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28. Dezember. 2016 Booze Cruise Day Nach einem leckeren Frühstück im leo's clan ging es zu unserem Party Boot. Bis zum späten Nachmittag fuhren wir in der Bucht von Potosi in einem Boot wo wir unlimitiert gratis Caipirinhas bekamen. Drei Stops zum schwimmen, Lunch Stop und eine einzigartige Landschaft erwarteten uns. Nach diesem Bootstrip ging es noch zum Strand ein bisschen chillen bevor wir uns leicht angeheitert in die Stadt zum Abendessen begaben. 29. Dezember. 2016 Chilltag Ausschlafen war angesagt! Am Tagesprogramm stand den Strand genießen und bummeln gehen. Ein sehr relaxter Tag. Bevor wir unsere letzte Fahrt in Tortuga (der Name unseres Dragoman Trucks) antraten. 30. Dezember.2016 Letzter Tag in Tortuga Um halb 9 hieß es zum letzten mal "Bag locker". Wir verstauten unser Gepäck und los ging die lange Fahrt nach Rio de ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí » Cerro Punta November 18th 2015

We took a two and a half hour bus trip to the beach town of Puerto Armuelles. The road actually travels into Costa Rica for several miles. No passenger checks, there is a guard house and some barrels making the road appear like somewhat of a gate. I just saw the border personnel look into various cars and wave people through. It was rainng lightly most of the day but we didn't plan on swimming, not too keen on battlping under tows and rip tides. We passed more industrial areas but some farms and very modest homes along the way. There is quite a bit of road construction so the area must be booming. There are buses every 15 minutes and ours was standing room and packed at times. The town made an effort to put ... read more
Hand made fishing traps
Vendors lining the street
Abandoned pier where ships used to stop

Hello my lovely blog-watchers! Time for another update! Let's see, last I left off I was headed to Culebra a second time... I went with Erick, his wife, his son, and two nephews again. Let me tell you, having kids there makes finding frogs just about a bajillion times easier. They easily caught over half of the 29 frogs that I collected on that trip! I had a good time and almost enjoyed the hike there and back. I managed to keep a faster pace than last time! I kept telling myself to "channel my inner Dr. Lindquist" because for some reason that man has ridiculous endurance. Anyway, I of course have to have a bug story. I can't go anywhere without some sort of story related to a creepy-crawly, can I? So, the first night, ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí » Cerro Punta February 16th 2013

I know you've all been waiting on the edge of your seat for a new update, so here goes. (Also, I'm sorry there are no pictures, but I will add them to the blog later and republish it. You'll have to wait a week, though, because I'm headed to Culbra again tomorrow morning.) I left off a few days before I set out for Culebra, to Erick Olmos' cattle rancho in the middle of Parque Internacional La Amistad. Alejandro and I left Finca Dracula at 5am to get a taxi to Boquete where we grabbed some breakfast, bought some supplies, and hit the trail by 8am. Nine and a half hours, with mud and water in my too-big, too-short boots, we made it to the rancho. As we crested the hill and saw it for the ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí » Cerro Punta January 18th 2013

Hola everybody! Sorry it's been so long! I guess I'll start where I left off... Christmas eve: I celebrated Christmas Eve at Los Quetzales where I met an awesome couple named Emily and John (59 and 62 years old respectively) who bought my supper for me. While we were eating, we invited another guy over to our table who was a biology professor, and was going to be starting a tropical ecology class the next weekend (and also had a sweet British accent). We laughed and had a great time, and by the end of the night Emily and John had pretty much adopted me and insisted that I bring my family to meet them when they came to Cerro Punta. Christmas Day-Jan 29th: I was at the beach with my family!!! We traveled around some ... read more
Amigos nuevos
Hot Springs
Al y Al

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí » Cerro Punta December 17th 2012

The Christmas party on Friday was fun, but I wish I spoke more Spanish. It's hard to sit there while everyone laughs and wait until someone can explain the joke to me in English. Fortunately, everyone thought my gift was amusing. Not the gift itself, which was candles and lotion, but my "secret friend's" name was Maria, so I took a packet of a popular local cookie, Maria Cookies, and taped it to the top. Then I took a sharpie and wrote Para (to or for) in front of the name. I'm glad I can make people laugh even without speaking their language. I got a pair of earrings and a lipgloss palette from my secret friend. While presents are always fun, the highlight of this day for me was learning to make patacones!!! They are ... read more
Frying Plantains
Smashing Patacones
ALL the food

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí » Cerro Punta December 15th 2012

Sorry that I haven't written for a while. It became monotonous just telling you everything I did every single day. Plus, if I space them out, you'll appreciate them more, right? Anyway, I'll pick and choose interesting days to tell you about. Two days ago I went to the city of David to do some Christmas shopping for "secret friend" for the Finca Dracula Christmas party. Of course, I would draw the name of the 60-something year old who lives behind me who I've only talked to once. What the heck am I supposed to get an older (notice, grandparents, that I said "older", not "old") Panamanian woman?! It would be hard enough to shop to for one of the girls my age! We got a ride to David, which was nice because I was expecting ... read more
"Sexy" Lingerie

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí » Cerro Punta December 5th 2012

Ayer pasé mi tiempo con la otra gringa. Fuimos a un lugar se llama "Barill", o unas cosa así esta. Es un sitio de arqueológico, y tuvimos un tour. Después el tour, comemos a Los Quetzales Adriana, el otra gringa, pagó para la comida de todas. (Yesterday, I spent my time with the other gringa. We went to a place called Barill, or something like that. It is an archaeological site and we had a tour. After the tour, we ate at Los Quetzales. Adriana, the other gringa, paid for everyone's food.) There were four of us, but she is friends with all of the people who work there, so she got special pricing. I also ran into Carolos the other day (the guy who owns the place) and he told me I could have the ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí » Cerro Punta December 3rd 2012

Yesterday I studied a lot of Spanish and did a lot of laundry. I was pretty much out of clothes. I wore my last shirt and only wore one sock. I know I brought an even number of socks with me, so apparently I lost one somewhere along the way. See, I have this dilemma: do I do laundry more often and deal with what a big pain in the butt it is, while always having clothes to wear, or wait until the last possible second and frantically try to dry my clothes in front of the fire so that I can wear them the next day? I choose option two, apparently. I took my laundry over to Adolfo and Maria's house and ran it through the washing machine. While I waited for it to finish, ... read more
How I dry my socks
Felice Navidad...

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí » Cerro Punta December 2nd 2012

Sorry for not updating as often as I should, but at least I have a reason- I keep forgetting until I get back to my house where I don't have internet. What? Were you expecting a good reason? Anyway, let's start with November 28th, the day after the SIM card fiasco. The day was normal, but the night, starting around 7pm, was awesome. We were supposed to leave for a "national parade" at 7, which of course meant that we left at 9. Fortunately, I decided to go look for frogs during those two free hours, and I found two Picado's Bromeliad Tree frogs! Now, I don't know if you all know this, but catching a frog out of a bromeliad is pretty difficult. They hang out in the pools of water in between the fronds ... read more
Otra Foto de la Rana
Moldy Binos

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