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Central America Caribbean » Jamaica » Montego Bay November 3rd 2007

well then folks. i'm in jamaica. i'm getting back settled into the children's home. it just feels like such a whirlwind...all of the reuniting with the staff and kids i already know well, meeting the new ones...trying to soak it up and keep my head on my shoulders at the same time. some of it is impossible to put into words. like timar's face. how do i explain...? i can't update this thing right now. i can't really focus and blahhhhhhhhhhh there's a lot to say. here's what i've done so far: -stayed up until 5am talking with amanda, the other girl from america who is here for a three month stay. about life in general and life here at the children's home. -was given responsibility over the four oldest girls. ages 11-13. one is 12, ... read more

´Jamaica, Jamaica.... Jamaica, Jamaica...¨ Ths country on the other hand I can't wait to re visit!! I have only good things to say about Jamaica... The people are beautiful, the accent is the BOMB, the food is amazing (especially the Rastafari cuisine), the music (reggae pumps EVERYWHERE), the smells in the air (yes I am referring to the smell of incense), the beer (Red Stripe) I love it, the list goes on... We had an amazing night (Sunday) the last night of Sumfest (the world's BIGGEST reggae festival), saw some amazing local acts and fortunately Beenie Man graced the stage (we had missed him on the opening night due to our flight stuff ups) which was unreal! We arrived around midnight and danced till about 7am. It really was mind blowing! The best festival night I ... read more
Great sandles
Foolin' in the tourist shop...

July 18/19/20/21st brought Reggae Sumfest to Montego Bay. 2007 was the 15th anniversary and with Mary J Blige on the line up, it looked fairly decent. Montego Bay is only a 20 minute flight from Kingston so it's an easy weekend destination. The hotel had transfers from the airport so I was whisked away to the Half Moon in no time. Upon checking in, I worked the whole "it's my first time in Jamaica thing" and got an upgrade to a royal suite which was a mini-villa right at the beach! It had it's own pool and a piano, yay! Michelle was staying with me so when she arrived we had Chopsticks all evening and of course we had to ring everyone and play the piano down the phone. The hotel was beautiful, it's on 400 ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Jamaica » Montego Bay February 3rd 2007

Hello Hello!! Depois de seculos la vamos nos mais uma vez!! Vou escrever rapidinho sobre a Jamaica pq ainda tenho q gastar meus dedos com St Marteen e falando do navio ! Acreditem,naum existe nada interessante sovbre a Jamaica.Desci do navio,doida pra gastar meus primeiros dolares.. Parei no balcao de informacoes e perguntei onde q eu poderia ir pra comprar coisa basica,tipo supermercado e farmacia. As respostas da mulher: Tem um shopping aqui do lado,mas eu naum recomendaria a vc ir la sozinha Ok,entaum aonde eu posso ir comprar essas coisas? Vc pode ir no centro da cidade,mas tmb naum acho legal vc ir la sozinha... ta bem,aonde q eu posso ir sozinha? Nao consigo pensar em nenhum lugar pra te recomendar... Depois dessa fiquei no duty free do pier e voltei pro navio...nada de praia,nada ... read more
Montego Bay

Central America Caribbean » Jamaica » Montego Bay January 19th 2006

BLACK RIVER SAFARI ADVENTURE TOUR We started at about 9:00am from the "bus terminal" in downtown Kingston. It was just Nancy, Dr. Pedro, and I. And by "bus terminal", I should clarify that I mean a place where deformed, maltreated, and attention-starved shacks on wheels are parked so that men in drug-induced stupors can be paid by drivers to herd riders onto particular buses....sometimes despite their intended destination. Hence, we ended up on a bus bound to somewhere (Lord only knows where) other than our initial destination: Black River. Once on the bus, an argument erupted between one of the aforementioned men in a drug-induced stupor and a Rastafarian who was sitting on the bus next to Pedro. The man, who had previously been smoking ganja outside of the bus, climbed on and told the rasta ... read more
Ten Little Birdies Sitting In A Row...
Giant Mangrove Trees on Black River
Pete the Crocodile

Sorry for the dreadful pun incorporated into the title of this section, but a trip to the Caribbean in January 2006 replaced the regular annual January ski fixture, and was yet another encounter with the American tourist, which was to be the last, for absolutely no reason other than ongoing commitments and diminished practicalities. I arrived on the island of Jamaica in poor shape due to a newly-broken collar bone, which I was told would still require some rest, and that a beach holiday shouldn't aggravate it. We stayed about halfway down Montego Bay's 'Hip Strip', which contained a few overpriced eateries, and a terrific fast-food style jerk speciality place called the 'Pork Pit'. Downtown Montego Bay is best avoided at all costs any time after 6 pm at night, for safety reasons alone, but it ... read more
Dunn's River
Rum Factory
Rose Hall

Central America Caribbean » Jamaica » Montego Bay November 23rd 2005

We spent the day going all over the area with Kingsley, our driver. When he wasn't trying to get us to buy weed he was really cool! He knew a lot of really beautiful places to visit as well which was nice because we had no clue. ... read more

I PROMISE TO HAVE PICTURES UP SOON…JUST HAVE TO FIND A COMPUTER WITH DSL THAT ACCEPTS MY CAMERA”S USB DRIVE (I already tried downloading one…it would be helpful if I had a jump drive if anyone has an extra, wink wink ;))haha! Living in Jamaica is definitely the hard life. Right now, I’m preparing to go to Doctor’s Cave beach, the most famous in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Earlier this week I visited the beach and had a great time. I spent five hours soaking up the rays, and enjoying the crystal blue water. The water was about 15 feet deep and I could still easily see the bottom. About 75 yards out, there were huge blow up trampolines anchored to the sea floor. Not long after we arrived a local man and worker at the beach ... read more
Jelly Coconut
Alby Jr.

“One Love” Montego Bay, Jamaica 9th May - 16th May 2005 The number one rule of travel writing, according to one travel editor at TNT Magazine in London is never, EVER start your story at the airport or on the plane. The have obviously never experienced Air Jamaica’s in-flight aerobics program! The sight of a plane load of people waving their arms and legs in the air simultaneously is one that makes you excited to be landing in Jamaica - the German tourist board should definitely take note of this! Following my marriage to Victoria Kiss on Saturday 7th of May, 2005 we headed off to Jamaica for our much anticipated honeymoon. The insurmountable stress of planning a wedding was offset by the promise of a relaxing week of sun, sea and sand, with plenty of ... read more
Beach Front Property
Sandals Inn
Deckchair Dinner

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