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Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region May 1st 2018

This is the year of Phil's 80th and Martha's 70th birthdays, so instead of our usual camping trips we decided to do something really special. We booked onto the "Classic European River Cruise" with the company Gate 1 Travel, taking 2 weeks to travel from Amsterdam to Budapest along the Rhine, the Main and the Danube Rivers and then we planned to wend our way back on land through Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany. We hope you can travel with us on this great birthday adventure! A top priority was to visit our Belgian daughter-in-law Tine's family in Leuven. We had a wonderful 5 days with her parents Paula and Harry and our stay included special times with Tine's brother, sister, brother-in-law and little Sebastian, a tour of Leuven town and a tour of the ... read more
Martha Mollison
Leuven Town Hall
Church in Leuven

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region May 1st 2018

Paula and Harry took us for a tour around Brussels. Paula had made up an itinerary which allowed us to walk to a good variety of sites without collapsing, and she built in a stop at the quint historic pub connected to the TOON marionette theatre where she introduced us to the local red beer. Later we walked across to the other side of the river to have dinner at a restaurant in a Project sponsored by the government. Their son-in-law Simon had initiated and developed a huge garden in the unused space between two long buildings, and Harry had helped get things going by reassembling a secondhand greenhouse for it. The garden now supplies fresh vegetables to both the restaurant and the Food Hub shop within the Project.... read more
Giant clock with emerging statues
The English building
The King's Palace

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region December 22nd 2017

Poor Brussels. I'd never had much interest in it as a destination in its own right, just in using it to get to Bruges. But I ended up being pleasantly surprised by this city. Brussels was much bigger and more metropolitan than I had realised. Arriving at Charleroi Airport I travelled through the south of the city to get to the centre. The bus drove through many deprived areas and areas heavily influenced by immigration. The South train station was insanely huge and illogically laid out and I got hopelessly lost. It wasn't quite the shiny veneer I'd envisaged for the home of the EU, or the easy-peasy destination for my first solo trip that I'd thought it would be. Once I eventually found my hotel near Grand Place, I set out to see this most ... read more

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region » Brussels November 1st 2017

AR London @ 2:08 pm LV London @ 5:50 pm (Brussels Airlines) AR Brussels @ 8:00 pm... read more

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region » Brussels August 28th 2017

Tag 341 – Im Bus nach Amsterdam Gegen halb sieben kamen wir nach London, und ich blinzelte immer wieder, um ein bisschen was von der Stadt zu sehen. Überall die hübschen alten weißgeputzten Hausfassaden entlang der Straße! Ja, das war England. Kurz nach sieben (anstatt von 8.15 Uhr) erreichten wir die Victoria Coach Station. Hier musste man erst mal die Straße überqueren, um von dem Arrival-Part in den Departure-Part zu gelangen. Auf der Anzeigetafel sah ich unter Amsterdam „8am“ und „Check-In“. Ob das ein anderer Bus war, oder die den Check-In hier noch früher machten? Naja, ich stellte mich zu den anderen vor das entsprechende Gate. Da sah ich, dass man irgendwie zum Check-in für Amsterdam zu einem anderen Gate musste. Wieso das denn jetzt? Ich erfuhr, dass man wohl sein ausgedrucktes E-Ticket gegen ein richtiges ... read more

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region June 27th 2017

Hello, this photograf was take in Brussel Belgium , exactly in front of bulding Brusell Ayuntamiento it was build in the siglos XIV and XV, (1402 to 1455), my experiencie in Belgium was terrific, that place is wonderfull.... read more

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region » Brussels June 12th 2017

Gus woke up and moaned about having a headache. We can only put it down to dehydration caused by the long flight and will refute any allegation that it was due to the 8 pints of local beer we guzzled after flying for 22 hours. We walked up the street and bought some ham at the butchers and a French stick for breakfast. The bread in Europe seems so much tastier than that in Melbourne. After breakfast we a walked in to the city centre for a bit of sight seeing. places of interest included: Place de Saint Catherine, built over the foundations of a 14th century church and consecrated in 1874. Grand Place. Magnificent square surrounded by old buildings. A UNESCO World Heritage area and for good reason. Obviously a hub for tourism. Gus and ... read more
Grand Place in Brussels
Grand Place in Brussels (2)
Grand Place

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region May 29th 2017

Travel partners are hard to find. Someone who is willing to give up thier warm bed, cuddly cat, creature comforts, or a familiar Netflix on Tuesday nights. I met Ana in a Brussels park and we spent 10 hours wandering town. We ate snails, heard teenagers playing pop songs on brass instruments, watched the sunset, and kissed on the edge of the fountain. The next day I strolled down the airport terminal and text a sporadic offer to continue good times; I messaged her "Come to Mexico". Three weeks later she flew to meet me in Cancun. Travel partners are hard to find. When a cute one arrives on my birthday, with a half filled school backpack, jet lag, and a passport stamp it's something to take seriously. Ana and I spent the next four weeks ... read more

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region » Brussels May 26th 2017

So, the time had come to head off on our two week “holiday” while Peter and Bev from Perth, Australia, did their home exchange with Sheila and Kevin. Dianne’s plan had us visiting Brussels, Lille (Vimy Ridge) and Paris. As usual, it was a great plan. The trip We flew Ryan Air to Brussels and getting to the airport was easy: walk to the bus stop, take a city bus to the airport and check in. How could it be easier? Well, we had tried to walk to the bus stop a couple of times and with the crazy curved streets that criss-cross an old city we managed to make mistakes the first two times and walked a lot further than we should have. This time, we made it. But just as the bus got to ... read more
Old Buildings
Three amigos

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region » Brussels May 25th 2017

Brussels In keeping with our usual practice, we decided the first thing to do was figure out where we would be leaving from the next day. The metro dropped us at Gare Nord and we were leaving from Gare Midi so we hiked right across the old city enjoying what we saw but intent on getting to Gare Midi. The Royal Saint-Hubert Galleries were beautiful. They rivaled the Galleria in Milan for looks and prices. I won’t be shopping there any time soon. Well, window shopping maybe. Outside the Gare-Midi (train station) we found an enormous outdoor market. It took forever just to walk through it. Once we figured out the train station we decided to stop for lunch. While waiting for our food, we poured over the map of the old city to decide on ... read more
Narrow buildings
Royal Saint-Hubert Galleries

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