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Dad & Lizzie's Trip to Europe

The fun and adventure (and struggles) of a father-daughter trip of a lifetime. Although it wasn't planned this way, we are going to Europe (or at least part of it) for three weeks. Germany, France, Austria, and Switzerland by train, boat, bus, car, and funicular. I hope to post a daily journal (that's the goal anyway) and some pictures for everyone back home. If our experiences interest anyone, we are more than happy to have you follow along as well.

For the record, we are planning our trip with the intention of meeting real people and trying to experience the culture of the places we visit rather than just simply sightseeing as we pass through. If we are lucky, we will connect with someone interesting along the way at least once and have a unique story with which to remember our trip by.

North America » United States » Arkansas June 7th 2018

I know we came across some interesting things on day two, including a newly fallen tree that created a quite a hazard, but I didn't get any pictures. Day three was relatively short as it didn't take us long to paddle the final leg. We spent considerable time the day before looking for just the right camping spot, so we wound up nearly going all the way to Carver though we didn't realize it.... read more
Notice My Lantern?
Home Stretch
John Boy

North America » United States » Arkansas June 5th 2018

Although the terrain from Pruitt Landing to Carver is not nearly as dramatic, it is still scenic and there are still bluffs. Our goal after driving to Pruitt Landing (with a requisite stop at Harp's grocery in Jasper, of course) to meet our provisioner, Lost River Canoes, was to paddle as far as the confluence of the Buffalo with the Little Buffalo River to camp for the night. There was also quite a number of other river goers preparing to set paddle, but we had a plan to avoid the crowd. We hung back and, while we waited for Ronnie and Jason to stage a vehicle at the other end (Carver), watched all the day trippers paddle on down the river out of sight. Other than a few locals paddling by and one odd couple (he ... read more
Lunch Break!
More Bluffs

North America » United States » Arkansas June 4th 2018

After rising early, we actually loaded up in the car and drove to a nearby trailhead afforded us the opportunity to hike to Big Bluff, Granny Henderson's Cabin, and Snead's Creek. All of which were on our original itinerary, although we would have been hiking/canoeing to them from starting points along the river. But as it turned out, it provided us with mostly downhill hiking, and by returning to our camp (at Steel Creek campground) via the Old River horse trail, we actually got to see a small portion of the Upper Buffalo that we were now not going to get to canoe down due to the low water level. And by staying the additional night at Steel Creek, we also ate up one of the camp meals I had planned for the whole group (all ... read more
Leaving the Trailhead
Big Bluff

North America » United States » Arkansas June 3rd 2018

Original plans were to float from Ponca, AR to Kyles Landing, putting in on Monday morning and getting out noonish on Thursday. Yeah, I realize that four days and three nights on the river to only go 10.6 miles puts the "L" in leisurely pace, but we wanted plenty of time to float, swim, fish and definitely HIKE. Unfortunately the water level was too low to put in at Ponca or even Steel Creek (where we were camping on Sunday night in order to get an early start Monday morning). Worse, where we had to put in (23.8 miles downstream) was far below the most scenic AND hikable stretch of the river. So we made a quick change in our plans in order to salvage some hiking - we'd spend an extra night at Steel Creek ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Destin August 29th 2014

Well, we made it home by 10pm AND we got some great Cajun food along the way. Prejean's in Lafayette is awesome. I'll let our pictures speak for themselves. Hope you enjoyed the pictures.... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Destin August 22nd 2014

Well, as you have no doubt figured out by now (if not, the title above should tip you off), I did not "write moe tomorrow" nor the next day either. We have gotten some photos on various individual phones, and I really intend to post those when we get back. Today we parasailed, and we all loved it. We also ate at McGuires Irish pub. Delicious food, homemade root beer and a fun atmosphere. We have eaten at several interesting spots, not the least of which was Fudpucker's where David and Lizzie got to hold a baby alligator(and feed some bigger ones). Tomorrow we head home. If I can time it right I hope to get some great cajun food at a place called Prejean's in Lafayette. I doubt, however, that we can make it there ... read more
Hermie our "adopted" (ie., abducted) crab
Looking at our condos
Can't do this in Galveston

North America » United States » Florida » Destin August 18th 2014

Well, we made it. Only one picture today, but hopefully I will do better tomorrow.... read more

North America » United States » Georgia » Columbus September 15th 2012

Pictures from Max's graduation from Jump School at Ft. Benning.... read more

Europe » France » Alsace » Colmar July 23rd 2012

Well, we're back in France as promised. Left Switzerland just as the skies were beginiing to clear and arrived in the beautiful Alsace region of France Sunday afternoon. After a pleasant stroll and a great lunch we did our laundry while we waited for the owners of our pension to return from their vineyards. Monday we went to a great museum with some Martin Schongauer works and the world famous Isheim alterpeice. We also rode bikes around town and Lizzie did some clothes shopping. The whole town is just so quaint and picturesque, and our pension is just like the rest of the town - not a square corner, a straight street or a non-sagging roof anywhere!... read more
courtyard below our balcony
That's me working on the blog!
another view right from our balcony

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Murren July 22nd 2012

Well, the weather didn't ever clear for us, but the good thng about that is Lizzie got to play in the snow!! We put on our warmest clothes (Elizabeth was even equiped with a pair of my wool socks in her jacket pockets to use as mittens) and headed u p to the Jungfraujock. At 11,333 ft. it's Europes highest train station. Quite impressive even without the views.... read more
Yeah!  Snow
Thanks Dad
Father-Daughter at the Top of Europe

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