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June 2nd 2014
Published: June 2nd 2014
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Here I am one more time writing in this blog.
Went on an hour tour walking around this super size campsite. I noticed the 4 tennis courts and two soccer fields one with astro turf and the other with natural grass. Outside the clubhouse for the tennis courts they have 6 ping pong tables. Then came the basket ball court and of course the three different mini golf courses with 18 holes each. They have two supermarkets and that is not to mention the three gift shops where you can buy pretty much what you want for the beach.

My lunch today was very tasty. I got soul fish broiled with cooked potatoes, fried potatoes, spinach, carrots and mushrooms and a wonderful salad with cabbage and tomato and lettuce. It also came with bread and a cherry cake at the end of this lovely meal. The cost came to 60 kuna which in Kroner that is about 75 kroner or little over $11.00. That is a good price for such a lovely meal. They gave me a sauce with garlic and oil and some spice that was delicious for the fish. I got so filled up I had to take the cake with me to eat tonight.

Got in my training today in the weight room and took the stretching exercises at the same time. When finished with the weight training I got naked to do the stretching and a girl from Austria came in and trained her body at the same time. Tried to make conversation but English was difficult for her or she decided not to speak with me. Not too sure but it was fun anyway to get my regular training program done for today. Only swam one time long today in the pool and have not even tried swimming in the sea as the water seems too cold. It probably is around 20 degrees in the water but the pool is a little warmer so I choose this.

I am really having fun here and evaluating the possibilities for the next two and one half weeks that I will be here or there. Found out from talking to some English people that this campsite has capacity of 7000 and the next campsite down the road has capacity for 12,000 campers but is not as nice as this one according to the English couples I spoke with today by the pool. Wow that is big and I thought this was the largest naturist campsite in the area but I was wrong. This other campsite is naturist also. They said they exist all along the coast here in Istria.

Well after that long walk I am kinda tired so will find a place now to just rest and relax and enjoy my time here. You can be sure I am brown all over my body and almost all the tourist are naked most of the time here. The richness of the campers I have seen makes me wonder why I have nothing to my name and these people have so much luxury. But then again I consider myself richer than all of them put together by knowing the Will of God in my life. Yes certainly material comforts are very nice and I would like them too but what is more important in life? Doing the Will of God is much more important than any material luxury in my view. Many people say hello to me here and the staff is quite friendly and even the cleaning women say hello to me.

Tomorrow I will take a trip into the city of Rovinj to explore and discover the possibilities of moving to another naturist campsite just for the experience of it all. God has blessed us here with beautiful sunshine and 25 degree weather. It is obvious people are smiling and enjoying their lives here running around naked and taking advantage of all the amenities offered. The expected behavior in the supermarkets is to be with clothes of some type so I ware my lungies from India and it works out very well. Since I just came from the supermarket and shopped some yogurt, chocolate milk and an ice-cream bar guess I should draw this report to a close since I like hard ice-cream and not soft.

Will most likely write something tomorrow about my adventures. See ya then!


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