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Published: June 10th 2015
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Barracuda! Barracuda! Barracuda!

You can see him about 1/3 way down on right hand side.
Last Day

Our plane didn't leave until 3:35 pm so we decided we had time to hit the beach one last time. Our quest to see the turtles was at an all time high so we were going to give it another shot. I went in first. Slowly made my way around the reef and headed towards where there were a bunch of people congregating. I have learned people congregate when they see things and tell each other so it's good idea to keep one eye and ear up every once in a while to see what's happening. Now, as I made my way round I tend to look down at things and every so often look out into the vast blue. I hate to do it for fear of what I might see coming towards me but you got to look ahead if you don't want to run into people. Well this time I looked out and my heart just about started beating out of my chest. What did I see but a HUGE barracuda ahead swimming slowly with those creepy eyes and not so pleasant mouth. Those things scare me, and even more scary was the fact that I had a shiny piece of gold on my swim suit that day. And supposedly those things love to see shiny things in the water because they think its tiny shiny fish. First of all after the sheer panic subsided and I started to try and swim backwards (which is not easy but I tried) I pulled out the camera and aimed its way for a shot. Then I took a video. Just in case I was eaten, there would be footage. A likes to point out my fingers are all in front of the lens. Hey, you try and take a video when you are freaked out! Needless to say I didn't stay around there that long even though I think I was closer to the turtle spotting area than if I kept going. Of course on my way around the reef I realize that that thing could very easily be anywhere in the blink of an eye. And by the way I swam to shore still covering my shiny gold with one hand.

Turtle Turtle

A went out a little later and swam way out where I said I had seen the barracuda. He was gone a while and I thought maybe, hopefully he had found the turtle. While he was gone I was was walking to the beach chair and noticed a perfectly shaped, beautiful tiny shell. It was a tiny conch. I took a look inside and there was a little guy in there still! I put him in a bucket to take out by the reef before we left. Good thing I looked inside. A came back successful and had found said green turtle everyone was talking about. They are so cool to see. I would have rather seen him than Mr Barracuda that's for sure. A only took video of turtle turtle so no pictures. Boo.

Don't Panic

So about that time we needed to start moving to go eat and shower and pack up. We were standing there next to the beach chairs when the hotel people start running and yelling "Shark, don't panic" Um, those words don't belong together. If I hear "shark," "panic" is sure to follow. And it did, and I wasn't even in the water. You could see this huge shadow right there in front of you about 15 ft swimming along with that tail moving back and forth. They said it was probably a nurse shark and they don't usually attack. Usually being the key word... There was a couple next to us that were about to go snorkeling before this happened, in fact we had given the baby conch to him to go drop out in reef (which I saw him do earlier) well, after that she refused to get in. Can't say I blame her. If we had seen that first day I might be the same way.


After that excitement we ate yet again at the Somewhere cafe and then proceeded to have to use the expander zipper on the suitcase to cram all our stuff in. Not like we got anything new but I think just throwing things in instead of folding always makes for less room. Oh and the conch. Which they did ask about on our way out at the airport. I guess you can take one but that is it. Detaining immigration notice for conch averted. Everyone had a wonderful time and I am sure Mr B will be sad there is no more beach when we go home. I will too.

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On the plane again

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