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Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region » Brussels July 18th 2015

The drive south from Brussels is on the smoothest of highways as we turn off at exit 18 and continue south on a secondary highway with less traffic for company. It is the beginning of a long weekend as the National Holiday looms near in a few days. Leaving the frenzy of preparation in Brussels itself, little cars dragging campers or trailers with tents and other paraphernalia, hug the inside lanes and speed towards any number of pleasant sites of relaxation somewhere in Belgium. Rolling hills present green pastures of corn and other crops like barley, the golden hue of ripened wheat fields interspersed between them. Farm houses, their privacy shrouded by tall elms, while small clusters of dense forest spread out over the landscape as far as the eye can see. Soon the large thick ... read more
River Meuse, southern Belgium
War memorial in Dinant.
Castle near Dinant.

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region » Brussels July 10th 2015

Easy day as we spend it strolling the streets of Belgium. We headed off up to some of the monuments we had seen on the bus in the rain. Walking past Parliament House to see a heavy presence of police and army as we head towards the massive triumphant arches at the end of the road. Next building to pass was the European commission and also heavily guarded, as this was possibly the meeting place to do with the Greek crisis. This was another huge building going three ways from the centre. We then have a look around the arches, before walking back into town. On the way back we pass one of the royal palaces, but are not quiet sure if it gets used, although they did have it guarded. Back into the Grand Place ... read more
Parliament House Belgium
European Commission building Belgium
The triumphant arches Belgium

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region » Brussels July 8th 2015

With the weather switching back to cold, windy and patchy rain we opt for the hop on hop off bus tour. Half way on the first route brings us to the Atomium which was on our list, but hadn't found out where it was. The Atomium was built in 1958 for the Brussels world fair and is made up off 9 spheres with interconnecting tunnels. We leave the bus for a visit and enjoy the structure for a couple of hours. A short ride up in the elevator gets you to the top and a birds eye view of the Brussels skyline. After that you head back down and there is a mix of elevators and stairs connecting the tubes to four other spheres. Each sphere had a different theme and we enjoyed exploring them. Back ... read more
Looking down the main entrance
Stadium behind the Atomium
Stairs in the  connecting tubes

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region » Brussels July 8th 2015

Off to Belgium for our last stop before London. Nearly missed the train, as we went to the train station, but our ticket was from the airport. As the ticket is written in German, just assumed it was leaving from the train station, which it was, but twenty minutes earlier than the time on our ticket. Lucky Michelle picked up on it otherwise that would have been our first drama. Arrived at Brussels mid arvo and went for a walk around the busy streets. Feels like you are back in France as most are speaking French and the cafes look to have simalar street presence. Walking around we discover Brussels will be about three main things. Beer, chocolate and the tiny statue known as the pissing boy. As this little boy is everywhere in shops, we ... read more
Stepped back to show how small he is
Belgium chocolate
Pretty cool chocolate tools

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region » Brussels July 3rd 2015

Ok, I know we get hot weather at home, but this is WAY different. Consider it starts to get light about 4am, sunrise proper at 5am, temps at 25+ by 8am, and then the day just drags on and on, until sunset, at 10pm!!! I believe this makes the heat less tolerable than home, that and the fact there's not many retailers with airconditioning, for example Kasey and I went in to a shopping centre, sort of the size of Westfield fig tree, and found most shops didn't have air conditioning. In the British home store they just turned off most of the lights, an interesting way to shop, saying it helped with the heat. Lots of shops seem to do this. So back to the trip, Brussels has been over 30 every day, very stressful ... read more
Amazing architecture
Tin tin
The Brussels icon

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region » Brussels July 2nd 2015

Up early for a travel day, Kasey and I off to Brussels. Greg is staying for more cricket but moving to High Wycombe tonight. We caught the train from Oxford to London and then joined the Eurostar for the trip from London to Brussels. I was very excited, but then I'm always excited about travel. I must admit that the whole thing was a little underwhelming, yes very easy and convenient, but just another train trip really, nice to say we've done it but wouldn't say its something you really must do. arrived Brussels midi station and then had to figure out how to get to Central station , luckily a student helped us, but that was only after I took us to the wrong train (the metro) not the regular train, so I ended with ... read more

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region » Brussels June 23rd 2015

Flying into Milan and then driving down to Monaco Monte Carlo, Marseilles. Menton we spent a lovely few days seeing how the other half live so much money here especially on the yachts. it's one thing seeing the super cars driving the streets but once you have seen a luxury Yacht. You realise just how rich people are to have a crew of 12 just sitting waiting for them to sail anywhere in the world. They even charge you €10 euro just to get in the Casino that's before you lose all your money, we wandered around the streets lots of old wrinkly old people not not many young and beautiful. Lots of old money in Monaco.It's the same story when you take a Australian to a beach first it has to have sand then a ... read more

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region » Brussels June 23rd 2015

In the first six days of our European adventure we have experienced so, so much that it is difficult to condense down to a blog entry. Nevertheless, here goes my best attempt to share our discoveries in broad brush text and letting the pictures do the rest of the talking. After leaving from Seattle at midday we flew all night over the southern Artic and Greenland, without ever really seeing the night as we were so far north (Pic of Artic Sea). And then we were welcomed into the "continent" with a bright pink sunrise (winglet on plane). Beautiful countryside as with many small towns and large expanses of woods. I was impressed by how much commercial barge traffic is seen on all rivers. After we spent a quiet day at Horst and Estela's adjusting for ... read more
Morning sun
Grand Place Brussels
St Michel Cathedral

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region » Brussels June 23rd 2015

Few of our family or friends thought that we were really serious about attempting to travel Europe for nearly two months with only knapsacks. Well, they weren't alone. I first really worked hard to convince Jeanette that it was workable. She then decided on a trial run of the idea during an unplanned trip to Florida the month before leaving for Europe and readily agreed after that! I have to give her full marks for being such a trooper. The experiment worked superbly - off the aircraft, through Immigration/Customs and out the door every time. No more waiting at carousels. As far as the train is concerned it was a piece of cake as well - quickly on board and such ease in storing the knapsacks on the overhead shelf while we watched some others sometimes ... read more
Passenger on train
Why these monsters?

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region » Brussels June 16th 2015

We had a great time and food was awesome!... read more

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