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Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region » Brussels January 17th 2020

Brussels Half hour ride from Lille to Brussels. Four stops on Red metro line to Porte de Namur station, right beside Hotel Chambord. Took a walk down Rue de Numar. Coffee in TICH, a vegan cool kids large order at the counter joint. Opposite a similar Café called JAT. Then to the Musical Instruments Museum. ‘Old England’ Horta building. A riveted cast iron structure with airy feel. Darkened rooms full of the most extensive collection I’ve seen.... way better than Berlin, and broader and better presented than Finlandia Museum in Turku. Not all that much African stuff, lacked thumbpianos etc. But stunning environs. Brass section dominated by the Sax family’s experiments with trumpet and reed instruments. Saxhorns included a ‘trombone’ with seven bells and six valves. A ser I’d saxes with oboe like double reeds. Many ... read more
Glass Harmonica
Hurdy Gurdy
Roof top restaurant MIM

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region September 18th 2019

Travelling on a train going 120 mph plus does not take us long to travel from Edinburgh to London, where we change trains, and go on to Brussels, BELGIUM. Once again, a lovely young lady sits next to me, and the three of us talk non-stop all the way to Brussels. This train is travelling at 300kph. Feels like I am on a bullet. Once at the station, you have to pay to use the washroom. Brussels once spoke Dutch until the late 19th century, and then shifted to French to become officially bilingual with 90% of the population speaking French. In 2005, 25% of the population is of Muslim backgrounds, mostly from Morocco and Turkey. Brussels is also hailed as the comic strip capital. The home of the Smurf’s, and Tin Tin. Tops for cuisine ... read more
Brussels has opulent buildings....but apparently not for all!

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region » Brussels September 9th 2019

This morning I had some free time in Brussels so I followed Rick Steves’s walk around the Grand Place. The buildings are indeed “grand” but my full appreciation of the square was diminished by the work crews noisily removing tents and paraphernalia from a beer festival over the weekend. I had a little extra time, so I walked to the Belgian Comic Strip Center because it is one of the sights to see in Brussels. Belgium is responsible for Tintin and for the Smurfs and there are many other comics done here, too, apparently. Next I made my way to the Brussels airport and ate lunch while waiting for my flight to board. I had a piece of (square) pizza and my first glass of Belgian beer since I arrived in the country. Better late than ... read more

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region September 8th 2019

We always knew it would be a long day travelling - starting at 11.15 from Vienna and arriving at 21.37 in Brussels 😱. There’s not much to say really - nice countryside, comfy trains, changed in Frankfurt - bit of a surprise there though, and I suppose it had to happen - ENGINEERING WORKS! Yes indeed, the train through to Belgium was diverted, so instead of arriving in Brussels in time for a couple of beers and walk in town, we were now destined to arrive in Brussels at 23.03 😩😩😩😩😩 and even then it was late! Ah well, thank goodness it was at the end of the trip rather than the beginning, and that we still had a hotel, with a bar, to sleep in. A beer and box of fried chicken and chips later ... read more

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region » Brussels September 8th 2019

Today was a pleasant, cool day in Brussels. I started the day with a walk around the “upper town“ including a stop at a little jewel of a church called Notre Dame du Petit Sablon. Then I dived into the Belgium fine arts museums. These include lots of paintings and my favorites were by Jan Bruegel and Jacques-Louis David. Later in the day I passed by one of Brussels’s most famous sites, namely the Manneken Pis. I have read that the best part about this little statue is watching the reactions of the people who come to see it and I agree with that. I took a picture of people taking pictures and then a closer view so you can see him better. Tomorrow I will tour Brussels a little more before flying off to my ... read more

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region » Brussels August 25th 2019

3 trains today ! Wilmslow station at 8-17 - train no 1 to London - the start of the low carbon adventure! Typical virgin train, arrived on time, nothing spectacular but took nearly 3 hours (engineering works - ugh) - quick walk to st Pancras international - we did try the wellness walk (avoiding Euston road) but a lack of signage meant we went on the Euston road anyway! Splendid Eurostar train to Brussels and then a local train to Brussels central and our lovely hotel right near central station( arrived about 5 ish ). Ashes was on and to our great surprise NOW TV app worked overseas - so we watched the end of the test match - OMG what a finish! Quick change and walk into town - SO many chocolate shops and waffles ... read more
St Pancras
Big beers in Brussels
Shopping ???

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region » Brussels July 21st 2019

Speed sightseeing in Brussels We ended up in Brussels in Belgium on the way from France to Luxembourg. This wasn't in our original plans but we decided to try to make the most out of it. Going from rural areas in England and France, where we had spent one week, to a major city where thousands of people roam the streets was a bit of a shock for us. We had a bit of a problem adjusting to the crowds of people. We only had a couple of hours in the evening and two hours in the morning to see some fragments of all that Brussels has to offer. We had to rush things a bit to see anything and ended up doing speed sightseeing to see at least a few highlights. Speed sightseeing is not ... read more
Manneken Pis
Grand Place
Grand Place

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region » Brussels May 19th 2019

Okay, I know we have been home for almost three weeks and this latest (and last) blog entry is long overdue. We had many things waiting for our attention when we arrived, not to mention volunteer shifts at the library and local thrift store. Dale and Pat (Dianne’s brother and sister-in-law) arrived for a week of fun and games (and a chance to update some of my spreadsheets for scoring our card games). But now to the blog. Flight to Brussels Getting to Toulouse to catch the plane was fairly straightforward. The flight was RyanAir which went into Brussels Charleroi rather than the main Brussels airport. Mistake. The flight was what you would expect from RyanAir and the airport itself was OK. It was looking a little dark as we got ready to leave the plane. ... read more
The view from Vimy
Memorial up close
Lawn mowers

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region » Brussels December 1st 2018

Dnes mala jedna skupinka na plane mestecko gent ale jaksi nevydalo. Opat vianocne trhy. Davame belgicke wafle (vela kriku pre nic, rovnake vsade na svete), varene vinko. Nasavame vianocnu atmosferu. Odskrkavame si dalsiu ikonu bruselu. Curajuceho chlapca co je totalny tourist trap. Fakt to nestoji za navstevu. Mala postavicka kokotika. Nasi zajtra skoro rano letia domov, ja si pospim do 9.00 a smer ghent kde mam mojho posledneho cs a prakticky to bude aj moja posledna noc na ceste. V pondelok navrat domov po 309.dnoch. No ale fakt ma to moc nelaka ked pozeram okolo sebe co sa deje v europe. Rusko vs ukrajina, roztahujuci sa imigranti v belgicku, zatahy na drogovych dilerov v seredi. Proste nic pozitovne. Uvidim ci tu vydrzim do toho maja, vtedy smer ukrajina, iran, azerbajdzan, armensko, gruzinsko. Mozno sa na to ... read more

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region » Brussels November 30th 2018

V cene mame aj ranajky. No zadna slava, chleby,maslo, dzem, salam, syr, dzuse. Dnes v plane prehliadka mesta. Ta zacata v red light street. Vo vykladoch zvacsa rumunsky, bulharsky a albansky tovar. Za bieleho dna vsak bez svetelneho efektu, no i tak ponuka velmi luxusna, len keby boli lepsie ceny. 15min za 50€, dve polohy alebo za 40€ jedna poloha. Odtial k jednemu zo symbolov bruselu, atomium. Kedze na zastavke nebol automat na listky, sli sme na cierno. Elektrickou ideme okolo cinskeho parku, ktoremu dominuje pagoda. Mensia cesticka velmi pekne pomalovanymi stenami a uz vystupujeme na konecnej. Nadchodom cez cestu az k atomiu. To fakt masivne. Velmi pekne to vyzeralo. Dnu vsak nejdeme, porobene fotky z vonka a pokus dostat sa na stadion heysel kde zacala brusel. No nepodarilo sa, bol ohradeny. Kupujeme listky na elektricku ... read more

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