Another day in Valalta

June 3rd 2014
Published: June 3rd 2014
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This thing does not work like it is supposed to at this time since I could not select country or city this time because of poor connection or whatever. Actually there is almost all old Germans or Austrians here and families so I feel at this time kind of out of place or a fifth wheel you might say. By switching the letters y and z they have made me correct my typing all the time which is frustrating to me. Tomorrow I will travel to Ravinj to check out the city.

Today was spent swimming in the pool and then for the first time I swam in the sea. It was most likely around 20-22 degrees in the water which is not cold by Norwegian standards but here I expected it to be warmer than that. Had a beautiful meal tonight with mackreal instead of soul fish and all the trimmings I had yesterday but the bill came to 50 kuna which is pretty good considering I had a beautiful salad to accompany my meal. My body is brown all over now and actually it is time to stay out of the sun for some time because it is too much for me. My body is feeling hot all over and I get chills because of too much sun.

About now I have had enough tits and ass to choke a horse. Some lovely and some not so lovely. A whole 95% of the people here are overweight or really fat. They do have arobics at the pool and I took them today outside the pool but still took them. About 17 people were in the pool shaking around and moving their bodies. I got quite exhausted from all the shaking going on. Then like normal I walked around alot and took two long swims one in the pool and one in the sea so I am ready to call it a day when the sun goes down. It is nice to have warm showers and as much hot water as you care to use. Monday I hopped around frantically to different showers trying to get some hot water but the showers just died on me and that was no fun. But then I asked a man about this issue and he told me just to press the silver button on top of the box that used to collect money and they come back on. Whew that was a big relief to find that out.

Bought a white bag with fish on the side of it today for 45 kuna to keep all my things like magazines and cigarettes and money and swimming goggles. Not too much money and it is real pretty. I do desire more interaction with people and trying to take contact with couples can be difficult to say the least. 99.9% of the people here are couples or families so it just does not feel like I fit into this mix so very well. For this reason I will try to find another place to hang out some where I can possibly meet more people and have some meaningful conversation. I do enjoy the freedom of walking around without clothes on like 99.9% of the people do here. And the amenities are very good and if I had a family or wife this would be perfect. But because I am alone this is not the best solution.

Got a scare today of my own making. Went around taking loads of pictures and then decided to buy my breakfast at the market when it opened. Put my camera in my bag and went in and shopped three rolls, cheese, turkey, yogurt, an apple, one carrot, bananna, and a different type of cigarettes and went to my tent to enjoy my breakfast. When I went to get my camera it was not there. Oh shit what happened to my camera! Running frantically up to the Market and looking around and it was not there. I told the cleaning women that if they found it to contact me at 878 campsite an they said they would. With my heart racing I resigned myself to losing this camera which is Ellens camera to begin with.

Then when going to get into my tent there it was on the right side of my tent entrance which I thanked God for this find. It certainly got my blood circulating and stress levels went up quickly but in the end it turned out fine and whew am I glad I did not lose this camera. Not much else to report here and my verbosity needs to end here. Hope all is well with my family and friends and if you so desire you can return a comment to this blog and I will get the reply the next time I log on. Will try to keep in touch as much as possible. Bye for now.


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