Published: March 18th 2008
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just to update everyone, matthew is getting better. looking a lot better, talking a lot, still really aware and making great eye contact...relying on his own hands to stare at a lot less and more solid doodoos and still spitting up a lot but i think it's closer to the normal amount now...umm he's just a really happy baby.

earlier tonight michelle and i were talking about what it was like when he was dying, because he REALLY was dying and it really is amazing that he's even alive right now. michelle has seen babies die before and she said the only thing he wasn't doing yet in the death process was make that gurgling sound. he really was almost gone at one point
matthew is such a blessing and i know he is alive now because there is an amazing purpose for his life.
i'm "lucky" that i get to be a part of his life...this is so priceless and i know this is one big reason why i am living in jamaica at this specific children's home at this specific time. know what i mean?

i need to go to bed.
matthew is amazing and i love spending time with him. he is three months and eleven days old, or something like that.
everyone melts when he smiles, even the roughest person around...
rayrayray...nuff for tonight...thanks for reading.

we are really hoping that someone who will want to adopt ION will come forward, and even though we probably aren't keeping chantoie much longer, his social worker said she is hoping to get him adopted to the states. he has down syndrome and does have that really kind and loving side, but he is also pretty defiant and out of control. at times, he does display his strength but he's not usually violent...he has tantrums but doesn't just try to hurt someone out of nowhere...he overeats so much that he is really sick, plus he just isn't used to good, healthy food so his body doesn't really know what's going on! he really can be sweet though. when he's overcome with the disappointment of not getting to eat his 100th meal for the day or that he has to go to bed, he just wants a big hug.
once, he tried to fold my magazine and ruin it , and he gave me a hug and said sorry.

well anyways...
it's great here. there's a cloud lifted now that the container is finally here.
one little boy's adoptive parents just arrived from the states today, and they're in kingston right now. tomorrow they will go to the embassy in hopes of getting his visa and that's it, they'll be able to take him home! he's our noah, the one with spina bifida among other things and he will be able to receive much more efficient care but he is SUCH a great kid that everyone here is going to miss him a lot.

enough now. i feel like ants are crawling all over me. and i think my nighttime airborne is finally kicking in. and sitting here typing is making my neck hurt.

yay! matthew.


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