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Europe » Albania » West » Berat July 25th 2010

Obudził nas szum morza. Wokol ani zywej duszy. Ale za to byly smieci. Postanowilismy wiec czym predzej sie ewakuowac i szukac sniadania gdzies przy glownej drodze. Po kilku kilometrach natrafilismy na babcie, ktora obslugiwala zarowno stacje benzynowa, jak i restauracje. Okazalo sie, ze babcia mowi po albansku i po grecku. I nigdy nie spodziewalam sie, ze moja znajomosc 10 slow po grecku polaczona ze znajomoscia 10 (w wiekszosci tych samych) slow przez H. da nam szanse zjedzenia sniadania. A byla i kawa, i chleb, i maslo, i miod! W okolicach babci musielismy skrecic gdzies w gory, zeby na polnoc nie przebijac sie nad morzem. Mielismy tylko ogolna mape, wiec musielismy - korzystajac z rozmowek na koncu przewodnika - pytac. Zaczynalismy od "Mierdita" - dzien dobry. Potem "Rruga na ...." czyli "Droga na...", a na koniec "Falemenderit" ... read more
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Europe » Albania » West » Berat August 23rd 2009

From Tirana we headed off to Berat, apparently Albania's prettiest town as it was preserved during the communist era as a museum town. We arrived in the afternoon and after a trek across town and up cobbled streets to the Hostel, we arrived at the most beautiful hostel - The Berat Backpacker's Hostel - owned by a nice English guy called Scott. The highlight of the hostel was the pretty garden complete with grape vines, fig, pomegranite, lemon trees and aubergine and tomato plants. We went into the main town and walked up another cobbled hill to the citadel, where we climbed the walls for the stunning views, and then walked around the pretty Mediterranean style village, visiting the little orthodox ornate church. From 7 to 9 pm the people of Berat walk up and down ... read more

Europe » Albania » West » Berat October 25th 2008

At the bus station in Prishtina i asked the ticket seller which platform my bus leaves he told me 19 but when i showed my ticket the driver said no, it will be the next bus, i tried to get on the bus 20 past 5 my bus leaves at 6pm, turns out all departures on 19 leaves for Tirana, every half hour, a few stopping in macedonia en route and different companies which added to my confusionm when it left was relieved to see my bus pull in. We left on time, the conductor collecting our passports to make a passenger list. An hour into the trip we pulled over and a car pulled next to us, i think he was telling something to the driver about our bus, turns out the cooling thing is ... read more

Europe » Albania » West » Berat August 15th 2005

For every reason to steer clear of Tirana, there exist two to go to Berat. An undiscovered jewel three hours south of the capital, Berat welcomes you with both the same Albanian hospitality as before, but in more majestic and sanitary surroundings. Mysteriously, much more trash seems to find its way into bins and dumpsters that appear out of nowhere. While indeed ditches and the riverbank are defiled with non-biodegradable garbage, it is only a fraction of scenes further north. This permits the eyes to concentrate on Berat’s real attraction: the white-faced village communities perched on both mountainsides of the valley and the imposing walled castle with town located within. The two hundred or so dwellings that make up the castle village are home to about 1,200 residents, who enjoy life in a quaint, sheltered, and ... read more
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