Two Fits and a Fish Fry

Published: June 5th 2015
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NO PLANE, OFF (aka fit #1)

We started our trip way too early at 4:30 AM only to have Mr B decide he was less than thrilled to get on a plane. What seemed to be going well suddenly went south as soon as we walked through the plane door. It was bad. We were "those" people. And it lasted a good 25 minutes of screaming "no plane, off" and trying to weasel his way out into the aisle. Fun times. Strangely when the plane revved to take off he was quiet and calmed down. Thank god. Then he fell asleep for the rest of the flight. Flight 2 went much better screaming wise but by then he was awake and didn't want to sit still. The previous flight attendants were pretty lax on the seatbelt, probably due to the screaming, but this one was very determined to get him sitting and belted in. He did ok until we sat for 30 minutes on the tarmac... At least he wasn't screaming.

WATER, PLEASE (aka fit #2)

It was a hot one upon landing but not enough for the Mexican sweat to set in. I'm sure it will show up though. It was a little overcast. Water is beautiful. We ate a burger at the "Somewhere" cafe in our hotel. Then A decided to make a trip to the IGA grocery while we hit the beach. More on the grocery store later. Mr B is definitely a beach person and his fit when I tried to get him out of the water proves it. I tried to get him to sit and play in the sand but once he got into the water he didn't want to be anywhere else. I have never heard "pleeeease" so many times out of him every time I would get him out of the water. He loves it. The coral reef is right in front of the hotel so hoping to do some snorkeling tomorrow.

Sticker Shock

A returned from the IGA in disbelief of the prices. Usually I don't quite agree with him but this time the $19 frozen Red Baron pizza even gave me a shock. It is quite expensive to say the least here. Pretty but pricey.

Fish Fry

Thursdays are fish fry night so we walked down the beach to go check it out. It was quite the little set up but the band was very loud. Ben was dancing when we got there then as A went to go grab us some food and I was walking around to find some presents he fell asleep on me! So we got the food and left. File complaints for no gifts with Mr B.

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Ribs, Mac n Cheese, Fried fish, fries, and corn (and Mr B's milk)

5th June 2015

Is it crowded? Doesn't look like too many people on the beach. Did you eat any fishes?
5th June 2015

no people, or fish
A had some sort of fish at the fish fry he said was good, Ben also ate some of that. ihad the ribs. Not really that many people yesterday. More today (fri)

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