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Europe » Croatia » Istria » Rovinj June 4th 2014

With some time to kill till my bus leaves for the city thought I would try to upload some pictures from my camera but this machine says it is restricted and not possible so guess some words will have to do. Too bad I did not bring my own laptop and then it would be possible with the wi-fi connection. Such is the life and you win some and lose most. My bus leaves in one half an hour so just to kill some time I am here pecking away at this machine. When I get to this city the first thing I will do is get in touch with the tourist office if they have one and find out how much it cost to get to Cres. This place is somewhat boring with all these ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Rovinj June 2nd 2014

Here I am one more time writing in this blog. Went on an hour tour walking around this super size campsite. I noticed the 4 tennis courts and two soccer fields one with astro turf and the other with natural grass. Outside the clubhouse for the tennis courts they have 6 ping pong tables. Then came the basket ball court and of course the three different mini golf courses with 18 holes each. They have two supermarkets and that is not to mention the three gift shops where you can buy pretty much what you want for the beach. My lunch today was very tasty. I got soul fish broiled with cooked potatoes, fried potatoes, spinach, carrots and mushrooms and a wonderful salad with cabbage and tomato and lettuce. It also came with bread and a ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Rovinj August 14th 2013

As we neared the border of Slovenia and Croatia, the traffic started to build. So far, on our travels, we’ve been really lucky: managing to avoid heavy traffic for most of our journeys. Or perhaps it’s because we both live in the South East of England, we are used to battling heavy and aggressive traffic everywhere we go? The first jam was for the border crossing, although Croatia entered the EU in July, at present they still stop and check passports or official papers as you enter the country. We waited our turn for the officials to take our passports and stare at them, and then at us, long enough for us to start to wonder if we had done something wrong, then once our passports were handed back we were on our way. The motorway ... read more
Saint Euphemia Church
Sunbathing On The Rovinj Rocks
Rovinj Old Town

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Rovinj July 29th 2013

This was our night day in Rovinj. The day started with a nice breakfast at our villa. Had a nice visit with Lado Milli. He is a stone worker here isn't town and a very energetic guy. Dad and I were the last two down for breakfast. Lado asked us what our plan for the day was and my dad told him we were going to the beach. He and his wife them were giving my dad directions in Croatian and by the time we knew it, Lado was going to get us through a gate to a beach even though I had our destination picked out before hand. As we pulled up to the drop off spot, someone from the back of the van said "look at that guy, he is nude!" Yep! We were ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Rovinj July 28th 2013

We had a great breakfast early this morning as we prepared to leave Brinje. It was great to see Mira again and it is always sad when we leave her. She works incredibly hard to make us feel at home at her house. There is something special about her that connects to me as I think back to the trip I was a part of in 1987. Hopefully next time is not too long from now. We also had a great time with Domagoj, Lea and Luka. The kids are really growing and we can't wait to spend more time with them in Zagreb in a few days. Our first stop today was in Pula. I had always wanted to see the colosseum there and finally got my chance. It is in amazing shape considering it ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Rovinj August 23rd 2012

Llegamos el miércoles por la mañana a Zagreb, luego de un viaje de 15 horas de Bangkok a Londres, unas pocas horas para cambiar de maletas, comer y correr al aeropuerto y una hora más de vuelo hasta aquí, en mi parada por Londres busqué a Laurita que será mi compañera de viaje por Croacia J; en el aeropuerto alquilamos un carro y empezamos el tour por Croacia que nos tomará 10 días. La primera parada fue en Primosten, un pueblo pintoresco cerca de la capital, el casco histórico era bastante pequeño pero muy bonita; dimos una vuelta y nos tomamos un café para agarrar fuerzas para volver a tomar la carretera con destino a la península de Istra. Llegamos a Rovinj al final de la tarde, solo hicimos un par de paradas para estirar las ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Rovinj August 5th 2012

From August 5th to August 8th.... read more

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Rovinj June 24th 2012

Geo: 45.0831, 13.6457 GÜN 18 GÜNLERDEN PAZAR: Bermutad erken uyandım… Yola çıkış hazırlıklarımı yaptım. Hesabımı ödedim güzel bir Dubrovnik indirimi yaptılar… Kamptan 8:15 gibi ayrıldım. Yol kısa... Otobandan gideyim dedim.9:10 da Rovinj'te kampımda idim. Devasa bir kamp. Amanın önce yerimi bulmak bir dert oldu.. zira giriş işlemlerinizi ancak yeriniz netleşince yapıyorlar.. Her köyün kendine göre bir adeti var... İşlem sırası bekleyen kişi adedi ,beni korkuttu. Galiba sezonun pik noktasına denk gelmişiz. Rezervasyon var mı ? diye sormaya başladılar. Bundan sonra ne yapacağım? bilemiyorum…. Her neyse, işleri halledip yerime geçtim.. Konumum harika ..önce deniz yaptım..hemen önümde duruyor… Öğlen kampın marketinden alışveriş yaptım y... read more
fasizme karsi

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Rovinj June 6th 2012

After our disappointment with Pula we headed slightly north to the small Venetian town of Rovinj which is situated on the north Adriatic Sea on the western coast of the Istrian peninsula.. Between 1283 and 1797 Rovinj was part of the Republic of Venice and it showed. Roadsigns were all bi-lingual in both the local dialect and Italian showing the closeness of this part of Croatia to Italy. The food and the architecture smacked of Venice. We stayed at Camping Porton Biondi a small campsite just outside of the town. It was a hilly wooded site with views across the bay to the town. The description of the distance into Rovinj was over egged. Unless you were a crow and could fly across the bay it took a lot longer than they suggested in their advertisements. ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Rovinj June 22nd 2011

This was another of those 2 stop hops – local 45 min bus to Pula – then more frequent connections, but 2 hr trip, to the large port city of Rijeka where I was going to be staying. Having checked the bus timetable (first thing you have to do when you get off the bus) I decided on the 2pm – but then had to wait until the 2.30pm bus anyway as unbeknownst to me it was a public holiday in Croatia. Yes folks, 22 June, the commemoration of the start of the Anti-Fascist Uprising in 1941 (why can’t we have holidays like that?). And today 23 June is Corpus Christi also a holiday – and Sunday 25th is National Founding Day or somesuch. Because this has all given people a large reason to have a ... read more
Rovinj fishing boat going out
those slippery limestone cobbles
St Euphemia side altar

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