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Europe » Bulgaria » Plovdiv Province » Plovdiv July 11th 2009

I'm currently sitting by the window watching a lovely thunderstorm. There is nothing better than reading a good book, sitting curled up on the couch, and listening to the rain. It's not quite as good as the one we had the other day (where we lost power, about 10 screen windows blew out into the backyard etc), but it's still a good storm. It's a nice break in the weather too - it's not boiling for once. I can't believe the camps already half done... these volunteer stints always go by so fast, it's sad. Yesterday afternoon we ended up bringing the kids some balloons which they love. It's funny when they pop - there's 3-4 that shriek w/ excitement. And I mean shriek. The younger brother came up to me and asked for the "pictures". ... read more
They climb everything
I'll miss the little buggers

Europe » Bulgaria » Plovdiv Province » Plovdiv July 11th 2009

Well we are in our final country and final stop of the trip. We are in a place called Plovdiv, about 3 hours from Sofia where we were yesterday, and where we will be tomorrow for our fight on Monday. Sofia was odd, it didnt seem like a capital city, not helped by the fact we arrived there at 6am. There was little to see, which we knew would be the case. We went to see a cathedral and a crypt which SB probably went on about yesterday. This morning we came here after much fun. We struggled to find the tram in Sofia, and once we did find it we were fined 10 leva each for carrying rucksacks! For the entire trip we've been asking if were okay to carry rucksacks and most places have ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Plovdiv Province » Plovdiv July 10th 2009

The kids have calmed down a bit since we began... or maybe I'm just getting used to it, I'm not sure haha. It's funny because that's the one English word they ALL know how to say - COME, COME! A couple know please which is nice, but very often you just have them run up to you, take a flying leap for your chest or just grab your hand and pull - come, come! Come, come! Yesterday morning we played outside as per usual - it was too cute. There's one kid that's clearly the leader of the bunch; he's a total ham, but at the same time he's responsable and the one kid that always listens to us. He decided we had to do relay races again (like we'd done on Wednesday), so he organized ... read more
Climbing the soccer nets
Chalk and plant
Goofing off

Europe » Bulgaria » Plovdiv Province » Plovdiv July 8th 2009

So, first off a bit about our schedule - first week we're with 15 orphans, aged around 6-10yrs, all with either physical or mental disabilities. Second week we're with older kids (11-15ish), but we don't know how many, or if they're disabled. Our daily schedule is usually 9:30-11:30am outside w/ the kids (sometimes 30-60min inside on the comp as well), a well deserved break where we literally eat and then flop out in our rooms, and then 4-6pm we play inside w/ the kids trying to get them to do crafts or stuff like that. Plovdiv is quite warm - and be quite, I mean boiling. I think the lowest it's been here is 30 since we arrived, plus the humidity... so it's toasty. It's fine in the shade I suppose, but we don't often have ... read more
Getting ready for football

Europe » Bulgaria » Plovdiv Province » Plovdiv June 24th 2009

6/20/09 For those of you who were guessing where Cyrillic lettering originated, the answer is Bulgaria, and that is where we are. One responder correctly pointed out that the lettering was actually invented by two Greeks; however, our sources say that it was done so in Bulgaria and adopted into the Bulgarian language. ---- Jon and Stephanie (we took over the blogging this time) We didn't orginally plan to stop here, yet the train to Montenagro was 36 hours and the train to Bulgaria was a more tolerable 12hrs. This train was different from previous train experiences. A pre-communist era second class train travels these paths with the orignal carpet in tact (sort of). We went through three border crossings (Turkey, Greece, and Bulgaria) all between 3-4:30am. The first required dragging our selves out of bed ... read more
Steph and Lily
Austin found the Leva
Rila Mountains

Europe » Bulgaria » Plovdiv Province » Plovdiv June 24th 2009

Plovdiv and Overnight train day 18-19 (June 24 -25) We took a bus trip to Plovdiv through some amazing mountain ranges. We stayed in a hostel in the heart of the old town area of Plovdiv and a short walk down to the main street. Plovdiv has many Roman ruins including an amphitheatre that is being excavated right under the main streets. The Romans were here but also the Thracians (who I don’t know much about). A short walk up the hill from our accommodation and you find yourself suddenly on the top of the hill with a great outlook. The Thracian ruins were here looking older than the Roman ones. It was sad to be leaving the good food of Bulgaria so we made the most of it for lunch. I also made the most ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Plovdiv Province » Plovdiv June 3rd 2009

Austria- Hungary- Serbia- Bulgaria Days 5, 6- Vienna, Austria As our journey through Europe continued so did the rain showers. Our next stop was Austria’s capital Vienna where we had a 2night stopover allowing us to make most of the sights to see. We got there late afternoon, giving us enough time to food shop before the shops shut and cook ourselves a big group meal. We then attempted to go out in the evening for drinks but the rain was ridiculous and we were imitations of drowned rats so ironically our moods was dampened.. With a glorious start to the next day a few of us headed into town to the Spanish Horse Riding School, where they train the horses to do fancy stuff like trot sideways and skip etc. After an amusing hour we ... read more
Imperial Palace
Spanish Riding School
St Stephen's Cathedral

Europe » Bulgaria » Plovdiv Province » Plovdiv May 26th 2009

If you love cheese, then you will love Bulgarian breakfasts. Because they seem to be all about cheese. Or so it was at our hotel anyway - 3 different types of cheese, served with a side of cheese, and to finish it all off, some crackers and cheese. Day 3 started in Plovdiv, second largest city in Bulgaria, and known for its well-preserved old center and Roman ruins. We started off in the more chique part of Plovdiv downtown, which is a big strip mall, most memorably lined with lots of ice-cream vendors selling really cheap ice-cream, including fabulously great rose flavoured ice-cream (Bulgaria is famed for its roses). Apart from the ice-cream though, its just your typical strip mall. Oh, except for the big half-excavated mini Roman amphitheatre tucked at the far end. And a ... read more
A Bulgarian Kebab
Alexander the Great's dad
Wow, this place is amazing

Europe » Bulgaria » Plovdiv Province » Plovdiv April 19th 2009

we only spent a day in bulgaria, but it was a cool town and we stayed with some couch surfers... read more
Bulgaria-Italy 004

Europe » Bulgaria » Plovdiv Province » Plovdiv September 23rd 2008

I had planned after Turkey to head East not West, but unfortunately the government of a certain 'Axis of Evil' country decided to ignore my visa application - 2 months no yes / no no! So visa limbo meant I had to turn my travels in another direction - west through Eastern Europe, first stop Bulgaria! As there are 3 weeks before I have to be back in London it's given me a lot of flexibility to make it up as I go along and so far my plans are changing on a daily basis dependent on what other people recommend and where seems interesting. Did an overnight train from Istanbul to Plovdiv the old capital of Bulgaria as I didn't feel I could quite face another overnight bus this soon after Turkey and I kind ... read more
Traditional houses
Just for the flag!

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