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November in Calgary can be drab and dreary; cold and snowy waiting for the ski hills to open, so we headed south to Saint Lucia. We have a small suite in a private residential area of Gros Islet at the very north end of the island, Lime Tree Cottage. We have a small private garden with our own coconut tree. Yesterday a lineman from the power company came to trim the branches and cut two coconuts for us to try. He cut the tops off with his machete and we drank the coconut water straight from the shell. Doesn’t come any fresher! Even the local birds, that resemble colourful pigeons like to drink coconut water straight from the shell. We walked to the remnants of the fort at the top of Pigeon Island where Rodney, the ... read more
Local birds
Causeway to Pigeon Island
Rodney Bay

It's my last day! Yesterday was my last full day here, so we spent the day at Windjammers, and then the evening at the Gros Islet street party. Windjammers was really good. It's a shame I didnt have any goggles, because there were loads of fish this time, and some big, colourful ones too. The water is really clear and calm, so I could see them pretty well even without goggles. Then they started to circle me like sharks and it freaked me out a little so I had to swim away and get out of the sea. I've tanned as much as I can, so we'll have to wait and see how dark I am compared to everyone at home. I went to the Gros Islet street party with Olivia, her boyfriend, her mum and ... read more

It's my last full week here, time has definitely flown by. Just trying to catch up with a few touristy things before I go next week. On Tuesday, it's 2-4-1 drinks at a bar in Rodney Bay, so we all went there - me, the girls, the boys and some new medical students from Cambridge and Leeds. We had a great time and had quite a few daquiris. We even made it onto the bar's instagram page, because the waitress took a photo of us. Today, we went on a boat cruise. Some of Errol's family were having a family reunion, and as part of it, a lot of them went on this boat cruise. They were really nice and said Errol and I could come along as well. So we sailed down to Soufriere, went ... read more

So today we went to Pigeon Island. It was really hot and sunny, and probably the best day weather wise we've had since we've been here. It's not really an island anymore, because they've built a causeway to it. It's not very big, it just has two peaks, and some beaches at the bottom. It was used in the 18th Century by the British, who built a fort there to spy on French ships. It was also used in WWII by the US as a base. There are still ruins of the fort, some old canons and a few plaques with some information about the island. It's quite interesting, but they haven't played up to the history as much as something similar in the UK would, like an English heritage site. There were only about 5 ... read more

Woke up feeling a little stiff and sore this morning. I can walk fine, but stairs are very difficult, both up and down. And sitting down and getting back up are also very difficult, especially getting up from a sun lounger. I also have quite a few mosquito bites. I used a lot of repellent, but I think I just kept sweating it off, and the trail was very humid with loads of mosquitoes about. So they're bothering me a bit today. I'm quite sore, and I think it will be even worse tomorrow, so not looking forward to that. Luckily tomorrow is carnival! So it's a bank holiday and I don't have to go into the hospital, so I can rest my muscles whilst watching the carnival parade. We decided to rest ourselves today at ... read more
IMG-20180715-WA0017 (2)

I got invited to do some more touristy things with the other students today. So after hospital we went to watch the cricket. It was Windies vs Sri Lanka test cricket. This was day 2, and it was already 4 hours in before we came. The stadium was pretty quiet because all of the locals will still at work, so apparently the weekend is a lot busier and a better atmosphere. It was quite good fun to watch, but after about 15 minutes of cricket, it started to pour it down with rain, so they had to cover the field with tarps and stop the game. The rain only lasted 5 minutes, but they then spent almost an hour drying the field, rolling over the whole field with like a mini steam roller. So after about ... read more

Trekking the World one country at a time... AFRICA (5 countries): Egypt - 2004 South Africa - 2007 Namibia - 2007 Botswana - 2007 Zambia - 2007 ASIA (6 countries): Philippines - birth country 1971, 1995/1996, 2006, 2011 HongKong - 1995/1996 Macau, China - 1996 Indonesia - 2011 Japan - 2013 Malaysia - 2013, 2014 ANTARCTICA: Yet to visit AUSTRALIA: Perth - 2008/2009, 2010 Sydney - 2008 Alice Springs - 2009 Uluru - 2009 Cairns - 2009 The Great Barrier Reef - 2009 Melbourne - 2009 CARIBBEAN (10 countries): Aruba - 1997 Bahamas - 1997 Barbados - 2016 St. Kitts and Nevis - 2016 St. Maarten - 2016 St. Martin - 2016 St. Thomas - 1997, 2016 Grenada - 1997 Guadeloupe - 1997 Martinique - 2017 EUROPE (10 countries) England - 1998, 1999 France - 1999 ... read more
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As you will see from the photographs, here at our Reduit Beach condo, we are surrounded by flowers and fauna in a uniquely quiet and lush tropical environment. All the photographs depicted are from our property. We are blessed to be steps away from Saint Lucia's best beach and yet easy walking distance to the shopping and night life of vibrant Rodney Bay Village. Personally, we are exceptionally blessed to be able to enjoy vacationing in this paradise and still be part of the social life of this country through the warmth, hospitality and sincere appreciation expressed to Jeanette and me in so many varied ways. Whether it is lunch, dinner, sitting at the Turquoise Bar of Landings St. Lucia or strolling Reduit Beach while the gentle bubbles of surf caress our naked toes, it is ... read more
Retired Quavers Combo members.
Lunch at the condo.
Gee with friends at the Turquois Bar.

Hé oui enfin, nous sommes de retour sur notre belle corneille. Elle nous a attendus durant dix-huit mois, au gros soleil et à la poussière du chantier. Nos désirs de travaux n’ont pu être réalisés qu’à moitié; en effet, nous voulions faire refaire la peinture de la coque au complet, œuvres vives et côtés, mais la CARRA en a décidé autrement. Nous n’avons pu que faire refaire les œuvres vives. Absaroque doit donc garder son vieux « plumage ». Ce contrat a été très bien effectué par Kelly Bernard au « Rodney Bay Boatyard ». Le travail a été très dur, je dois avouer que je suis bien contente de ne pas avoir eu à le faire. Donc, nous sommes descendus à Ste-Lucie le 1er novembre, moi pour une semaine et JP pour la saison; mon ... read more
Et voilà le travail...
La coque avec sa nouvelle peinture anti-salissure

26thMarch – Rodney Bay Marina, St Lucia Happy Birthday Phil and Happy Wedding Anniversary Bren and Eliza!! I made chocolate brownies in celebration. Had to motor most of the way as the wind was right on the nose, and how lovely to enter the marina. It’s a very large, well protected marina....and Boomerang is here. Went out for Thai dinner at a restaurant that is part of the marina complex. Had a lovely evening then the boys, Debby and I left John and Phil still celebrating. The next day Phil was very ‘tired’ and ‘dehydrated’. Hmmmm 27th: Boomerang boys stayed over the night. Took them out for pizza and icecream for dinner and then relaxed back on board with a movie. A very pleasant night. 28th: Late breakfast waiting for boys to wake up then took ... read more
pizza for dinner
...and ice cream
time for movie

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