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Published: June 7th 2015
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Mr B has decided to make faces all the time lately. This is one of them

Preparing for another fit

We decided to spend half the day on a reef snorkeling/conch trip. They pick you up in front of the hotel on a boat then get everyone fitted for fins at their main outlet and take off into the gorgeous waters. We geared Mr B up telling him we were getting on a boat and what fun it would be and he seemed to be on board. Until we actually had to get on board. As I braced myself for another meltdown it started up as NO BOAT, WATER! This boy and his water. It was not nearly as bad as the plane debacle but it was unpleasant for a few minutes. After picking up others we headed out to the coral reef. It is sooooo pretty on the water, it really is gorgeous. There were 33 of us on board and Captain Kwee joked about how there better be 33 coming back. Not funny Captain, we saw that movie. He was quite the riot with conch one-liners. I had to laugh at most of them. You know stuff like "We are off to conch-or the reef." Bad, but amusing how many he got in the whole trip. Even A was trying to come up with a new one and this guy had them all.

Diving for Conch

The 2 other guys on board, Licky, yes, "lick-ee" and Fritz when diving for our conch lunch. They go down about 30 ft and find them and pull them up. Each group got to keep one after they took the poor guy out from inside. So our suitcase will reek of something I'm sure. Ew. I also just read my conch maybe confiscated upon departure. Why would they give them to you if they take away at airport? Hmmm looks like about Czech Republic absinthe scene. Now the question is will I be willing to eat said conch salad?

The Reef

After the conch diving we headed around to the barrier coral reef. I got to go out while A stayed with Mr B. It was great. Clear water and lots of fish and coral. Got to see a lobster and a few people who were able to dive down saw a nurse shark in a little covered part. I cannot figure out how to dive with the snorkel on my head without sucking in water and thinking I'm drowning so I just stayed up on top and looked down hoping it would come out. Fritz said they just usually lay on the bottom and don't move. Fine with me. Mr B had managed to get A to take him in the water so I went back over to try and give A some time out there. Mr B did not want to go back into the boat as per usual even though he was doing none of the work out on the water. The boat also had a slide to go down and A and myself went down. That was something. Poor Mr B kept saying "B on slide" but we didn't give in to that demand.

Lunch is Ready

We headed to Little Water Cay to see how to clean our conch off (and got a not so fun lesson on how they pull that guy out of there for lunch) and have lunch. The beach and water there were pristine. I can't say how clear and blue the water is. Ah-maze-ing. So we had some time on the cay to clean our conch and take some pictures and then back on the boat for lunch. Now here is where you guess if I tried this raw conch salad. There were sandwiches and doritos for lunch also. The salad was actually seemed more of a pico de gallo to me. It had bell pepper, onion, lime and orange juice I think he said, and the conch. I was good and tried it. And it was pretty good. I think all the other flavors hit you and the conch is just something you hit every once in a while that is a bit chewy. I don't think I could eat a whole lot of it that's for sure. I think Mr B had about 3 packets of doritos and his face and one hand were full of cheese dust. Then we headed to Big Water Cay (or maybe it was vise versa) where there are iguanas roaming the island. They like doritos.

The Usual

We headed home after the iguana island and I thought for sure Mr B was about to fall asleep before we got back to the hotel but he hung on and got a second wind as we pulled up. But I knew it wouldn't last for long and he was soon out taking a nap. Our post nap routine has been the same the last 3 days, get up, go back to beach, drag Mr B out of water 2 hours later, shower and then go eat and the Somewhere cafe. And so concluded day 3.

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7th June 2015

Looks like fun! The potential xmas pic is nice!!

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