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July 15th 2012
Published: July 15th 2012
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Can't you read the sign?Can't you read the sign?Can't you read the sign?

Well, sir, you see how the red line crosses through the little white box on top of the camera? I thought that meant "no "flash." The Pope police weren't buying it either. The little white box in the corner of the camera is the flash, Dumkopf!
Reutte has probably been one of the prettiest places we have been far. As we drove into Austria we were constantly driving past beautiful fields and meadows, farmlands with cows and horses, and many forest covered mountains. Our cute little hotel was right at the bottom of a long trail that led up a mountain to the Ehrenburg castle ruins. Our first day we hiked up halfway to the Medieval Museum and had a blast learning about the Crusades and other fun facts about the Middle Ages. We also got to try on armor, chain male and helmets! The best part though was probably playing with the cross bows in the gift shop ( which we later learned, was not allowed).
Other than that, our time in Reutte was very laid back and relaxed. It was nice to just spend a peacful few days out in the quiet countryside, rather than waking up to the sound of noisy city folk in Paris. And, the scenes were breathtaking. The pictures we took are great, but seeing it all in person was spectacular.

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and this is the church in itand this is the church in it
and this is the church in it

Weiskirche literally means the church in the meadow, but this place should have been called "the little church that could"
More meadowMore meadow
More meadow

You couldn't really see from the photos, but the centerpeice of this church was (is) a carved statue of a scourged Christ. But when the statue was first made, the local preist felt it was much too graphic and wouldn't allow it in the church.
Can I pet it?Can I pet it?
Can I pet it?

So the scourged Christ was relegated to a nearby barn until the day it actually wept, and then all of a sudden it was too important to be housed in a lowly parish church. So the beautiful little church we see today was built to house it.
Ponies, and goats, and cows... oh myPonies, and goats, and cows... oh my
Ponies, and goats, and cows... oh my

Yes Virginia, they do were bells.
Take my picture in the middle of the steam.Take my picture in the middle of the steam.
Take my picture in the middle of the steam.

But I thought you were cold. I'm going to stand on these rocks. You mean those big slippery ones?

"See" (zay) means lake. This is typical of many Zays in Bavaria and Triol. That's about 20-25 feet down and 50-75 feet out to the waters edge.
Ehrenberg CastleEhrenberg Castle
Ehrenberg Castle

Out of sequence, but a great parting shot of Reutte. Our stay there was fantastic at the Gasthof - Pension Waldrast. Super nice family runs place, and our Gastgeberin (hostess) was a very dignified and beautiful Austrian lady. And when my Deutsch broke down (which was usually early and often) we could rely on her helpfull granddaughter, who spoke perfect English, to help us out. I want to go back soon!

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