I may have left Saint Lucia but it has never left me!

Published: November 26th 2016
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The Saint Lucia avocado - special taste.The Saint Lucia avocado - special taste.The Saint Lucia avocado - special taste.

I had not realized that I missed the taste of this local variety as much as I did.
As you will see from the photographs, here at our Reduit Beach condo, we are surrounded by flowers and fauna in a uniquely quiet and lush tropical environment. All the photographs depicted are from our property. We are blessed to be steps away from Saint Lucia's best beach and yet easy walking distance to the shopping and night life of vibrant Rodney Bay Village.

Personally, we are exceptionally blessed to be able to enjoy vacationing in this paradise and still be part of the social life of this country through the warmth, hospitality and sincere appreciation expressed to Jeanette and me in so many varied ways. Whether it is lunch, dinner, sitting at the Turquoise Bar of Landings St. Lucia or strolling Reduit Beach while the gentle bubbles of surf caress our naked toes, it is impossible to describe the feeling and emotion of being with friends and just, simply, being here.

There is still much to do and enjoy but there are only twenty-four hours in a day, meaning that this is the last submission for this visit.

I end with the conclusion that, having returned to live in Canada with my beloved family, I may have
Retired Quavers Combo members.Retired Quavers Combo members.Retired Quavers Combo members.

Connie (timablates), Graham (lead guitar), Eddie (rhythm guitar), Vin (manager), Gregory (tumbas and bass guitar) and me (drums) second from left. Incredible musicians. Not in picture - Sambo Cookie (tumbas), Vancouver, Bobby (bass guitar), New York and Billy (keyboards, leader), Oakville, Ontario. The band's fame in the islands still lingers.
left Saint Lucia but Saint Lucia has never left me!

Additional photos below
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Lunch at the condo.Lunch at the condo.
Lunch at the condo.

Good friends Ronnie, Leslie and HO.
Gee with friends at the Turquois Bar.Gee with friends at the Turquois Bar.
Gee with friends at the Turquois Bar.

Great company with the alluring backdrop of Pigeon Island National Park.
The bread-nut fruitThe bread-nut fruit
The bread-nut fruit

On our property, this fruit tree bears profusely.
Cooked bread-nutCooked bread-nut
Cooked bread-nut

These nuts are boiled and once they crack open, salt is added for taste.
The unique bread-nut, known locally as "chatine"The unique bread-nut, known locally as "chatine"
The unique bread-nut, known locally as "chatine"

On the left, unpeeled. It has a taste close but not exactly like chestnut.
Breadfruit (almost mature)Breadfruit (almost mature)
Breadfruit (almost mature)

Our gardener has his eyes on one which we should eat in a few days.
Xora - my favourite flowerXora - my favourite flower
Xora - my favourite flower

This flower comes in a variety of gorgeous colours.
The Royal PalmThe Royal Palm
The Royal Palm

As boys we eat the ripe fruit which we called "gree gree".
Bread-fruit blossom.Bread-fruit blossom.
Bread-fruit blossom.

After the actual bread-fruit matures and the blossom falls to the ground, it can be harvested and made into a most tasty dessert.

26th November 2016

Love the flowers, and reading your blog's, hugs to you and Jeanette, travel well, God bless
26th November 2016
Lunch at the condo.

U can take the Boy out of the Island but U can't take the Island out of the Boy
Thanks Jeanette & Rog for posting me around the world. Memorable lunch
27th November 2016

St Lucia's beauty
Contrarily to many other beautiful places, St Lucia is beautiful even when it rains!
28th November 2016

Hi Roger and Jeanette, So happy for you that you had such a wonderful trip, I wish we could return easily ourselves. Love and blessings to you both. Beverly and James

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