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On était fatigués de voyager tout le temps. On avait planifié de passer deux semaines à Palapa Hostal, un projet d'éco-hostel d'un français vivant à El Transito, sur la côte Pacifique, entre Léon et Managua. Donc, on s'est dirigés de la région au nord d'Esteli vers la côte en s'arrêtant en premier à las Peñitas, à 30 minutes de Léon en bus local. Quand j'ai visité la ville de Léon il y a 5 ans, j'ai eu un bon sentiment. J'ai remarqué une diversité, une belle architecture locale. J'ai eu la même impression quand je suis arrivée à Montréal en 2005. En 2022, je crois que c'est toujours la ville que je préfère au Nicaragua, malgré sa chaleur. Et même si ce pays a véçu deux crises de suite, il me semble que l'esprit de Léon ... read more
Volcan Telika
En haut du volcan pour le coucher de soleil

We woke up and met with Cherry for breakfast, then headed to the bank to exchange some money, and have a wander around town. We checked out the sights of Leon, then came back to gather up our stuff, say goodbye to Cherry, and continue on our journey. We had decided we'd do a couple stops on the way to the beach house- at Masaya to see the volcano and market, and at San Juan del Oriente to see pottery. From google maps, it looked like we had about a 5 hour drive, so we thought we could do a few stops, and still make it to our destination before dark. Masaya was great. There was a museum with some interesting information, including a little video clip of someone crossing over the volcano on tightrope just ... read more

This was my last stop in Nicaragua, before heading back to Managua. Because of COVID-19 pandemic, I cut 3 days from the vacation. ..... Leon is a colonial city and ancient rival to Granada. The city is far less touristy than Granada, but still have many accommodations and things to do around. Old downtown center is compact and easy to navigate. We stayed in hotel Flor de Sarta, about 4 blocks North of central park. This si close enough to get to center in 10 minutes, but quiet enough to sleep well. The staff is super friendly ans breakfast is very good and varied. A small pool and patio allows to relax in the afternoon. ... In Leon, the highlight is of course the big white cathedral, which is white in and out. The building is ... read more
 hotel flor de sarta
hotel flor de sarta

In the summer of 2017 I spent 3 months in Nicaragua working for Quetzaltrekkers as a backpack guide. I would recommend this to anyone looking to make a difference in the local community, meet other cool travelers, and experience the beautiful nature of the region.... read more
Volcán del Hoyo
Cerro Negro
Chicken Bus

Dienstag, den 12. April, sind Rebecka und ich früh aufgestanden, um das erste Boot um 7h zurück zum Festland, nach La Ceiba, zu nehmen. Wir waren etwas traurig, Utila zu verlassen, denn wir hatten eine tolle Zeit dort, aber nun ja, es war Zeit weiterzuziehen. In La Ceiba wartete ein Agent von unserem Bus Unternehmen auf uns und hat uns und 3 andere Leute in Taxis gesteckt die uns zu einem Einkaufszentrum brachten. Dort sollten wir bis 9h45 auf ein Boot aus Ruotán warten sollten. Wir fragten in der Zeit den Busfahrer ob es eine Ausreisegebühr für Honduras gibt und er meinte, die gäbe es nicht, allerdings gäbe es für Nicaragua eine Einreisegebühr von 14$US die man nur in US Dollar zahlen kann! °_° Daher haben Rebecka und ich die Wartezeit genutzt um zu einer Bank ... read more

On Thursday, April 12th, Rebecka and I got up early to take the first ferry at 7AM back to La Ceiba. We were a bit sad to leave Utila since we had had a wonderful time there, but well, now it was time to move on. In La Ceiba, a tour agent was waiting for us and got us and 3 other people into taxis who brought us to a shopping mall. There we had to wait for the boat from Ruotán to arrive and we were told we would only leave at 9h45. We asked the bus driver if there is an exit fee for Honduras and he told us that there is no exit fee for Honduras but an entrance fee of 14$US to enter Nicaragua and that we will have to pay in ... read more

Ich liege in meiner Hängematte, mit meiner Lola, zurück in meinem Zuhause in Managua (jetzt hab ich dreimal überlegen müssen ob ich „mein...“ schreib oder nicht). Ich bin müde, aber im positiven Sinne ausgepowert. Der AcroYoga Workshop am Wochenende war gut, nicht zu anstrengend, genau richtig um wieder zu Kräften zu kommen und weiter aufzubauen. León soll eine tolle Stadt sein - ich hab leider nicht viel davon gesehen weil wir in unserem Strandort am Arbeiten waren und ohne Umwege auch wieder zurück nach Managua gefahren sind. Aber das ist okay, ich komme ja bald wieder. Wie schon vermutet war das dieses mal wirklich eine ganz andere Gruppe: Weniger erfahren und sportlich - daher hat der Kurs noch mehr die emotionale und psychische Ebene gefordert. Wer von wenig (bis gar keinem) Sport zu drei Tagen Akrobatik ... read more
Mein neuer Freund - am Strand beim Sonnenaufgang
Sonnenuntergang in León
Abendstimmung am Strand

I haven't blogged for a while because I have been so busy here in Nicaragua, and Fabian has been with me so I have had company as well. We started out in the capital, Managua. We were in separate hostels and the 6 minute walk from my hostel to his was such a nightmare. Even though it was the middle of the day I felt so vulnerable and unsafe. I went the wrong way in my nervousness so many times eventually I just got a taxi. We were only staying one night in Managua as a stopover anyway, there's nothing to see there and it's not only dangerous but also ugly. My hostel was stunning though and was once a safehouse for Fidel Castro during the Cuban revolution. We got a shuttle the next day with ... read more
Beautiful León
León Cathedral
Not sure how I felt about this

blablablubNicaragua in one word: HOT – but let’s start the beginning: I crossed the border with Karlheinz and his overlander. How much harder could it be, to bring a vehicle across the border? I should receive the answer very soon. 1st Karlheinz could not find a document from the prior crossing „NO, you cannot leave the country without this document“… then he found it at the bottom of his back in a… hmm… rough shape. 2nd„THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!! IT IS WET“ Well, it was wet but all necessary information was still available. Could the Honduran bureaucracy and nitpicking be worse than the German? I thought this is impossible. I dried the document (there was more than enough sun) and discussed a little and – 3h later they FINALLY let us pass. Nevertheless, I would not ... read more
On top of Cerro Negro
Montecristo with the Jewel
Learning how to ride a bike.

The local means of transportation in Central America, both famous and feared among travelers, is the chicken bus. The chicken bus is basically an old American school bus, bought from or donated by the US, sometimes recent but mostly in the previous millennium. The benches are made for small childrens' bums and fit easily three kids in the US. Although there is not always (well to be honest almost never) a schedule, and if there is a schedule nobody really seems to care, in Nicaragua there are quite frequent busses leaving to really every corner of the country. We have been using the chicken busses to go anywhere at almost no costs. They go to some of the smallest places, even when there is not even a real road. How easy it is to get off ... read more

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