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Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Split November 29th 2019

After spending our last marks on breakfast, some drinks and scarves we hopped in the car and departed Mostar. A little over an hour into the drive we reached the border between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the final country we’d visit during this trip, Croatia. We had expected the border to be a little busy given there are quite a lot of day trips from Mostar to Split and vice versa, but we were pleasantly surprised when we discovered there was hardly a queue. From the border crossing we opted to take the slightly longer route via the coast. The first part of our drive in Croatia was through lovely mountainous scenery; the autumn leaves were stunning. The scenery changed dramatically after we drove through an almost 3km long tunnel through the mountain and out to ... read more
The old town of Split
Looking towards Željezna Vrata, Diocletian's Palace
Main Square, Diocletian's Palace

Europe » Croatia October 31st 2019

Are you looking for your next holiday destination? If yes, you might consider having your holiday destination this year in the Republic of Croatia. Situated in Central and Southeast Europe, the country is surrounded by Hungary, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Montenegro. It also has coast with the Adriatic Sea. Croatia has a booming tourism industry due to its historical and cultural heritage. Not to mention the natural beauty that the country has. Here are the top destinations in Croatia that you might want to visit: Dubrovnik You might recognize this medieval walled city as one of the filming locations of the hit HBO series “The Game of Thrones”, however, it is more than just that. The url= of Dubrovnik is the most popular to... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Split October 14th 2019

Today we are informed that the train is not running from Zagreb due to repairs on the tracks. Therefore, it is necessary to board a bus for two hours and then reconnect on the train. Travelling through the Croatia countryside there are rolling hills packed with trees in full autumn foliage. The scenery changes to the mountain range of Mount Mosor and then again to flat rich farmland. It is gorgeous unspoiled nature. Waking up the view is palm trees, and the Adriatic Sea, with a 24C temperature. It is time to abandon jackets and don capri’s, sandals, and sunglasses. The Riva promenade parallels the water and leads to an old city. The entire day is spent meandering down ancient corridors, visiting unique shops, and eating just outside the Palace at Villa Spiza’s. The following morning ... read more
Angle Parking Only!
Entering into town
View across the harbour

Europe » Croatia » Central Croatia » Zagreb October 13th 2019

The train travels SW from Vienna and is on one of the oldest railway tracks. It also has a dining car complete with white linen tablecloths. A first for us. The views are similar to a fairytale book, displaying castles and historical homes tucked into the lush hillsides. The train rises up towards the southern end of the Dolomite mountains. We envision what people were seeing when they travelled this route on the Orient Express. We are not quite sure what to think entering the city of Zagreb, CROATIA. It is the absolute opposite of Vienna’s sparkle and sophistication. The following morning, the coffee house cashier informs us that we need to pay in cash, and they accept no credit cards or euro’s. That leaves us without the ability to pay. But they say no problem, ... read more
In Ljubljana Slovenia - A car from Ontario????
First view of the City of Ljubljana - Artwork of a different kind!
What Ljubljana City actually looks like, we have to return! (Not my photo)

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Split October 6th 2019

We spent our last free day eating breakfast in our favorite restaurant: Fig. (, walking the backstreets northwest of the palace, buying a few gifts, and napping! I went for a long last swim in the beautiful Adriatic, across the bay and back. The water is a bit colder than it was when we arrived 11 days ago, but still pleasant, and much warmer than Skagit Bay! Some more on the beach and the game that was invented here: "If you want privacy at the beach, avoid Bačvice. If you want to meet people, this is the first choice. It's the central city beach, popular among locals and young tourists looking for some fun. It's a sandy beach, with sunbeds and parasols (maybe too many of them, but they are usually all taken). For people in ... read more
View from the Tennis Club bar
View down from the Ethnographic Museum
View down from the Ethnographic Museum

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Split October 2nd 2019

"If you could show the cabbage that I planted with my own hands to your emperor, he definitely wouldn't dare suggest that I replace the peace and happiness of this place with the storms of a never-satisfied greed." A quote from Diocletian, stated when he was begged to return to the throne. (Aurelius Victor, Epitome de Caesaribus39.6) Diocletian was born around 244 to a poor family in what is now Croatia, and worked his way up the ranks in the Roman army. He became Emperor in 285, after defeating a rival in battle. His reign unified the Empire, and he eventually decided to appoint three other rulers, dividing responsibility for the empire among them. This arrangement is called the tetrarchy, from a url=https://en.wikipedia.or... read more
One of the sphinxes brought from Egypt
The Palace at the time of Diocletian
A remaining Roman Pillar

Europe » Croatia September 30th 2019

Vukovar was severely bombed during the war between Croatia and Serbia in the 90's. The whole place was evacuated and people had to leave their houses and go with very few possessions. We saw a mural on the side of a house depicting how they only had a rucksack with everything they could carry. Some of the buildings are still peppered with shrapnel. After the war the whole town was rebuilt. A basic house of bricks was built and basic furniture given. After that it was up to the people to make it nice. There are still a few "government houses" as they are called which are still the basic brick and haven't been finished off. We went to a primary school where the pupils put on a lovely show of singing and puppets and then ... read more
Bombed houses still remain
Puppet show
Pupils sing

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Hvar September 29th 2019

We had decided to spend a long time in Split (10 days) so we could visit islands with day trips, rather than haul luggage and pack and unpack several times. This decision has worked out well! We are in an inexpensive, but newly renovated apartment very close to the beach and the beach restaurants, and a 10 minute walk to the ferries. Our first Island trip was to Hvar, and specifically Hvar town, an island and town popular with the jet set. Unfortunately, it is now popular with the older cruise set, and the town is much too small to comfortably handle even one ship, along with all the boats and ferries from the mainland. Hvar town boasts the oldest indoor theater in the world, but we couldn't visit it. There was an interesting model ship ... read more
The walk from Zlatni Rat to Bol
Bol from the road from the ferry
Bol on Brac Island

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Split September 27th 2019

Five hours on a comfortable bus took us from Zagreb to Split, through surprisingly diverse landscapes and few towns. The bus had wifi, and stopped for a break at a highway rest station, where we bought freshly made crepes, and coffees.. Split is the second largest city in Croatia, and has a population of 350,000. The transportation hub is on the waterfront: ferries, buses, and a pathetic train station are all clustered there, so it's easy to get around. Split has been settled/controlled by: Greeks, Romans, Venetians, the Byzantines, Napoleon, the Hapsburgs, Austrian Empire, Italy, Germany, and Yugoslavia! We found our new place fairly easily, but had to haul suitcases up hill from the harbor and back down to the beach area where we are staying for 10 days. Our apartment is on the ground floor, ... read more
Knitting on the bus to Split
Our newest bedroom
Split sunset

In the 1960s, films were made of the German author Karl May's "western" novels, featuring the characters of Old Shatterhand and Winnetou, a Native chief. They were filmed in Croatia, which was thought to look like the American West! From the clips, it seems that May was sympathetic to the Native cause. Much of the filming was done in the Plivice National Park, our destination on Thursday. Here's a clip if you're interested: The park was founded in 1949. It was fought over during the war, and landmines are still thought to be found in remote locations in the park. Much of the infrastructure was destroyed in the war, and this gave the area time to recover from over use. "The national park is world-famous for its lakes arranged in cascades. Sixteen lakes can be ... read more
Our rental: a "Duster" by Dacia
On the lake boat

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