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Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region » Brussels May 26th 2017

So, the time had come to head off on our two week “holiday” while Peter and Bev from Perth, Australia, did their home exchange with Sheila and Kevin. Dianne’s plan had us visiting Brussels, Lille (Vimy Ridge) and Paris. As usual, it was a great plan. The trip We flew Ryan Air to Brussels and getting to the airport was easy: walk to the bus stop, take a city bus to the airport and check in. How could it be easier? Well, we had tried to walk to the bus stop a couple of times and with the crazy curved streets that criss-cross an old city we managed to make mistakes the first two times and walked a lot further than we should have. This time, we made it. But just as the bus got to ... read more
Old Buildings
Three amigos

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region » Brussels May 25th 2017

Brussels In keeping with our usual practice, we decided the first thing to do was figure out where we would be leaving from the next day. The metro dropped us at Gare Nord and we were leaving from Gare Midi so we hiked right across the old city enjoying what we saw but intent on getting to Gare Midi. The Royal Saint-Hubert Galleries were beautiful. They rivaled the Galleria in Milan for looks and prices. I won’t be shopping there any time soon. Well, window shopping maybe. Outside the Gare-Midi (train station) we found an enormous outdoor market. It took forever just to walk through it. Once we figured out the train station we decided to stop for lunch. While waiting for our food, we poured over the map of the old city to decide on ... read more
Narrow buildings
Royal Saint-Hubert Galleries

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region January 3rd 2017

For obvious security reasons, as has been our policy in recent times not to visit iconic sites at certain times being so fraught with potentially unexpected danger, we chose not to visit the Grand Place on New Year's Day itself, but instead found ourselves being drawn to this focal centre of the city on the day after the big event. Although the festivities of the season were being slowly run down and the decorative lights gradually removed from the city, throngs of people lingered across the city, capital of Belgium and the European Union. Everywhere we walked, families strolled around taking in the last of the festive atmosphere. Patrons filled the cafes, restaurants and shops as the usual early winter darkness swept the country and brilliantly coloured hues of every description took control of the night. ... read more
Enjoying dessert.
On our way, we took a shortcut through a mall off Avenue Louise.
The Church in the Sablon on our way walking to the Grand Place.

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region » Brussels December 31st 2016

Christmas is truly a magical time of year, no matter where it's being celebrated. Christmas in London however, is more magical than I've ever experienced back home. The whole city comes alive with festivities! The streets are lined with Christmas light displays, Christmas markets and ice skating rinks pop up all over the city and and mulled wine becomes the drink of choice over the colder months. Kicking off the season in mid-November was Oxford Street, closing off the entire street for a day and providing free entertainment all in the lead up to their Christmas lights being turned on. And doing the honours this year was Craig David, who sang not one of his songs from 16 years ago but merely, spoke of his career revival and push the button. Following on was Hyde Park, ... read more
Oxford Street
Mannekin Pis
Grand Place

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region » Brussels December 30th 2016

We started very early this morning, alarm at 5 am, so we would not miss our 8:04 Eurostar train to Brussels. We had planned to spend a good 7 hours in the city, enough to get a good overview. Well plans don’t always work out as intended. We arrived to St Pancras international rail station just at the cut off time to board the train. We got through passport control and security quickly enough and still had plenty of time to comfortably board the train without rushing. Trains in Europe pretty much leave on time. We had a 4-seat table seat, booked with the thought we may have it all to ourselves, which we did not. That however turned out to be a bonus because we sat next to a wonderful couple (Jack & Sara) and ... read more
City Square

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region December 27th 2016

We have only been here in Brussels for a short while so far and yet have done so much. We awoke on our first morning and headed out by car to south-east Belgium. Driving through rolling hills, it struck me how lush green the countryside was, despite it being in the midst of winter. Fallowed fields, idle farm equipment and smoke billowing from chimneys came into view as we left the main highway and crossed through rural scenery, the occasional chateau commanding a highpoint. As we passed through the famous Ardennes, it was difficult to envisage the fierce tank battles that would have raged here, as Allied armies under Patton struck at the German occupiers in World War 11. Today, peace and tranquility lured us once again into the region as we passed village after village ... read more
Deli in Durbuy.
Walking around Durbuy, Belgium.
In Durbuy, Belgium.

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region » Brussels September 10th 2016

I completely loved Brussels. I came there five years back during my first management high school internship. That was my very first long stay abroad even though it was only six weeks and in a border country. I went there from Paris I took the train called Thalys and couple of hours later I was reaching Brussels. I had such a great time. The city is wonderful, the architecture, the culture are great and people are very nice and willing to help. La grand place especially is amazingly beautiful. I spent half of my time visiting as there were so many things to see. Of course as a tourist I tried to beer, chocolate and the famous belgium fries. Brussels is definitely according to me a city to visit. I had the chance during my stay ... read more

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region » Brussels September 4th 2016

We have well and truly left Belgium and are in Tirana, Albania travelling now north of the country to Shkoder. But before I go in depth about our Albanian adventure lets go back to our last 2 days in Belgium – Brussels! We arrived in the predominantly French-speaking capital in the afternoon. Our very lovely hotel was very close to the central station and a stone’s throw from the Grand-Place, a big square with lovely Baroque style building surrounding it (I believe they may date from the 19th century). We just for a walk around they day and popped into the Smurfs (des Stroumphes in Dutch) store at the figurine museum to buy a papa Smurfs toy for Shaabi (our Maltese-Shihtsu dog and yes we spoilt him). For dinner we walked around and got hassled in ... read more
Parlamentarium! Hello from the EU
Mannekan Pis chocolate statues
Smurf store and figurine museum

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region » Brussels August 13th 2016

Aangekomen op vliegveld Brussel. Heel veel bewaking, zelfs sluipschutters op de daken! Snel ingecheckt en nu paar uurtjes wachten.... read more

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region June 27th 2016

12 Ağustos 1991 Brüksel, Belçika Şirketi arayıp arkadaşımla gelmek istediğimizi söyledim. Bir ay sonra kontratlarımız gelmişti. Bu benim beklediğimden de çabuk olmuştu çünkü Vassilis'in o şirkete dönüp dönmeyeceği belli değildi henüz. Onun iki ay daha okula devam etmesi gerekiyordu. Ama ben Hülya'yla gidebilmek için iki ay daha beklememeyi tercih ettim. Hülya'yla Brüksel'e uçtuk. Bir gece Brüksel'de kaldık ve oradan da çok etkilendim. Gece yarısı sokakta iki kız dolaşıyorduk ve hiç kimse dönüp bakmıyordu bile. Herkes kendi havasında eğleniyordu, kimse kimseyi rahatsız etmiyordu. Ertesi gün Brüksel'in altını üstüne getirdik, her yeri gördük ve akşam New York uçağımıza bindik. Oradan Miami'ye aktarma yaptık ve ertesi gün Miami Fairmont Otel'e yerleştik. Hülya'yla aynı gemiye gitmek için ofisle konuştuğumda bunun imkansız... read more

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