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Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Trogir July 10th 2015

We got up early for a coffee by the water and a visit to the market. We also went for a wander before the crowds arrived. Trogir is a strange little place. Last night we sat drinking cocktails in the ancient square with dance music going and people dancing by the church. It's a tiny, pocket-size town with a completely toy town feel. Very pretty and well preserved, just all a bit fake. The main quayside is littered with multi-million pound yachts and party boats. To get away from the crowds we crossed the bridge to Ciovo Island, to the beach and whiled a few hours away eating lunch and people watching. While snorkelling I saw Blennies (too cute), clams, anenomes and a whole group of fish snacking on a corn on the cob. Random, but ... read more
Early Morning Sun on the Cathedral of St Lovro (St Lawrence)
Footbridge Across Fosa Canal
Green Market

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Korcula July 10th 2015

À 175 kilomètres à l'ouest de Dubrovnik, il faut compter un peu plus de 3 heures pour rejoindre l'île de Korčula. Vous me direz que c'est un peu long pour parcourir une si courte distance... Détrompez-vous! Le temps défile très vite à travers ce paysage époustouflant! D'un côté, les Alpes dinariques avant qu'elles ne deviennent les Balkans plus à l'est, et de l'autre, l'éternel bleu marine de l'Adriatique perlée de centaines d'îles dont plusieurs sont inhabitées. Une seule route longe la péninsule, large pour deux voitures par endroits. Elle est parfois vertigineuse, parfois en épingles à cheveux, perchée au bord d'un précipice qui n'est protégé que par une simple barre de métal en guise de parapet... Mais on ne ferme pas les yeux...on fait confiance au chauffeur qui lui garde non seulement les siens sur la ... read more
L'église Saint-Pierre
Les dégradés bleus
Sur les hauteurs, l'église des dominicains

Europe » Croatia July 10th 2015

By the time we had set up the tent and crawled in our sleeping bags it was already 2 AM. In the morning we woke up again early by the heat and by German tourists who aparently are crazy enough to go to the beach with their kids at 7 AM. Not surprisingly we were quite tired the next day. We spent most of the morning taking it easiy with swimming and making breakfast. We started hitchhiking after midday in unbearable heat. Luckily there was a little bit of shadow where we could sit. There was nut much traffic on the road to Drvenik and most of them were packed with unfriendly looking tourists. We didn't really try very hard to catch a ride. Yakamoz managed to study a bit and I found some time to ... read more

This was our last morning in Zagreb – Stacey started the day by getting the rental car, or more accurately, she met with the person from the rental car agency who personally delivered the car and explained how to drive in Croatia. We thought we were getting an Audi or BMW, but instead we got a Peugeot – it has a lion as an emblem. This was apparently a free upgrade – brand new and much bigger car than we were supposed to get. Thank you Pat and Ellie Brennan!!Meanwhile, James discovered Zagreb is not so great for running. He got in another visit of the Promenade and a park in the city before heading back to meet up with Stacey. We set off, back to Aida, for strudels. It was late morning, so they only ... read more
Steering Wheel

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Trogir July 9th 2015

Got up and Simon opened his pressies from the folks back home. After a heartfelt goodbye from the lovely Irena, complete with a bottle of plum grappe, we headed off in the general direction of the coastal road. The route took us up into the mountains and we came across a hamlet (Bunic) that appeared to be completely deserted. None of the buildings had any glass in the windows, the church had no roof and there wasn't a single sign of life. I hopped out of the car, trusty Nikon in hand and prepared to take some shots of the somewhat beautifully decaying architecture. No sooner had I put my finger on the button than a pack of baying wolves came running round the corner. Okay, okay. I confess, it was actually pack of rather moth-eaten ... read more
Abandoned (Near Karlobag)
Coastal Road
Coastal Road

Europe » Croatia July 9th 2015

We spent this day mostly in Zagreb with Perica. Since he knew crazy amount of people in Croatia, he had already found a place for us to sleep in Rijeka so we were not rushing ourselves to start hitchhiking. Zagreb is like many other big cities, we visited a cathedral but then walked to the park to sit and drink a beer instead of doing more sightseeing. It was really cool to be there and see Perica after so much time but soon it was time to go. We took a bus to get out of the city center and walked to the toll gates on the highway where hitchhiking would be easier. Surprisingly the weather was also changing. Darker clouds covered the sky and a cool breeze made it much nicer to stand next to ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Central Croatia » Zagreb July 9th 2015

Thursday morning started with a continental breakfast, which we figured would be light pastries. Oh how wrong we were. James said it was the biggest breakfast buffet he had seen – there was a selection of cheeses and marinated veggies, meats, yogurt, smoothies, eggs, sausages, and hot dogs (every little kids dream come true – hot dog for breakfast), local pancakes which are like crepes with jam in the middle, and American pancakes. Additionally, there was a huge selection of breads and pastries with a machine that dispenses Nutella! Or something like Nutella. Espresso drinks are a huge deal in Croatia, so there is also a machine that makes a good cappuccino. There was also champagne set out for those inclined to start their day with a mimosa. Feeling stuffed and caffeinated we set out to ... read more
Underground Spring
Flowers - Cathedral

Today we headed just a few kilometers down the road to the lakes. We decided to take Irena's advice and follow route C that would take us from Entry Gate 1 to Station 1 and from there right up to the top lakes, then a walk back down to the ferry, across the lake and the final walk back to the car around the lower parts. I'm not quite sure how far we walked, but all in all it took about six hours and it was blinking hot. It was well worth it though. I have never seen such beautiful water. It was an amazing azure blue. Apparently it is due to the limestone and chalk it runs over and filters through. The water was amazingly clear, which made the fish look as if they were ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Central Croatia » Zagreb July 8th 2015

After last-minute changes in flight schedules (our original flight from Chicago to Paris was canceled, and the two of us were booked to Paris on two different flights), our adventure started late Wednesday afternoon in Zagreb, the capitol of Croatia. Zagreb is a very walking oriented city and our hotel was nearby to the city center, so it was easy to get around. After checking into the hotel, we started our trip by visiting the Zagreb Eye, which is a lounge on the top of the tallest building in the heart of the city. We got some great photos, and were able to pick out many of the city’s most well-known buildings. Following the Eye, we went to Moonshine, a whiskey bar, where James sampled some whiskey and Stacey tried her first Croatia white wine - ... read more
Zagreb Eye

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik July 7th 2015

Oops! forgot to mention yesterday that as we were finishing up from the dining room, a whole bunch of young guys in yellow t shirts arrive in the dining room and attack the food. Closer Inspection and they have the Australian coat of arms and AIS on the shirts. Then we see water polo so Chris catechies one of the more mature guys (coach material) and quizzes him. Sure enough, they are the Australian water polo team over here for the world championships. Any hoo, this is now today's post and get the early call and up and at 'em.... At the bus by allocated 0800 start. Today we are doing a guided walking tour of the old town. Go through the safety video and play with the "whispers". This is a radio receiver so we ... read more

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