'Wagwan MoBay' day one in Montego Bay

Published: April 2nd 2015
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Arrived in Mo Bay at the airport. Straight into a local route taxi, 8 seats, 15 Jamaicans and I. Cosy but friendly... the taxi ended up in central Montego bay which I'd initially been warned off away drop as I'm a solo white gyal! I can see why I've been warned off. No other tourists in this area and the locals are much more aggressive than if you were further out of town, I don't know wether this is because they're fighting for business or because they're not used to seeing a westerner walking around there so freely. Not much to do or see so headed straight up the hills to the Hostel. Beautiful place with some of the biggest houses I've ever seen. The rest of the stay at Mo bay was pretty mundane, not much to do or see. Work up early the next morning to go for a walk and wish I didn't. 6am and already a murder scene a stones through from the hostel, none of the locals are ever sure what really happens and I heard many different stories and explanations by people watching the crime scene but whatever it was it ended with one dead Jamaican, very sad. Although a rich area, lots of the lower class guys come to work on the big houses so walking through the streets at that time in the morning wasn't as innocent as first expected... "Waddum Goyan Whitey Gyal" being shouted from ever street corner was a wierd experience too. Mo bay isn't for me, on to another route taxi to Ocho Rios a few hours up the road...


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