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Vi akte med Pamela, Mette och Bard till Bocas del Toro, dels for att Mette och Pam skulle fa fornyat sitt visum och dels for att jag garna ville se och uppleva ett annat land an bara Costa Rica… Bocas del Toro ligger précis vid gransen till Costa Rica och ar darmed ganska enkelt att resa till…Stallet bestar av flere oar och vi bodde pa huvud on, Isla Colon. Vi hade lite otur med vadret, regn och ganska vi fick nog nagon sol dag oxa. I Panama var de karneval just den helgen som vi var dar sa de var spannande och uppleva det trots att hela arrangemanget var ganska halvveis som man sager i Norge... dvs alt var halv planerat och lite komiskt. Vi akte pa en snorkel tur en av dagarna och de ... read more
Malin snorklar
Pamela, Malin och Mette

(Editor's note--that means me-- I am transcribing these notes several weeks later on a day when a family emergency had given me one entirely sleepless night and several nights of troubled sleep. My mindset is about what it was on this morning on Bocas when I got out of bed.) Prickly. That is the word that came to mind when I staggered into the shower from that hard pallet of torture. If the bed wasn't bad enough, then the malfunctioning A/C was. At midnight I turned that pounding,clanging monster off, climbed up on a chair, wrestled with a window that hadn't been cracked open for who knows how long, draped the curtains over the window and took a breath of fresh air. Dang. Woke up every dog in the neighborhood. Boys, I know just how you ... read more
Lunch room
Little Red Frog
Surfing without a board

Today we drive from Boquete in the mountains to the Archipelago de Bocas del Toro in the Caribbean. By 8 AM the Toyota is headed back south from Boquete so we can pick up a shortcut over to the road that reaches to the Caribbean side of Panama. There are only two roads that go completely across this country and Boquete is not on one of them. We pass the road to the hot springs. It is slow going. At one high spot Luigi pointed out the Pacific ocean behind us and predicted that would be the next place to be developed. The Pacific side gets a lot less rain than the Caribbean and that is what folks want in a "getaway" second home. Big power lines cross the highway at several places. An ambulance passed ... read more
Gateway to Bocas del Toro
Nadette awaits

I have not written in a few days because we packed up from the main island, Isla Colon, and then took a boat over to the roadless island of Bastimientos, which is so much better than what we have been dealing with. I have a room that sits over the ocean in a thatched roof hut, you can open up the wooden barndoor-like windows and gaze out across the bay to a variety of small, sparcely inhabited islands. The weather has been great, and most days we take a ridiculous jungle trek across the island to one of the beaches- usually about an hour's walk through knee-deep(not kidding) mud and water, with the trail disappearing and re appearing at random. There is an amazing beach with great body surfing that we usually go to, Wizard's beach, ... read more

I woke up this morning to constant, heavy rain. Clouds as far as the eye can see...not too happy about that. I decided to make the most of the weather and head on down to Bocas del Toro, Panama-why waste a rainy day just sitting around when I can sit on a bus and a plane and be going somewhere? I met up with 4 other people who are going with me, we are getting a bus to the border, and we found an 11 dollar plane ticket from there to the islands. My hope is that I will be at a bar with a beer in my hand in time to see the second half of the Panthers game. I figure I will stay in the islands for roughly a week before heading back up ... read more

If you ever needed something to spark you from normality this has to be it....This picture is the view from out the corridor of our room and two steps out onto the balcony....all for $20 per night between 4 of us. Gold. A few beers out here on the balcony and it makes you wonder why people enjoy going on planned trips and organised tours...silly stuff. Anyway... So we are in this place called Isla Colon which is in part of an area of Panama called Bocas del Toro which means mouth of the bull. Its a chilled out town with 3 streets full of carribean flavour...and smell. You can see the bottom of the ocean with ease and the resturant owners catch their own lobster for the nights trade. More on that later.... Lately has ... read more
Two Rough Heads
Panama City
Foggy Times

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