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Europe » Bulgaria » Plovdiv Province » Plovdiv April 29th 2008

The first true Eastern European stop on my trip, beautiful Plovdiv, home of the best street kebabs in the world. And I don't feel that comment is an exaggeration - wait until you try them! Tania, Emma and I have had a great time here. The crossing to Bulgaria was smooth, which was nice, and we arrived in Plovdiv and and found our hostel with little drama. We were staying handily on the main pedestrian street in town. The mall is basically made up of clothes shops, it seems Bulgarians are keen on their fashion. Though their taste in clothing may not be quite the same as ours, with the big hair and 80's style. However everyone is nicely dressed and made up, so we made a wee bit of a contrast with our backpacker clothes ... read more
Roman ruins everywhere!
More winding streets
Old town character

Europe » Bulgaria » Plovdiv Province » Plovdiv February 14th 2008

hi everyone :) i have been in bulgaria , in plovdiv it was so nice city ... i think you should see immediatelly bulgaria before using euro :) becouse its a cheap country and there are many historical places to see ... especially ottoman heritage is still living there .. maybe some bulgarians dont like about this sentences but ist true i think:) the houses at plovdiv are so nice they made from wood and like other ottoman cities that smoll and wood houses are sweet and tell you the lifestyle of ottoman people ... humble life effective ... and balkans i think you also should see it .... balkans are a love of travellers... there are many cities at europa but balkans and west europa are some different i find ... i believe that if ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Plovdiv Province » Plovdiv November 10th 2007

We were woken suddenly by the lights being turned on inside the bus. It was five thirty so an hour earlier than we were supposed to arrive in Plovdiv. We asked the steward if this was our stop and she nodded so we jumped off. We just got our bags and the coach drove off leaving us at a station without a name. My instructions from Hikers hostel said to get bus no. 7,20 from the right of the station which we did. We paid the driver and settled down to look out for our stop. It didn't come. After consulting our guidebook we realised we had got the bus in the wrong direction so we decided to stay on and go back to the station. A woman approached us and seemed to ask for money. ... read more
Windy Old Town
Ethnographic Museum
Cold Plovdiv

Europe » Bulgaria » Plovdiv Province » Plovdiv November 4th 2007

....and one still won't eat his veggies! Woohoo! Third Intrepid tour in a row! I'm quite the adventurer now aren't I? This last tour was through Eastern Europe, crossing four countries and only on one continent this time. I tell you what though, Budapest was a bit of a shock after six weeks in the Middle East. It's definitely Eastern Europe - it's more industrial, a bit less colourful and a bit cooler. Those judgements made we picked up the airport shuttle direct to the hotel (it seemed a bit of a pain to try and do it by public transport at 7 in the morning!) and found that the outskirts of the city were precisely how I expected them. They're definitely post-Communist - slightly blocky and very run-down. Downtown however is a pleasant surprise. We ... read more
Matthias Corvinus
The City Walls of Pest
The Hungarian Parliament

Europe » Bulgaria » Plovdiv Province » Plovdiv August 6th 2007

As you can tell, all my previous entries ALL GONE!!!! AHHHHHHH " I have short memories ma..that's why i write this freakin blog..... and my writing journal isn't as detailed in words as this blog....damnit. Anyways, got a lot to backtrack..haaa.. I think I wrote stuff about Odessa? but its not here....maybe they can recover those ones...which will be great.. anyways, in Bulgaria still...Great Place!!! This was the town I went after Sofia. Very beautiful old town!! The hostel I went in was wonderful with the best hostel staff I have met so far!!!! They informed us about this bagpipe competition in this VERY remote village in the mountains, and Peter, the hostel guy, arranged a day trip with his car to send some of us there!!! So nice!! So, the next day went off to ... read more
Traditional Bulgarian Kar....sth.
Plovdiv Folk Festival

Europe » Bulgaria » Plovdiv Province » Plovdiv July 13th 2007

We have a whirlwind seven weeks to hightail back to Paris. We are going via a few more Eastern European nations with plans for all the IA countries, the Slovakias, Romanias, Bulgarias and Hungarias. First up, Bulgaria, proudly boasting "the oldest survived state in Europe which has kept its original name". You suspect a country's tourism is in its infanacy when the customs official at the border asks with a look of resignation if we are just transitting in Bulgaria. It's as if that's all he thinks foreigners do here. A nation that must be crossed enroute to somewhere else. To his great delight, we asked the customs guy to put down his well worn transit stamp and dust the cobwebs off his tourist visa stamp. We are staying, for a short while at least. So ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Plovdiv Province » Plovdiv June 22nd 2007

Hello again everyone, Really nice to get loads of messages and emails from you all, keep um coming. Well since my last blog we have been in 3 different countries - though one, serbia, was just on the train. We left Istanbul at 10pm on monday and took the night train to Plovdiv. Wow. For those who have never been on one before, it is quite an experience. Very different indeed to british trains. The windows are all open so you can stick your head and and watch the countryside go (usually very slowly) by. The combination of this, our small but compact cabin and men in uniforms banging on your door at 3 in the morning calling "PASSPORT CONTROL!" gives it all a really exciting edge and makes you feel a bit like a ... read more
View from the old Roman Ruins site
Tori pretending to fall of a rock
Ethnographical museum

Europe » Bulgaria » Plovdiv Province » Plovdiv April 10th 2007

Her følger en kort oppsummering av den bulgarske påsken 2007 slik norske tungvint-turister opplevde den: Skjærtorsdag og langfredag ble, som seg hør og bør, tilbragt hvilende, nærmere bestemt i svartehavsbyen Burgas i Bulgaria. En forholdsvis stor mengde svett arbeidsantrekk (=sykkeltøy) ble vasket og til og med de svette syklistene fikk skrubbet seg til påske. Langfredag ble også laugardag for syklene. Kvine satte personlig rekord med å bruke nesten to timer på å rengjøre kjedet sitt... Påskeaften ble brukt til aktivt å unngå å diskutere Arne Paasche-Aasen. Derimot kastet vi oss igjen på syklene og satte kursen mot landsbyen Straldsja, litt nord for Jambol. Der var avtalen at vi skulle hente en kaval (bulgarsk trefløyte) for nesten-bulgareren og instrumentalschizofrenetikeren Stian Carstensen i Farmers Market. Vel framme i Straldsja fant vi byens ... read more
Kavalmaker prøvespiller fløyte
Svein og vårt bulgarske vertskap Trifon
Kirketårn i middelalderborg

Europe » Bulgaria » Plovdiv Province » Plovdiv September 19th 2006

that day will be tomorrow. Up late of course, but still have time to be a professional tourist and see all the Plovdiv sights. Start with the obligatory church, this one the church of Sveta Bogoroditsa. Painted a camp pink colour it sits atop 176 steep steps. Inside an elderly crone locks her gaze upon me, her eyes piercing the back of my neck as I look unreverently upon the various photographs of Jesus her saviour. There's a possibilty that she is actually glued to the chair at the back of the church, a chair she once outgrew and then shrunk back to fit once more. From the church I walk up past the academy of music (an experimental workshop in place as I pass, Yoko Ono I believe is this week's guest tutor) to the ... read more
roman ampitheatre
bloody senile citizens
old town

Europe » Bulgaria » Plovdiv Province » Plovdiv September 18th 2006

Moved from the crappy Hostel PBI Hostel and found another one on the internet Hiker's Hostel. This is the same price 10Euros but has a far more friendly social atmosphere. There's washing facilities, HOT showers, a communal room and fantastic views out over the city. If you're staying in Plovdiv I think this has to be the place. The only down side is that it's up a cobbled hill in the old town and if you've shredded your knee in the mountains you're in for PAIN. ... read more

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