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So, who really need another excuse to drink during this pandemic and shelter in place period? Essence magazine says: As if we needed another reason to celebrate summer with a cocktail in hand, July 11th is World Rum Day — a global celebration of rum and all of its distilleries. What better way to ring in the occasion then taste testing rums from across the globe when we can’t be there to taste them in person? Truth be known, rum was the first alcoholic beverage I tried when I got to college. My buddies on the 8th floor at Ehrman Hall at U.C. Berkeley were already "hard core" drinkers from high school. So, they suggested starting easy with rum and Coke. Bacardi rum was my first alcoholic drink. No telling what happened later ... read more
Very tasty Malibu Rum
The good stuff
The Captain

The shuttle from our B&B in Montego Bay met us at the airport (where our bus from Kingston had let us off), deposited us at our hotel, and promptly disappeared. Once we were ensconced we wanted to go exploring, and we needed food and water. Learning that the beach/town shuttle only ran twice each day, and that we had missed the last run, we wondered how we were to get into town, given that everyone said it was too far to walk. The lovely woman at the front desk spoke with another employee who was finishing her work for the day, and asked her if she would show us where to catch a taxi into town. Andrea was willing, and the three of us walked down the hill and waited until the right taxi came by. ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Jamaica » Montego Bay January 22nd 2018

"The World is a book, and those who don't travel travel only read one page" St Augustine. I rarely quote and this quote is a regular on travelblog...and it always makes me smile! I'm wondering how big is my own book of life when it comes to travel! Smile! This is a weird blog to write...let's put it simply...150th country visited...full inclusive resort, Jamaica, and oh yes, state of emergency in Montego Bay. This is a fun or interesting mix at least! Let's go one by one....with the state of emergency over Montego Bay. It was declared while we were here. Too many murders related to gangs over the past months. The government has decided to go all in over those gangs...using not only the policy, but the army too. Therefore, from a legal point of ... read more
Our little crib for 3 nights....
Plane wreck...
It's party time....

Flying from Athens we had to overnight in South Beach Miami before taking our onward journey to Jamaica. Unfortunately due to a last minute cancellation of a British Airways flight from Athens to London we were transferred to an Athens - Newark - Miami flight increasing our travel time by 8 hours making it 2am in the morning before we finally reached South Beach. Although tired we were thankful for United Airlines getting us there after being stranded in Athens airport for a few hours. We thought two nights before our cruise to Cuba and one night post our cruise before flying to Houston would be a great way to see a little of Jamaica. Little did we know because of Hurricane Harvey we would end up with three extra nights in Jamaica. Arriving in Montego ... read more
Wake-up view Negril

After arriving at Miami....... We tried to hire a car, but our stolen bag had our drivers licences in it, and the temporary documents we had been sent for a driver licence wasn't enough to hire a car, so we got our personal assistant Jillian our wonderful daughter to post Glens driver licence to us in Miami. We were told 6 days in the post, so we thought we would travel to Jamaica until they arrived. After spending a couple of days looking around Miami we flew to Jamaica. Arriving at Montego Bay we were picked up from the airport by our host family Lenroy and Fiona who ran a small hotel. Lenroy is our age and Fiona is about twenty years younger who had a young baby six months old. We instantly got on with ... read more
Montego Bay, Jamaica

Hi Guys, just a quick blog on my Memorial Day Weekend trip to Jamaica. I was born and raised in Kingston (Yeah yeah I know, everyone is from Kingston LOL) and I moved to NYC in 2002. This trip was my 3rd trip back since I left but this one was exciting than the others since I was going with two friends whom have never been. We arrived in Montego bay late afternoon and I promptly asked our driver to take us to the jerk pit before we head to our resort The grand Palladium Resort and Spa( best jerk chicken and jerk pork ever!!). Most of our time was spent lounging at the pool with rum punches or frolicking by the beach. Of course we went to the infamous Dunns River and i highly recommend ... read more

Arrived in Mo Bay at the airport. Straight into a local route taxi, 8 seats, 15 Jamaicans and I. Cosy but friendly... the taxi ended up in central Montego bay which I'd initially been warned off away drop as I'm a solo white gyal! I can see why I've been warned off. No other tourists in this area and the locals are much more aggressive than if you were further out of town, I don't know wether this is because they're fighting for business or because they're not used to seeing a westerner walking around there so freely. Not much to do or see so headed straight up the hills to the Hostel. Beautiful place with some of the biggest houses I've ever seen. The rest of the stay at Mo bay was pretty mundane, not ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Jamaica » Montego Bay February 18th 2014

Jamaica, Falsmouth, close to Montego Bay Feb 18th, 2014 Back on the ship, hot out there.We went from free wifi at the jewellers( with free Stingray drinks) to Taste of Jamaica, where we ordered drinks:Terry a Red Stripe and I, a Coconut Rhum, 6$total. Royal Carribian has purchased this port and rents out shops to locals: RC makes more $ from the pax. This is a cruise shopping port, no close beach. We walked inside the port, then through town. Came home to eat lunch, very hot.Tonight, show at 8.30, Headliner Showtime? Greatest pupeter. Shows are superior to any weve seen beforeTomorrow, sea day.thursday, Cozumel.Hope all is well, Terry talked to granny this morning, so he can relax a bit. Terry misses Holland America. I miss it too; food seems healthier here, entertainement is spectacular.Ttys... read more

Jamaica, Jamaica, Jamaica..du gföhrlich bezaubernd schöni Insle! Im Flughafe in Montego Bay acho, hät mi mini ebeso-umereise-Kollegin, dLaura mitme riise Knuddel am Flughafe begrüesst! Läckk hät das guet ta wiedermal öpper zgseh und zknuddle, wohni scho sit langem känn! Scho ufm Wäg zum Hostel und di negste paar Stunde hämer nur scho mal demit verbracht, ois gägesiitig Gschichte, Begägnige, lustigi Erläbnis und co. zverzelle womer uf oisne bisherige Reis scho erläbt händ. DLaura und ich händ ois bi sonre Tour agmolde, wos innert 10 Täg eimal rund umd Insle gad. Da mir aber no chli Zit gha händ bis zum Startschuss, simmer a eim Tag uf eigni Fust mal Mobay (wies dLüüt da nänned) Downtown go discovere. Will weder dLaura no ich ois NULL uf Jamaica vorbereitet händ (ich mein mi händ ois für e Tour ... read more
Drumming lesson with Rastafaris
Say Hi to Maika

Wow, winter has come and gone and now it is almost Easter. My, how time flies! We spent the winter months in the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic, and Jamaica. Christmas in George Town in the Bahamas was a first for us. I believe someone reported there were 150 boats in Elizabeth Harbour during the holidays. We spent Christmas and New Years there meeting up with old friends and making new friends before heading south. Winds in the Bahamas can be quite blustery in the winter months so I can't say that I enjoyed the trip south very much. We breezed through the Turks and Caicos only spending one night there before setting out for the Dominican Republic (the DR). We had bypassed the DR on our trip north to the Bahamas in 2009 so we decided ... read more
Rio Damajagua waterfalls
Dominican Republic

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