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Last Day Our plane didn't leave until 3:35 pm so we decided we had time to hit the beach one last time. Our quest to see the turtles was at an all time high so we were going to give it another shot. I went in first. Slowly made my way around the reef and headed towards where there were a bunch of people congregating. I have learned people congregate when they see things and tell each other so it's good idea to keep one eye and ear up every once in a while to see what's happening. Now, as I made my way round I tend to look down at things and every so often look out into the vast blue. I hate to do it for fear of what I might see coming towards ... read more
Baby Conch!
Perfect shell
Mr B at the Somewhere Cafe

Preparing for another fit We decided to spend half the day on a reef snorkeling/conch trip. They pick you up in front of the hotel on a boat then get everyone fitted for fins at their main outlet and take off into the gorgeous waters. We geared Mr B up telling him we were getting on a boat and what fun it would be and he seemed to be on board. Until we actually had to get on board. As I braced myself for another meltdown it started up as NO BOAT, WATER! This boy and his water. It was not nearly as bad as the plane debacle but it was unpleasant for a few minutes. After picking up others we headed out to the coral reef. It is sooooo pretty on the water, it really ... read more
Open water
Nurse shark is lurking in there

Lazy Sunday Much like our Sundays at home, we didn't do much and just hung out at the beach enjoying the pretty waters. A and I both tried in desperation to see a turtle in the coral gardens before we had to leave the following day. The coral gardens is actually known as Bight Reef in Princess Alexandra State Park. Neither of us was successful snorkeling that morning. But Mr B was having the time of his life. He still was giving out "hamburgers" but now I was also getting "apple cheese." I don't know what apple cheese is but it sounded good to him I guess. He is also going to turn into a french fry, which seems to be his diet of late. Today he did ask to go eat, which is a first ... read more
The fish I do not like
The pretty blue ones
Me and Mr B

Early Start Mr B was up and ready to go "water, please" at 7 am. We convinced him to wait a little while longer although I think we hit the beach before 9. Started cloudy but still quite warm. The hotel does have very nice umbrellas and seats to sit around and so we got the ones closest to the water. I think Mr B took 50 million trips back and forth picking up sand then dumping it in the water then doing it all over again. He seems to enjoy it. Uh-Oh A decided to go snorkeling first on the reef. He gets all his stuff ready and is all excited to try his new prescription mask. Now as he heads in I think to myself, surely he knows that those buoys are set up ... read more
Getting braver and braver in the water
For sale, anyone?
Trying to get away

NO PLANE, OFF (aka fit #1) We started our trip way too early at 4:30 AM only to have Mr B decide he was less than thrilled to get on a plane. What seemed to be going well suddenly went south as soon as we walked through the plane door. It was bad. We were "those" people. And it lasted a good 25 minutes of screaming "no plane, off" and trying to weasel his way out into the aisle. Fun times. Strangely when the plane revved to take off he was quiet and calmed down. Thank god. Then he fell asleep for the rest of the flight. Flight 2 went much better screaming wise but by then he was awake and didn't want to sit still. The previous flight attendants were pretty lax on the seatbelt, ... read more
Mr B hits the water
Somewhere Cafe
I don't wanna go back in

Turks and Caicos “Getting to Know You” We did a lot of walking after the dives. We found the market and made our dinners from the salad bar. We wandered through a few souvenir shops and I took photos of some of the pirates that lurked at one of the small malls, reminding us of the lurid past of these islands. We learned that the people who honked at us when passing us on the road were actually hiring their vehicles, so Michael did raise his hand and get us a ride, once or twice, at really reasonable rates. Of course we agreed upon the price before leaving for our destination. We spent a lot of time deciding where we wanted to go next. We really wanted to go to Grand Turk and tour the capital ... read more
Sun on the tan lines
Michael on the beach.
Riviera type beach that goes on forever.

TURKS AND CAICOS Meeting Michael There are no inter-island flights in the Caribbean. In order to fly from one island to another you must fly back to the US. I had a layover in Miami and arrived in Provodenciales, Turks and Caicos at 9:30 p.m. I took a taxi, a van with six other people, to my hotel six miles away. It cost $43…I was astounded! The taxes on our hotel were as much as the fee for the room. Thank goodness Michael and I would be sharing expenses. Because of the expense of the taxi I met Michael at our hotel, The Caribbean Paradise Inn at Grace Bay. I was delighted to see him again. Our room had a balcony that overlooked the pool, but what was best about the hotel was the friendly accommodating ... read more
Reef Shark
Small denizens of the deep.

Turks and Caicos is one of those spots that not many people have heard of. When I went, back in 2008, I told my friends about it, and they all looked at me like I had three heads. "Turks and What?!" I had to say it was a weird name and I didn't know much about it, but I was excited. After only about a four hour plane ride, we (my family) arrived and fell in love instantly. As soon as we walked onto our resort- Beaches Turks and Caicos- we were greeted by a woman with fresh pineapple juice for us. Wahooo! Every morning in the lobby there was a newsletter listing the weather expected for that day, and all of the events taking place and at what location. There were nightly shows, aimed at ... read more
Turks and Caicos
Turks and Caicos
Turks and Caicos

Wasabi dropped me and my gear off at the Turtle Cove reef by the marina at 22 ft and picked me up 90 minutes after. Just how it should be so I can get some bottom time. Beautiful turquoise blue water. There are flamingo tongues everywhere. I saw a white grouper with red spots very shy. I watch it open its mouth wide for the cleaners to come in and do their job but of course as soon as I got close everyone disappeared and missed the shot. The cleaner shrimp had a belly full of eggs I sort of got that shot. Not much more since its sailing season and surge is constant. I will update this post when I look at those photos.... read more
Fish portrait
Grouper just got mouth cleaned
Down shot lol

The boss wanted to spend a couple of weeks in provo. I got to walk Provo's stunning beach and do a dive or 2. Our boat dives are short because my buddies get cold pretty quick so I only don't really have time to take many shots. I saw my first hammer head in one of those dives. It came up from the deep blue checked the 4 of us out from like a ft or two away and then continued its journey. It was an amazing experience. Unfortunately I didn't have a camera that day. I remeber a dive site called "The Amphitheather. Very cool.... read more
Triple fin blenny
Blue stripped goby

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