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Arrived in Mo Bay at the airport. Straight into a local route taxi, 8 seats, 15 Jamaicans and I. Cosy but friendly... the taxi ended up in central Montego bay which I'd initially been warned off away drop as I'm a solo white gyal! I can see why I've been warned off. No other tourists in this area and the locals are much more aggressive than if you were further out of town, I don't know wether this is because they're fighting for business or because they're not used to seeing a westerner walking around there so freely. Not much to do or see so headed straight up the hills to the Hostel. Beautiful place with some of the biggest houses I've ever seen. The rest of the stay at Mo bay was pretty mundane, not ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Jamaica » Montego Bay February 18th 2014

Jamaica, Falsmouth, close to Montego Bay Feb 18th, 2014 Back on the ship, hot out there.We went from free wifi at the jewellers( with free Stingray drinks) to Taste of Jamaica, where we ordered drinks:Terry a Red Stripe and I, a Coconut Rhum, 6$total. Royal Carribian has purchased this port and rents out shops to locals: RC makes more $ from the pax. This is a cruise shopping port, no close beach. We walked inside the port, then through town. Came home to eat lunch, very hot.Tonight, show at 8.30, Headliner Showtime? Greatest pupeter. Shows are superior to any weve seen beforeTomorrow, sea day.thursday, Cozumel.Hope all is well, Terry talked to granny this morning, so he can relax a bit. Terry misses Holland America. I miss it too; food seems healthier here, entertainement is spectacular.Ttys... read more

Jamaica, Jamaica, Jamaica..du gföhrlich bezaubernd schöni Insle! Im Flughafe in Montego Bay acho, hät mi mini ebeso-umereise-Kollegin, dLaura mitme riise Knuddel am Flughafe begrüesst! Läckk hät das guet ta wiedermal öpper zgseh und zknuddle, wohni scho sit langem känn! Scho ufm Wäg zum Hostel und di negste paar Stunde hämer nur scho mal demit verbracht, ois gägesiitig Gschichte, Begägnige, lustigi Erläbnis und co. zverzelle womer uf oisne bisherige Reis scho erläbt händ. DLaura und ich händ ois bi sonre Tour agmolde, wos innert 10 Täg eimal rund umd Insle gad. Da mir aber no chli Zit gha händ bis zum Startschuss, simmer a eim Tag uf eigni Fust mal Mobay (wies dLüüt da nänned) Downtown go discovere. Will weder dLaura no ich ois NULL uf Jamaica vorbereitet händ (ich mein mi händ ois für e Tour ... read more
Drumming lesson with Rastafaris
Say Hi to Maika

Wow, winter has come and gone and now it is almost Easter. My, how time flies! We spent the winter months in the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic, and Jamaica. Christmas in George Town in the Bahamas was a first for us. I believe someone reported there were 150 boats in Elizabeth Harbour during the holidays. We spent Christmas and New Years there meeting up with old friends and making new friends before heading south. Winds in the Bahamas can be quite blustery in the winter months so I can't say that I enjoyed the trip south very much. We breezed through the Turks and Caicos only spending one night there before setting out for the Dominican Republic (the DR). We had bypassed the DR on our trip north to the Bahamas in 2009 so we decided ... read more
Rio Damajagua waterfalls
Dominican Republic

Our B&B was perfectly positioned to take full advantage of the incredible views of Montego Bay and the cruise ships that slide by, but alas, no picture perfect sunsets presented. We were lucky enough to get a room upgrade as we were the only tennants during our stay and we were well looked after. The accommodation was the best of our trip and the fruit platter entree to breakfast was outstanding. Re my earlier comment about mangoes, I've found the best mangoes in the Caribbean; probably the world; they hang from a tree in the backyard of the B&B at 13 Cornish Road Montego Bay. Attraction: Proximity to Hip street and it's restaurants and bars and Dr. Caves beach. Doctor Caves beach is only a couple of hundred metres long but has a deeper and more ... read more
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Doctor caves beach
Doctor Caves beach

Central America Caribbean » Jamaica » Montego Bay December 31st 2010

Central America Caribbean » Jamaica » Montego Bay December 30th 2010

Once again we set off through the countryside of Jamaica, this time venture to Negril. We passed thru towns full of people, shack like stands and pretty little homes. After shopping we went to the famous Rick's Cafe to watch the cliff divers and ended the evening with a Jamaican dinner. The next day we left the Whitehouse resort to travel to Montego Bay for the remainder of our time here. After visiting the hip strip, and meeting at Margaritiaville for the daring slide we went for a swim with unusual friends--- dolphins! We learned about the dolphins and tested their strength as they swam around us jumped and flapped their tails. Of course we got a kiss and petted their bellied before they waved good bye to us with their tails. Our trip is drawing ... read more
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Today was quite possibly the most fun day I've ever had. I've had a lot of fun days, seen a lot of cool things, and done a lot of cool thins, but today...well if it doesn't top them it ties them for first. The day started at 9 am when we were picked up by a small van. He took us through Montego Bay to two other resorts to pick up other people. Among them were two newly weds (as of yesterday!) John and Samantha. They had gotten married at their resort and were using it as a dual wedding/honeymoon. They were very nice people and close to our age (26~). We chatted with them for the hour ride up a mountain and through the jungle. Once we got to the “base camp” we headed to ... read more
Geared up

Hi from Jamaica! Its Thursday, July 22nd, 2010. Its about 10:42 PM and I'm sitting on my balcony at the Holiday Inn SunSpree All-inclusive resort in Montego Bay Jamaica. Its amazing here! We arrived after a short 3.5 hour flight on the 21st, and we took a quick 10 minute cab ride (with a nice/funny driver) to our resort. Once checked in, we dug into the food and drinks and we really haven't stopped since. Kenji and I are eating like 4-6 times a day! Mostly snacking all day with one or two decent sized meals in between. I'm going to be fat when I come back!! There are a lot of things included in the package, but some that are not. You can use snorkels for free but cannot go out to a reef (on ... read more

Well, After a very long, and very tedious day, we have discovered that travel to Lima is impossible for the next 3 days. As Kenji's dad works for Continental, we are flying very cheap, and therefore we are on standby. Today the flight was extremly overbooked, due to weather conditions from yesterday, and as a result we missed the flight today. The problem is, the next 3 days are also really overbooked for the Lima flights. After sitting down for 3 hours today and exhausting all possabilities (Panama, New York, Los Angels, Bolivia, Columbia, etc) and then connecting flights, we realized there is no way to get us to Peru on standby in the next 4 days. Even if we paid full price for a ticket (1800$) there is a high chance we wouldn't make it ... read more

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