Last day!

Published: August 4th 2018
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Last day at the beach and in the sea!
It's my last day!

Yesterday was my last full day here, so we spent the day at Windjammers, and then the evening at the Gros Islet street party. Windjammers was really good. It's a shame I didnt have any goggles, because there were loads of fish this time, and some big, colourful ones too. The water is really clear and calm, so I could see them pretty well even without goggles. Then they started to circle me like sharks and it freaked me out a little so I had to swim away and get out of the sea. I've tanned as much as I can, so we'll have to wait and see how dark I am compared to everyone at home.

I went to the Gros Islet street party with Olivia, her boyfriend, her mum and her aunty. They've all come out because Liv is spending an extra two weeks out here with them. It was really fun. We had the fish again, but they gave us all so much. We had 3 between the five of us and still didn't finish it all. Had my last rum punch, then we danced for a bit in the crowds before heading home.

I'm all packed now. I've cleaned up my room. Just waiting to go now! It's meant to be hot and sunny when I land, so hopefully it won't be too much of a shock to the system. Only 3 and a half hours til I leave!

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At the fish grill

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