Published: March 8th 2008
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Well. I should post something about the Matthew situation...I will probably just copy and paste emails I've already written about him. I'm making falafel and hummus right now, but decided to post a lil entry while the batter was soaking.
Today is a wonderfully mellow Saturday.
Thank you to anyone who has donated. Sometimes, I don't know who is donating, how much, or when, so this is a general thank you to anyone who has helped with money.
Please pray for everyone's health, for looming adoptions, for hospitalized Matthew...for our special needs kids

I was burnt out in January. February was healing, learning to discipline myself to take better care of myself...and then I was blessed by getting to take care of Matthew all the time. It just hurts so bad when he suffers...bowel obstruction surgery after almost starving to death in the hospital...home for 9 days and then back to the emergency room for returning symptoms...this time it's a urine infection and he has to stay in for at least 10 days for injections of antibiotics. Pray he will gain weight and get fat to his brain...and for whoever adopts him, whenever that may be, to take amazing care of him whether he's delayed or not. He is a very strong, happy child. I believe he will turn out great...and that's including whether or not he has mental problems from anything, whether it's this sickness or from lack of nutrition in the womb...

Some new news...the whole story later...I get to go back to California in April!


10th March 2008

I'm glad that you get to join Neal and dad on the way home from their road trip.see you soon

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