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Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Reutte April 6th 2014

Today we crossed the border back into Germany to visit Neuschweinstein Castle which was the inspiration for the Disney castle. Built in late 1800’s by King Ludwig II, it is all in renaissance style but with every modern convenience of the day including electric lighting, running water and flush toilets. It was a steep walk up the hill but Em managed it all the way with the promise of a horse drawn carriage ride back down. Masses of tourists and tour buses mean that they have to have a rigorous system to get everyone through the castle. Entry is by guided tour only in groups of about 30 and the tour lasts 1/2 an hour. Tickets are only available at the bottom of the hill and you are allocated a time for your tour. Show up ... read more

Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Reutte April 5th 2014

First thing this morning we went squirrel hunting in the forest again. Although it was very cold, this time we were more successful and Em had fun shelling the peanuts and leaving them dotted around the forest. The rest of today was just a driving day to Fussen so we could go to Neuschweinstein castle. We actually stayed in Reutte which is over the border in Austria and about 10 km from Fussen. Although there was a nice section of driving along one of the large lakes in southern Germany we mostly stuck to the motorway. Arriving at our apartment, it is enormous! 2 bed, 1 ½ bath and bigger than our house in Australia! Spotlessly clean and very well appointed, there were even sheep to feed every afternoon in the back shed so Em had ... read more
The sheep shed

Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Reutte July 22nd 2012

Sunday and Monday, Beautiful weather and great location makes for a happy couple. This blog covers two very fun days. After lots of rain in Vienna and Hallstatt, we got lucky. We drove from Hallstatt to Reutte in about three hours. The drive itself was wonderful. The scenary is out of a storybook or movie. We arrived about 1pm to our nice hotel in the center of this little town. As an aside, we discovered that our great rocket scientist, Werner von Braun, joined America at the end of WWII in this town. We loved the hotel and its owner, Hans. After a short rest we went out to see what we could do on our first afternoon here. The owner recommended that we ride a local cable car to the top of a nearby mountain ... read more
Ruette, Austria
Ruette, Austria
Ruette, Austria

Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Reutte July 17th 2012

These are a few days old, but there so many good ones of Elizabeth that I decided to post these anyway.... read more
Castle at Night
pretty good for no tripod
along the trail up to the castle

Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Reutte July 15th 2012

Reutte has probably been one of the prettiest places we have been far. As we drove into Austria we were constantly driving past beautiful fields and meadows, farmlands with cows and horses, and many forest covered mountains. Our cute little hotel was right at the bottom of a long trail that led up a mountain to the Ehrenburg castle ruins. Our first day we hiked up halfway to the Medieval Museum and had a blast learning about the Crusades and other fun facts about the Middle Ages. We also got to try on armor, chain male and helmets! The best part though was probably playing with the cross bows in the gift shop ( which we later learned, was not allowed). Other than that, our time in Reutte was very laid back and relaxed. It was ... read more
and, oh, oh, more Rococo

Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Reutte July 12th 2012

Well, I'm not totally caught up, but I am actually blogging real-time today. I wrote the following a couple of hours ago before breakfast: It's about a quarter past seven and it's an absolute gorgeous day. Its between 55 and 60 degrees outside and if I didn't have to get ready for breakfast, I think I would just sit out here on the balcony and breath the fresh air for a while longer.... read more
Our room

Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Reutte September 16th 2010

We spotted ruins of Ehrenberg Schloβ when we were driving towards Innsbruck. We finally decided to visit there. At present Ehrenberg Schloβ saved as ruins. In past that was pretty important power centre and it was known as Ehrenberger Klause. That castle had build in narrow pass that divided local area and separated Lech valley from district Zwischentoren. First castle had been built at 13th century. Afterwards is was enlarged and developed and it allowed for local ruler based there and lawmade. Local authorities moved eventually to nearby Reutte in 16th century. From that time Ehrenberg served as fortress and roughly 1k soldiers based inside its walls. Soldiers based there until the fortress was seriously damager during French invasion of the Tyrol at the beginn... read more
Ehrenberg ruins
Ehrenberg ruins
Ehrenberg ruins

Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Reutte October 4th 2008

After I have been to Fuessen I went for the afternoon to Reutte, Austria :)... read more
Border tunnel
Reutte, Tyrol
Reutte, Tyrol

Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Reutte July 24th 2008

We set out for Austria with a few modest goals in mind: a picture at the border, some chocolate for Horst at a local grocery store, a snack of traditional Kaiserschmarrn (a sweet, eggy, fluffy pancake with raisins), dinner at a chicken restaurant, and cheap diesel. One out of five ain't bad? For some reason, the attractive EU signage for the Austrian border is like a kilometer back in Germany, i.e., not at the border, so we missed it. We settled for the actual sign at the actual border, which does say Österreich but Ramona was quite upset that it was uglier than the EU sign. The grocery store was geschlossen (closed)! By this time, owing to the extremely long wait we had before our Neuschwanstein tour, it was really too late for Kaiserschmarrn especially considering ... read more
OMG there are cows in the street

Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Reutte December 25th 2006

Merry Christmas There’s not much to say today because Christmas is a day for resting, so sorry this entry is so short. After our usual German breakfast we decided we needed some exercise to ensure that we didn’t feel completely inert today. So off we went for some morning adventure. Today we headed across the border to Reutte, Austria in hopes of seeing some of the ruins of old castles from the area. After about a 20 minute drive we ended up in a parking lot in a snowy field right outside of Reutte. From there we walked across the fields to an icy path up into the hills. As seems to be the case in the Alps, nothing is ever short or flat. After an hour of walking we came to the museum (closed ... read more
Views Near Ruette
Views Near Ruette
Views Near Ruette

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