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Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik June 22nd 2017

If you count the day most of us left the States, we are ten days into our trip now. It's been very busy, but for some reason I haven't felt like writing, perhaps because TravelPod has shut down, and I don't know if my new vehicle of choice, TravelBlog, has been able to transfer all my entries, maps, and address book. These are all important things I don't want to lose. And, except for long bus rides, our schedule has been quite active, so there hasn't been much time to write. We started in Dubrovnik, called Croatia's crowning jewel, a gorgeous, wonderful ancient city built on the Adriatic Sea. We only had one full day there, not nearly enough time to explore its secrets and riches. A few of us walked on top of the mile-long ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Hvar June 20th 2017

Blogging from the boat. We picked up Zoe on Saturday at Trogir. Sunday set sail in 20-25 knot winds. Beam reach touching 10 knots heading to Hvar. Sunday we relaxed, sort of. Tried out the SUP's and swam. Hiked to the fortress in Hvar. Windless day today so motoring with autopilot to Korcula. With the new technology our boat is a Wi-fi hub so we have full access to our internet as we cruise in the Adriatic if we only had USB-cigarette chargers when not in a marina. Writing this blog as the crew sunbathes.... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Zadar June 17th 2017

Our apartment in the old town at Zadar comes complete with a pigeon nesting on two eggs on the window ledge hidden by the slightly-ajar wooden shutters. The shop directly opposite serves the most delicious cake and coffee, perfect for a supper snack before bedtime. We drove to Krka national park yesterday, to see more impressive waterfalls dammed by travertine buildup.... read more
Lady in a window
Our sub tenant
Bird A and baby B

I needed a foot massage after walking all day in Plitvice Lakes National Park. Not sure what are more impressive; the Lakes or the interconnecting waterfalls. The 16 Lakes are dammed by travertine which grows at a rate of 1cm per year by the integration of plants, bacteria, water and air. It took just over 5 hours to walk along the lake-edge paths and boardwalks constructed between the Lakes on top of the travertine dams with water rushing beneath your feet at times. The Karst topography is also home of many caves, sinkhole and underground rivers. Truly fascinating!... read more
Electric boat

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Pula June 13th 2017

After a leasurly drive along the Istrian coast we spent a couple of nights in Pula in a modest hotel next to the old Roman amphitheater. The last time in Pula, the Forum was being excavated for artifacts. It has since been resurfaced as nothing exciting was found according to the girl in the information office.... read more
Pula roman amphitheater
Temple of Romae and Augustus

Europe » Croatia June 10th 2017

The Cross. It stands atop a hill overlooking Dubrovnik, a UNESCO listed World Heritage Site since 1979. Game Of Thrones was filmed both here and in Split. Despite being protected and being a no fly zone it suffered significant damage after being bombarded by Bosnia and Montenegro during the Homeland War of 1991- 1995. I remember well the war being televised, especially the atrocities in Bosnia. Today, the former Yugoslavia has become separate independent countries of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia, Serbia and Macedonia.....I think! On top of the hill stands a a huge cross. Looking down I commented on how there is a definite division where there are trees and forest but then comes quite harsh terrain. That is Bosnia. It is so close to the Croats I could walk there. The Cross stands ... read more

Europe » Croatia June 5th 2017

Looking back on today our cruise has turned from a sightseeing adventure to enjoying time with people from around the globe. It seems that today I probably won't recall much about the island of Vis other than how incredibly clear the water is here and the fun we had as a dingy load of people ducking under The Blue Caves, jumping from the back of the cruise ship holding hands with Liz from America and enjoying a wine tour with everyone and simply having a laugh. Judy and I left our better halves early this evening under the watchful eyes of another group of revellers who were equally unable to be sensible. But I think maybe that's why we're enjoying ourselves so much!!... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Trogir June 5th 2017

We overlooked one thing when choosing a place for R+R after our Balkan bus tour. Tours are draining so we knew we needed a couple of days where we could get up when we wanted, eat when we wanted and generally laze round somewhere beautiful to re-charge the batteries. Trogir, a tiny island supporting a picturesque medieval town and connected to the Dalmatian coast by an equally tiny bridge, seemed like the ideal choice. But what do picturesque medieval towns have in abundance? Churches. And what do European churches still do that antipodean ones don’t?...ring their @#$%ing bells from 7am in the morning for about an hour. The sound of church bells echoing over a wooded valley is one of the most lovely sounds, but when the bells are right above you, rebounding off thick stone ... read more
Northern Gate of the remains of the city walls
our apartment

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Split June 3rd 2017

There is a place along the waterfront where people gather during the day. In the small park with the palm trees, near the fishing boats, the old men spend cool mornings to discuss politics, sports, share gossip or tell stories of the days gone by. They talk passionately, voices raising and lowering like the tide, using their hands to emphasize important points. Sometimes during the heat of the afternoon, when shade takes on a premium, the benches fill with small groups of men enjoying tall bottles of cool beer. If it is a weekend, someone may produce a guitar and impromptu singalongs occur. Everyone participates, their voices harmonizing perfectly as they resonate through the trees and out over the beautiful harbor. In the evenings, when the sun is preparing to retire behind Marjan Hill, people, mostly ... read more
Hvar Town, Croatia
Krka National Park
Omis, Croatia

Europe » Croatia » Central Croatia May 31st 2017

Last night sailing down the Adriatic we reached Croatia. The Dalmatian Coast is beautiful, dotted with many little islands. One of the larger islands (still quite small) is Trogir. Trogir is connected to the mainland by a bridge and to another island by a second bridge. No one lives on Trogir because it is too expensive and their is no place to park. Trogir was founded in the 3rd century BC by the Greeks. It was then inhabited by the Roman and then became a part of the Byzantine Empire. In 1420 the Venetians moved in and stayed until 1797. It only takes about one hour to explore the whole city. The streets are narrow and cobbled. There is a main square where there is a 15th century clock tower and a cathedral. The cathedral is ... read more

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