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Europe » Croatia » Istria » Crikvenica April 14th 2015

Travelling down to the tip of the Istrian region to the port town of Pula was on the top of our list yesterday. We drove first to the small village of Bale, a quiet picturesque place with the Soardo-Bembo Castle built between two towers. These, along wth the town gates and fortifications all date back to the Middle Ages. We were virtually alone in this timy hamlet with a handful of cafes and locals going about their daily routines. We drove further down until we reached Pula, Istria's biggest city. It is a busy port but also has some of Croatia's top Roman ruins. This city has long been the centre of trade, industry, and military strength and in 177 B.C. it became an integral outpost of the Roman Empire. Pula was destroyed following Julius Caesar's ... read more
Roman Amphitheatre
I Am 'Spartacus'...........not!

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Motovun April 12th 2015

Curtis and I are quite compatible as travellers. His laid back, "go with the flow" attitude counterbalances my incessant worrying and detail-oriented character. As husband and wife, we are a team in all aspects of our relationship, complementing each other very well. However, after spending 24 hours a day together for the last 39 days we have somehow evolved into Abbott and Costello! The old "Who's On First?" routine pretty much sums up how several of our conversations go in a day! There are some moments where we just look at each other during a discussion, shake our heads because the conversation between us has made absolutely no sense at all and we have been talking in circles. At the end of it we just have to laugh and try again! Later in the morning we ... read more
Hill Town of Groznjan
Street in Groznjan
The Smithy

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Rovinj April 12th 2015

What a gift to get up Saturday morning and go out on our balcony and take in the beautiful view of the Adriatic, where the water is as still as glass and the white steeple of St. Euphemia is set against a brilliant blue sky. We are so very lucky. We walked along the water's edge all the way to Hotel Eden, where we were to meet the car rental people. He was there right on time and we picked up our little Chevrolet Spark. Curtis was a little miffed that the lady who had rented a car also got the red Fiat!!! He asked her how she got it and she replied, "I don't know. I just rented a car online and this is what they gave me." Green with envy he said he has ... read more
Sveti Lovrec Gateway

Europe » Croatia » Central Croatia » Zagreb April 12th 2015

So, the more time I spend here, the more I like it - Zagreb, Croatia, Europe, take your pick. I'm sad that I won't get to explore any more of Croatia on this trip, but that's what futures are for. I haven't done much today - the Mimara Museum, the Zoo, and more fun at the grocery store. But my legs started to get tired, so I came back to my room for a siesta. It's Sunday, so most of this town has also taken the day off. On a different note, I have now been gone from America for a month, so it seems like a fitting time to reflect on some of my favorite and least favorite experiences since I've been gone. Just a recap of today before I get to the lists: I ... read more
I think this was a Reubens work, at Mimara
They advertised Renoir at the Mimara, but this was the only one I found. So, I guess they weren't lying.
White owl at the Zagreb Zoo

Europe » Croatia » Central Croatia » Zagreb April 11th 2015

I got more time around Zagreb than I expected, which is a good thing. To the dismay of Lejla, and probably of Haris, too, I'm not going to make it to Dalmatia, the coastal region of Croatia. Blame it on my poor timing (I need to be in Budapest on Monday) and the horrible train/bus routes and times between the coast and Budapest. I'm sorry, but I'm not spending 20+ hours on a bus or train in one day. I hadn't planned on leaving Slovenia this morning at all. In fact, my plan was to take the bus/train around 12:30PM. But I woke up around 7:30 and thought I might be able to catch the 8:30 train to Zagreb. I showered and shoved everything in the suitcase, checked out, and made my way to the train ... read more
National Opera House
Ban Jelacic Square
King Tomislav Park, looking towards the train station

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Rovinj April 10th 2015

We trudged down to the bus station at 6:30 this morning in order to catch our bus from Ljubljana to Rovinj. As we walked along the streets we were amazed at the number of people already up and about. Upon arriving at the bus station we set down our bags at the assigned post and waited with anticipation. Dozens of highschool-aged kids were getting of the train and walking into town. Evidently school starts at 7:30 am! At 7:10 our big, blue Crnja bus pulled in. We showed our ticket and asked if we had to change buses in Trieste (as indicated on our sheet). The driver said no, that this bus went straight to Rovinj. Thank goodness as we were both a little worried about the transfer, recalling the bus drop off point in Trieste ... read more
Drinks on the Terrace
View from the Bell Tower
Croatian Island

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik April 9th 2015

Eh non! Rassurez-vous, je suis toujours à l'Ile-Bizard, les deux pieds sur ma table à café entrain de finaliser quelques plans pour juillet prochain! Mais vous aurez sûrement compris que ma tête et mon esprit sont déjà rendus! Depuis plusieurs mois, je planifie scrupuleusement chaque étape de mon prochain périple, le nième de ma grande carrière de bourlingueuse. La Croatie m'appelle et je l'entends! L'idée m'est venue l'an dernier, avant de décider d'opter pour l'Iltalie. J'avais très envie de m'évader le long de l'Adriatique et de me retrouver dans tous ces sites et villages appartenant au patrimoine mondial de l'UNESCO, mais j'avais finalement viré mes plans de bord pour mon dernier voyage en compagnie de mes deux jeunes. Mais c'était plus fort que moi! J'ai continué de flirter avec l'idée de me retrouver à l'intérieur de ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Split March 30th 2015

They say money can't buy you happiness. Perhaps it can't, but it can buy you a yacht to enjoy in Earth's nature. Croatia is a well-known tourist destination, especially for those that are in love with the sea. Due to its nature reserves, it attracts millions of people each year.It is famous for having over a thousand islands, so in order to experience Croatia's full potential you need to explore its sea. If you are traveling with a yacht or if you're interested in renting one , you need to know that Split is Croatia's main port .Split is the second largest city in Croatia that can host over 200,000 tourists and offers a lot of attractions. One of them is its old city - url= read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Trogir March 22nd 2015

The Eternal Derby of Serbia phase over ............... for the time being.......... we find ourselves on the Croatia Airlines flight to Split via Zagreb for the 2ndinstalment of Eternal Derby of Croatia phase. The Man in the Middle was absent, but the other half had been convinced by a few creative photographs of the Poljud with some blue skies and sunshine in the background. I skipped over a few random disputes on the side of a Croatian motorway and left her with the fantasy idea of carnival football in the sun. We just didn’t need a repeat of the last meeting, where Hajduk refused to play and left a stadium of Dinamo fans to watch the grass grow. A father and son in the row in front maintained their sullen look on the flight to Zagreb ... read more
South Harbour

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Stari Grad January 24th 2015

Recalling old holiday memories in a dark, rainny day of January make me very nostalgic and these feelings fly me back to an incredibly hot summer week of August that we spent in the pearl of Adriatic sea - Hvar island. Let me tell you the story of those fantastic days that we will remember forever. Not just because of the marriage proposal, the island was filled with special magic and atmosphere that we can't escape anymore (but we don't want to actually). From the beginnings - 8 months before our holiday we started the planning, which was not too easy to organise. We were sure that we want to visit Croatia, only one thing was uncertain - where to go exactly? I couldn't count the endless hours that I spent in front of the computer ... read more
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