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Europe » Albania » West » Berat May 31st 2018

Albania. Day 13. Rest day or 47 km ride to Polican. A thunderstorm passed over last night without touching us and the sun is out again today. Whilst most are riding today I am taking it easy and helping John A to strip down my bike and put it on its box ready for departure. My front wheel is buckled but should straighten ok when I get it home, and maybe other minor damage. I have a bad limp on my left leg, a bruised left shoulder, bruising on my face and a badly bashed right forefinger in a splint, otherwise I am in good health. I may need assistance to drag it out of the airport in Manchester to my taxi, otherwise it should be easy to get home on Friday. The bike was soon ... read more
my next transport?
Berat old town
The old bridge in Berat

Europe » Albania » West » Berat May 29th 2018

Albania Day 12 Radhime to Berat 92km. 720 m Well the day set if well but ended badly, for me at least. After a good breakfast with the compulsory cheese and egg we headed north along the coast with gentle slopes and a view of the sea on our left. As we entered Vlorë we ignored another ’No Entry’ sign and went through the tunnel on the footpath which had vertical angle iron posts which would be deadly if we caught our bars on them. On our exit we followed a very pleasant cycle way along the boulevard into the town centre. We had a problem here at the central roundabout where our exit was completely blocked off due to roadworks. After some dodging around side streets and up and down steep kerbs and steps we ... read more
coffer break
Ship hotel?

Europe » Albania » West » Berat August 3rd 2016

You can't really call Tirana's 'bus station' a bus station. There is no terminal building, there are no ticket offices - it is merely a parking lot full of buses. It is pretty chaotic - but then again I've seen worse. Anyway, it was from here that I finally left Tirana for my next destination; Berat. Berat's appeal lies in its impressively intact Ottoman quarter and its hilltop castle; while I had seen the rural, majestic mountains of Northern Albania and the urban, modern metropolis of Tirana, Berat now presented a trip back to Albania's Ottoman past. The cobblestone Ottoman quarter - with perhaps the most slippery cobblestones I have ever encountered - chock-full of white houses, lends Berat its nickname as the "town of a thousand windows" and a walk around i... read more
Berat By Night
View Of Valley And River
The "Giro"

Europe » Albania » West » Berat June 5th 2016

Zondag 5/06/16 – Durrës Dagexcursie met plaatselijke gids naar Berat, ergens in het midden van Albanië, authentiek stadje met oude moskeeën en oude Orthodokse kerken. Stevig klimwerk naar een vestiging op een hoge rotsheuvel, eigenlijk een volledig ommuurde stad, met oorsprong in de 6e eeuw voor Christus. Vandaaruit een weids uitzicht op het omliggende hooggebergte en vanop de wallen een duizelingwekkend uitzicht op de benedenstad, ook genoemd “Stad der duizend ramen”. Onderweg bezoek aan Apollonia, belangrijke Griekse site, gesticht in de 6e eeuw BC. Prachtige resten van een Artemis-tempel, amfitheater en colonnades met marmeren beelden. 95% van de site ligt nog verborgen onder de grond. Er is hier dus nog wat werk aan de winkel. Zowat 100 foto's genomen vandaag. Gelukkig hoeven die nu niet meer ontwikkeld worden zoals in het pre-digitaal tijdperk.... read more
Apollonia - Griekse site
Apollonia - Griekse site
Apollonia - Griekse site

Europe » Albania » West » Berat March 5th 2016

I picked Berat for my next destination as a lot of people I met advised me not to miss this beautiful little town. Berat was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site as it is a rare example of a well-preserved Ottoman town. It is one of the country's most beautiful towns, and is known as the "town of a thousand windows". The distance between Tirana and Berat is around 100km. Furgon (minivan) can cover this distance in just over 2 hours and costs only 450 LEK (£2.58). The way was actually not that bad. Only few parts were bumpy. Luckily I fell asleep just few minutes after our departure from Tirana. Once in Berat, I had to take a local bus to get to town centre from where I thought it won't be difficult to ... read more
Plum jam
View from castle
View from castle

Europe » Albania » West » Berat July 11th 2014

Today I got a ride with the Norwegians to Berat. It was a really rainy day to begin with, and we left quite late, which always annoys me. But after talking to someone else later on, I found out how lucky I was to get a ride, as there is no bus station in Tirana and it can be really hard to find buses out. Albania has the worst roads ever, so the driving was quite slow. We got to Berat much later than I expected, but luckily the rain ended and days are really long in the summer, so I was still able to walk around a lot and go to the old town/castle and LOVED it. Every moment was picture perfect. Plus, I loved my hotel. I could have stayed forever. Of course, the ... read more
Castle town
Castle town
Castle town

Europe » Albania » West » Berat August 18th 2012

Resumo:Procurando o meu lugar na Albania; Bebes muito fofos!!; Estou bem. Cheguei bem na Albania. Pais que eu gostaria de ter visitado 8 anos atras, mas na epoca nao tinha muito $ e tempo. Incrivel como o pais eh pequeno e tem tanta beleza. Alem do mais, eh super barato viajar aqui. Recomendo!! Durante 2-3 dias fiquei procurando ONGs/orfanatos para trabalhar em Tirana. Como agora eh ferias aqui na Europa eh dificil encontrar as pessoas nos escritorios e mesmo as criancas maiores estao de ferias no litoral. Assim, achei um orfanato de bebezinhos e criancas de 0-6anos. Passei 2 manhas com elas. Lindas!!! Se elas estivessem no Brasil todas seriam adotadas facilmente. No entanto, como nao sei muito o que fazer com babies, achei melhor tentar procurar um lugar que tenha criancas maiores e que realmente ... read more
Having fun

Europe » Albania » West » Berat July 3rd 2012

Geo: 40.71, 19.96Albanian travel is SLOW ... I cannot emphasize this enough! The guidebooks warn of it, as do all the travel forums, but they don't really prepare you for the snail's pace of transport in this country. Knowing this, I left Ohrid early - instead of catching the 8:30 bus, I splurged and opted for a taxi, despite it being several times more expensive than the slow, meandering bus. Being the terrible negotiator, I ended up paying 15 Euro for the ride to Sveti Naum, despite being told by another taxi driver yesterday that the rate was 13 Euro - while this used to matter to me in the past, I've realized that a Euro here and there is insignificant. For North Americans it's chump change, but for a local it does mean something - ... read more
No Man's Land Between Macedonia and Albania
View of Kala, From the Gorica Quarter ...
The Ever-Helpful Bledi, Helping with Engine Repair

Europe » Albania » West » Berat August 9th 2011

Berat is thought to be one of the oldest towns in Albania and is overlooked by the Kala (or castle to you and me). I spent most of the day exploring Berat and started off with the castle, which was mostly built in the 13th Century, but with origins going back to the 4th Century BC. A very beautiful place with great views of the surrounding area, as I was walking up the hill to get to it I heard the crump of artillery shells in the background, which is always an intersting backdrop to any walk:-) There must be a firing range in the area unless there was another Balkan war taking place:-) Most of the castle inside the walls is in ruins, although there is a nice church which is worth a visit. The ... read more
The Harem
traditional houses

Europe » Albania » West » Berat July 26th 2010

Na ten dzien, nie wiem, jaki konkretnie dzien tygodnia, bo na tym etapie wakacji to juz przestalo sie liczyc, mielismy zaplanowane zwiedzanie Beratu, winnice i odwiezienie H. do Gjirokaster na autobus, zeby mogla wrocic do Aten. Zaczelismy od sniadania w hostelu, gdzie pierwszy raz jadlam burka, ktory jest tradycyjnym balkanskim snakiem i jedza go wszyscy o kazdej porze dnia i nocy, a tu jest hymn pochwalny na jego czesc: Nad Beratem kroluje zamek Kala z XIV wieku, do ktorego prowadzi strome marmurowe podejscie: w upale 30 kilku stopni o 10.00 rano trzeba przemykac waskim cieniem; schodzac trzeba uwazac, zeby na sliskim nie pogubic zebow. Ubrane na czarno babcie cudem, albo rozklekotanym mercedesem, przenosza sie z gornego miasta na dol. A na gorze zycie toczy sie wlasnym rytmem. Piekarnia sprzedaje jeden rodzaj c... read more
Berat2.Muzeum ikon.

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