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June 4th 2014
Published: June 4th 2014
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With some time to kill till my bus leaves for the city thought I would try to upload some pictures from my camera but this machine says it is restricted and not possible so guess some words will have to do. Too bad I did not bring my own laptop and then it would be possible with the wi-fi connection. Such is the life and you win some and lose most. My bus leaves in one half an hour so just to kill some time I am here pecking away at this machine. When I get to this city the first thing I will do is get in touch with the tourist office if they have one and find out how much it cost to get to Cres. This place is somewhat boring with all these fat people hanging around in couples it makes it almost impossible to have contact with them.

Since I did pay for this service I suppose before I leave I should try to use up the money I have invested in this internet connection. Most likely I will leave tomorrow for another place. After seeing apartments to lease for 30 Euros per day I decided why not just go there and lease an apartment for cheaper money than I currently pay. And since I have experienced what it is like to be here there is not any further need to be here. The amenities are fantastic and the people friendly but when I find it so difficult to meet people it is not the best place for me to be. Plus the adventurist spirit is stirring me up to go out and explore this section of Croatia. Only about 20 minutes before my bus leaves from the gate so better make some tracks.

Hope you have a good day!


6th June 2014

Have a wonderful day in paradis ;-)!
Hi! I have been reading your blog and we talked on skype yesterday. It's nice to learn that you are enjoing your holiday in the new camp cite. I think is a much better offer for you than the first one. Anyway, I have been at work tonight and soon it's over at 07:40 and the I am going to Trondhjem Hospital tosign my work deal and the contract for renting a flat. I'm looking forward to that. Then I have to get busy and move by the end of the month. Ok, this is it from me now. Keep up with the blogging or keep in touch on skype. Have a wonderful day in paradis ;-)! Greetings from Randi
9th June 2014

Another day in the sun
Thanks for your comment RANDI. On my tablet now so not so easy to write on this thing. Will contact you later when I have a computer to write on.

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