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it is so weird to be leaving. for the last two days, i shopped for my fam and walked up and down the road through our community saying goodbye to people. my heart is so tired. and so am i. i didn't even sleep on tuesday night. i just stayed outside all night. went on the new trampoline for a little bit until the rain forced me to the front porch...i was just stuck in think mode. it is so sad that i wont be seeing faces and hearing their voices, especially all their jokes and laughter . on monday, there was a fun-day for all the mennonite churches on the island. i was one of the three adults that went with our group. we had a 15-seater van. 23 kids, ages 5-15... SIX HOURS ONE ... read more

neyo is standing on my lap as i write's a copy of a myspace bulletin i posted a couple minutes ago... mat​the​w has​ the​ flu​, tha​t's​ wha​t's​ bee​n wro​ng!​ EVE​RYO​NE'​S bee​n pas​sin​g it aro​und​ for​ abo​ut a mon​th on thi​s who​le isl​and​ it see​ms.​..a​hhh​hh a hou​se ful​l of 40+​ kid​s pas​sin​g aro​und​ the​ bug​...​yuc​k. i am HOP​ING​ my imm​une​ sys​tem​ can​ be str​ong​ eno​ugh​ for​ onc​e bec​aus​e las​t tim​e i got​ flu​ fro​m a bab​y her​e, it too​k me thr​ee mon​ths​ to be bac​k to nor​mal​ aga​in ney​o is cra​wli​ng,​ has​ cut​ his​ fir​st TWO​ tee​th!​! ,​ and​ he'​s say​ing​ "da​da dad​a" and​ cra​wli​ng ... read more

just to update everyone, matthew is getting better. looking a lot better, talking a lot, still really aware and making great eye contact...relying on his own hands to stare at a lot less imagine about a month in a hospital crib and the only attention from anyone other than ants was when a nurse from the children's home or i could make it there...or a two minute bottle feed or five minute bath from the staff there and more solid doodoos and still spitting up a lot but i think it's closer to the normal amount now...umm he's just a really happy baby. earlier tonight michelle and i were talking about what it was like when he was dying, because he REALLY was dying and it really is amazing that he's even alive right now. michelle ... read more

So, the Robin's Nest board decided at their recent meeting that it is now going to be mandatory for long term volunteers, like myself, to go through training before they come. This means I'm not going to be in Jamaica at the Nest from May-September after all! I'm really sad that I don't have another five months with the kids, staff and our community and the students in our small church youth group. I think God is allowing my heart to be protected though. I am going to try to visit this summer, and hopefully go to camp with the church kids! I only have two weeks left of life here... at least for now... After I found out about this new change, I applied on just to see about going to Europe for a ... read more

I know that's a really weird blog title, but my bathroom is infested with mosquitos, and I have become the queen of killing them and I was just so surprised when I saw mating mosquitos on the wall. Anyways. Matthew is home...did I write that in my last blog?...and he is doing much better. I know...I still haven't written much about him on here.n If I didn't explain it much before, I'll just tell you now that he began to die in the hospital awaiting test results proving his need for bowel obstruction surgery and then after surgery and all of that, he was home for 9 days and I took care of him 95% of the time, which was great and tiring but mostly great but also heart-wrenching and then had to go back to ... read more

Well. I should post something about the Matthew situation...I will probably just copy and paste emails I've already written about him. I'm making falafel and hummus right now, but decided to post a lil entry while the batter was soaking. Today is a wonderfully mellow Saturday. Thank you to anyone who has donated. Sometimes, I don't know who is donating, how much, or when, so this is a general thank you to anyone who has helped with money. Please pray for everyone's health, for looming adoptions, for hospitalized Matthew...for our special needs kids I was burnt out in January. February was healing, learning to discipline myself to take better care of myself...and then I was blessed by getting to take care of Matthew all the time. It just hurts so bad when he suffers...bowel obstruction surgery ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Jamaica » Montego Bay February 22nd 2008

Hey all, Jamaican lifestyle is very relaxing! sitting in the sun all day sipping on cocktails, the tempreture of the water here is hotter than the pool! Couple of days ago went to the Duns river falls, got to climb up the 800feet of waterfalls was awsome, also becuase it was free, we got a dvd made of our trip up the falls, so i will be sending that home for all to see, might even try put it up on youtube. We arrived at our other resort yesterday, awsome place, no little shit head kids here like at the other resort! more people our age which is good. We went to Margaritavile last night, the most popular club/bar in Jamaica, it has a waterslide in it that goes into the ocen below! preety cool! Today ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Jamaica » Montego Bay February 19th 2008

Hey, we got into jamaica last nite, flights where delayed two hours so didnt get in till around 10pm, as soon as we got off the plane, the guy that was taking our bags asked us if we wanted to buy drungs, and in the past 12 hours every local we have seen hastels you to buy some! and doesnt belive us when we say no! the bad news was, our hotel had mantainance in our room so we couldnt stay there, the good news was they transfered us to a new hotel, twice as expensive, and twice the size with its own nightclub! dont have to pay any more, plus paying for us to do a water fall tour, and taxis into the night clubs when we want! so worked out good in the end! ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Jamaica » Montego Bay February 15th 2008

well. maybe you can't even tell when i'm rushed...and i feel like that's how i start all my emails, blog entries, and such... right now, in another browser window, i'm finally adding pictures to myspace. i'm very excited for that! haha i decided since i haven't updated very well on here, and please excuse if i word things weird...i think it's from listening to people speak patwa and talking with two year old a lot??...that i'll copy some things i jotted in my our daily bread devotional booklet margins to kind of catch up. so here it goes... January 1 day off. played solitaire with kemar. conversations with friends. river was too cold to swim so i slept in a patch of dirt in the sun. from my quiet time: "until i die, not to act ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Jamaica » Montego Bay February 7th 2008

some people are saying they can't even get on here to see my stuff? i filled the gallery with 50 pictures. go see them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm exhausted i will start taking at least one day off a week i love it here we have lots of kids and babies adoptions are going through slowly but surely i've been at the hospital a lot lately with matthew. time at internet cafe is about to run out. keep in touch. will reply to those who have written, soon don't forget to send support for me, ask how if you don't know my bank accnt is running out and i need money there for airfare and groceries/life while im' here and sent to the nest to pay for may-sept... read more

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