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Europe » Bulgaria » Plovdiv Province » Plovdiv September 17th 2006

Be My Guest Hostel/Sofia/Bulgaria Got up around midday and went upstairs to pay the rent. The grouchy hostile owner had been replaced by a friendly girl from Lithuania so I postponed leaving to chat over a cup of coffee and a cake. Got the tram to the train station North of the centre. Had some strange food in a cafe there it was a combination of peppers in some bizarre fizzing sauce, like popping candy. The woman in front of me in the queue had drained two of the dishes dry by ordering the whole lot, so I went for the large tray whilst there was some left. Also got a sandwich of some unkown meat product and a bag of rotten pistachio nuts. So I advise fellow travellers to avoid the station food stalls/ ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Plovdiv Province » Plovdiv July 10th 2006

My last day in Sofia was very lazy, I don't think I got up until midday, and so I eventually left Sofia rather later than I should have done. Sofia train station was a vast grey labryinth of Cyrillic signs and communist architecture. I had a quick flap as I couldn't find anywhere selling tickets to Plovdiv. Fortunately, I had my trusty Rough guide to hand which informed me that they could be purchased in the basement. I arrived into Plovdiv as darkness was approaching, which is never the ideal situation when trying to find some obscure address in a strange town. Most provincial cities in ex communist countries seem to have very constrastıng sectıons, but in Plovdiv the difference was more pronounced between the lovely old town which was perched on a hill and the ... read more
Fruit Market
Plovdiv at night
monastary roof

Europe » Bulgaria » Plovdiv Province » Plovdiv June 16th 2006

Guess what!??!?! Depeche Mode is coming to Sofia on the 21st, and Bucarest on the 23rd. It will probably be sold out by the time I get to Bucarest, but if not I'm definitely going. "Reach out and touch me..." Yesterday I went on a hike up to Vitosha natl' Park, the mountain only a few kilometers from Sofia. The taxi ride there was crazy, with the driver making up lanes, muttering in Bulgarian and hitting the ceiling of the taxi at random times. I rode up the lift half-way up the mountain, the other lift, apparently, "ne rabotayet" wasn't working, though I think it was just because there was nobody else there so they didn't want to run it just for me. I was trying to hike up to cherni vrukh, the black peak which ... read more
The Infamous Sign

Europe » Bulgaria » Plovdiv Province » Plovdiv June 3rd 2006

Yes, that's right. I've not had a pleasant time with the canines in this country. I have been chased into and out of very city, village and country road that there is - or so it seems - by feral, rabid dogs and, truth be told I am getting rather weary of it. Cycling out of Sofia began well. I started early but as I reached the outskirts of the city I was chased by two dogs on one side of the road. When I crossed to the other side of the road, I had 2 more chasing me until I was cycling in the middle of the road with traffic passing me on either side. I was very happy to say goodbye to Sofia after that adrenalin rush. My destination on that day was Rila ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Plovdiv Province » Plovdiv May 8th 2006

Once the bus go to Plovdiv i went lookin for the hostel... it took me quite a while to actually find even when i was on the right street people didnt know where the street was.. but eventually i found it. After i got there that day i didnt really do that much went out to a restaurant with some of the guys that id met in sofia and veliko and were her now aswell.. this is where i had my most disgustin meal.. i ordered some kind of fried cheese coated in egg batter or somthin and after eatin a couple i felt sick and couldnt eat any more.. not the sick where ya gonna throw up just the sick where you eatin somethin so heavy ya cant eat any more... that night had a ... read more
Soviet Soldier
a Gate
a house

Europe » Bulgaria » Plovdiv Province » Plovdiv April 18th 2006

Yes Bulgaria is cheap and nice. Two litre beer in a plastic bottle for one euro is just good!! I seem to have come back on the backpacker trail. Which is quite nice actually. The hostels in Sofia are really nice and cheap. I stayed in one hostel first but after two days had to leave as it was fully booked during the weekend, but the hostel I went to was just as fun and met lots of interesting people and had a few good parties. The first hostel had free breakfast, which is normal for all hostel here, but had a free pasta with beer in the evening too, which of course drew my attention. The other one had free dinner, but not the free beer... But since the beer is so cheap it didn't ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Plovdiv Province » Plovdiv December 6th 2005

Hello everybody! It maybe boring for you to read about Bulgarian man travelling in his own country. Actually I went many countries but this is beginning of my blog so I start here. Plovdiv is Bulgaria's second city after Sofia Capital, my homtown. It is very old city with Thracian, Greek, Bulgar, Byzantin, Ottoman and finally Soviet influence. Named originally Phillipopolis, after Alexander's father. Even though I am Bulgarian, this was only my third visit to Plovdiv. It is really lovely town.... read more
Roman Theater

Europe » Bulgaria » Plovdiv Province » Plovdiv July 20th 2004

Dig down a few feet anwhere in Plovdiv and you're bound to find something. History oozes from every corner of this town. With ruins dating back 7000 years to 5000bc, the area has been continually inhabited, invaded, destroyed, rebuilt, re-invaded and so on since that time. Walking around Plovdiv you can see Roman Ruins, Thracian Ruins (from 5000bc), Churches from the 13th Century through to the 17th Century and Mosques from the Turkish occupation. Highlights of our time in Plovdiv Watching Van Helsing in the Roman Ampitheater at night. Silly film but a fantastic place to watch anything. Climbing one of the seven hills for each sunset. Chatting to locals who haven't had the novelty of tourists spoilt yet. Learning to read the cyrillic alphabet and making random orders from the lunch menu, eg. Mish-Mash - ... read more
Plovdiv, Bulgaria
St Nedelya Church

Europe » Bulgaria » Plovdiv Province » Plovdiv March 8th 1997

Last run of the day, fading light, a quick joint and then drop into untouched snow between dark green trees. Powder fizzes as your board cuts over it, and we were riding fast, snaking tight, blind corners through trees. Fizz- Turn - Swoosh - Cut - my stomach was up in my throat, gripped in concentration as me and Oli raced down the dense forest. Oli shot off to the left, i took a right hand swerve around a clump of trees. As I carved fast, i came up against a wall of tree trunks - Instantly my brain calculated i could not stop in time... CRACK! A moment of freeze-frame, the taste of blood in my mouth and i sank into snow up to my shoulders. Then silence. Then came the pain, deep in my ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Plovdiv Province » Plovdiv March 4th 1997

Heaven had no ski lifts. Heaven had no piste maps, queues or cafes. But Heaven did have a dull, groaning, grinding Bulgarian Army Tank. It was a roaring metal dragon that broke the silence of the dark green forest with its black smoke fumes and crunching tracks that clunked and bashed through the foot-deep snow. Perelik Mountain - March 1997 (part I - ) (part II - ) Heaven lies on the border of Bulgaria and Greece in the Rodopi mountain range, once a part of the Iron Curtain and a strategic point for the former communist countries. This is why there is an army base on the highest of the mountains, known as Golyam Perelik (2,191 m) with large guns pointing at the neighbours, Greece. These mountains have been worn away by the elements over ... read more
some snow
The Rodopis

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