue d'Europe, voir les second du monde, derrière la grande muraille de Chine. Ston est ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik July 7th 2021

Unless you are a dedicated cyclist like me, you probably have never considered a cycling trip, or better yet, a cycling cruise. Perhaps you might want to reconsider this option, particularly since electric bicycles are now an option. But stop and think about all of the fun "off bike" that you might have. First, and foremost is the social aspect of joining a group that is both fun and interesting. There is plenty of time to socialize, at happy hours, meal times, cycling breaks, and on board activities. And time to meet locals as well. Second, the food is a big attraction, both on board, and on shore. Meal times tend to be the highlight of the day. The stories tend to get exaggerated, and with the help of some adult beverages, louder and more interesting. ... read more
Sail Croatia is the best!!!

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik March 17th 2021 Dubrovnik walk along the Wall Southside Dubrovnik's walls measure 2km around but the thickness varies according to where the builders perceived threats. On the landward side, the walls are four to six metres thick but on the seaward side only 1 1/2 to three metres. The height also varies according to the configuration of the terrain; in some places it reaches 25m This was the second part of the walk that I had taken virtually a couple of weeks back. The first 300 metres protect the seaward side, a slight rise takes you to the highest point of the south walls where the very oldest settlement once was and we saw the highest house of the town where an elderly couple still live. Then the walk descends to Fort Bokar which was begun in the ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik March 3rd 2021 2nd March - Dubrovnik Old Town Wall Walk Despite more than its fair share of attacks over the years, the walls protected Dubrovnik for centuries without ever being breached, but one thing that has left its mark on them is a more recent conflict – the Balkan Wars. The city was subject to major bombing during the 1990s, though it’s hard to spot it now. The walls are the main reason why Dubrovnik is well known as the Pearl of the Adriatic. The whole of the old city is encircled by 1.2 miles of thick stone,25 metres high and six metres wide in places and has been protecting the city for centuries – whether that’s from invaders or earthquakes. The first city walls were built in the 11th century but the shape today dates back ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik February 26th 2021

Staying safe, social distancing, wearing a mask, and acutely aware of my surroundings has led to unquestioned boredom for the last 11 months. We have tried to be as diligent as possible, avoiding group functions, dining in restaurants, shopping for food only when necessary.Just having received my second Covid vaccine does not mean everything is automatically better. But I think we are headed slowly in the right direction. Could that direction be Scottsdale in March, Washington, DC in April, and Europe in May? Maybe.In the meantime, I have broken up my "Ground Hog Day" routine by working two weeks on the local University campus. But there are very few patients here, even fewer people on campus as well. But my daily lunch time walks are quite enjoyable. There is somethin ... read more
This is your pilot speaking!
Great advice!

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Zadar February 26th 2021 26th February - From Ancient Zadar to the Newest Installation From the 15th century, internal fights within the Croatian-Hungarian state resulted in its loss of influence in Dalmatia, and Zadar, together with much of the surrounding mainland and islands, were sold to Venice but Zadar remained the capital of Dalmatia under Venice. In the 16th century, Turkey invaded inland Dalmatia, Zadar retreated and became the largest city-fortress in the Venetian Republic but Plague ravaged the city. In 1699, a peace was concluded with the Turks signalling the end of war. A century later, Napoleon's armies defeated Venice, and Zadar and Dalmatia were peacefully attached to the Hapsburg Empire, only to be handed back to the French in 1805. Under the French, Zadar enjoyed eight years of social reform until the Austrians took the... read more

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Livade October 24th 2020

En route to Pula we drove through the Lika region, which is located on the Eastern side of the Velebit mountain ranges. Some weeks ago when we hiked in Plitvice the foliage season has just begun and we could not enjoy the full color festival yet. Now it was in full swing. The deciduous trees presented themselves in great splendor, with all the numerous shades of yellow, brown and red on their leaves. The other mountain range we crossed on this journey to Pula is called Gorski Kotar. The European route E65, which we had to take to cross it, connects Budapest and Zagreb with the Adriatic Port of Rijeka. Gorski Kotar is a scarcely populated mountainous region between Karlovac and Rijeka. Because two-thirds of its surface is forested, it is popularly called the green lungs ... read more

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