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June 2nd 2014
Published: June 2nd 2014
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Well here I am at the naturist site in Valalta. Having a good time and not had any big problems yet. I did just notice that when using the y on this keyboard it gives me the z instead so some adjustment must be made but hey life is not perfect. Today is Monday and yesterday was spent walking around and being at the swimming pool enjoying the sunshine and swimming for exercise. They do have a weight training room with all the equipment anyone could possibly ask for. Took a hot sauna with some others and met a German couple and two polish people who were there too. I must say that I do love this place with all the fellow naturist. Lots of people were at the swimming pool. If I were to guess how many I would say between 200 to 300 just at this swimming pool. Certainly I will take some pictures early in the morning and put them in this blog. Since it would not be appropriate taking pictures when people are around.

The location of my tent is in-between two restaurants and the smell sometimes from the cooking going on is sickening. When I first arrived at the site on Saturday night they put me just inside the gate and were skeptical about letting me be here because this is just for families but then my naturist card convinced them that I was a naturist for a long time so they let me stay anyway. To keep my valuables safe I rented a safe box for 1 Euro a day which just holds my tablet and wallet and phone. Since I am not calling much or have any other reason to use this phone it stays inside the box for safety purposes. Had to pay the taxi driver an extra hundred kuna just to take me from Rovinje to Valalta. It cost me 85 kuna for 24 hours on this internet and the time stops when I stop using this machine and starts again when I log on. Found out yesterday that I can take a ferry to Venice Italy that takes around 2.5 hours and spend the day in Venice riding the gondolas then return at the end of the day. Not too sure of the price and since I am price conscience it must still be explored.

Here there are mainly couples and families and it is rather exciting to walk around natural with like minded people. So I spend much of my days walking around exploring and meeting different people from many different lands. This is exciting for me to meet such a diverse set of people. The cost of chicken on a stick and french fries and a lettuce salad came to 60 kuna which if converted to Norwegian Kroner it comes out to 64.5307 Kroner. Not so bad a price and easy to figure out conversion to Kroner if I add a couple of kuna and switch it to Kroner. Not too sure what I will do today but time will tell and the sun is bright and about 22 degrees outside so I am thanking God that He provides such fine weather for my holiday. Well it is just to get out there and experience the day. Not real sure I can put pictures on this machine and into this blog but will try this later if possible.

That is all the reporting I have for now so have a good day and so will I hopefully.


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