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the little blue beast is hidding in the big city

motorbike for sale
13 years ago, December 15th 2009 No: 1 Msg: #96338  
Hello fellow travelers i have a Little quest for yea. Hidden within the borders of panama city is a famous little blue motor bike that just carried the horned one all the way from mexico to panama over the last 3 months. She´s a fighter having taken a few knocks, but with a little T.L.C. she would be perfect in no time. If you do find her and fancy trying your luck with this lady. Don’t hesitate to email me on:
the joy of ridding this sexy street bike will soon be yours for the taking.

(the gear peddle needs attaching to the gear shaft and the front shell needs to be replaced : Done 6654Km : paperwork and keys will be sent on receipt of payment - $700 or nearest offer via western union)

Good hunting adventurers :o )
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