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Published: March 27th 2008
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it is so weird to be leaving. for the last two days, i shopped for my fam and walked up and down the road through our community saying goodbye to people.
my heart is so tired. and so am i.
i didn't even sleep on tuesday night. i just stayed outside all night. went on the new trampoline for a little bit until the rain forced me to the front porch...i was just stuck in think mode.
it is so sad that i wont be seeing faces and hearing their voices, especially all their jokes and laughter .
on monday, there was a fun-day for all the mennonite churches on the island.
i was one of the three adults that went with our group.
we had a 15-seater van.
23 kids, ages 5-15...
and i shared a single seat with one of the boys the whole way both times, so i was pretty much dangling in the aile.
with a little girl sleeping on me.
and two younger boys from this children's home that were sharing the end of another bench using their legs to help prop me up for just part of the time. when they weren't holding me up, they were leaning on me to sleep.
oh mylanta.
all day tuesday, my legs and arms were like jelly.
and i loovvvvvvvvvvved it.
and i wouldn't trade it.
it was my bus full of blessings. i think God did that on purpose.

at the fun day, there were cheer, domino, and soccer competitions between all the churches.

we also went swimming in a river at the end of some waterfalls, and the kids all took the boat tour through the falls.
i left about ten minutes before everyone else to walk across the freeway with tavoy and kyle to the beach. they picked coconuts on the way and we burst them open, drank the delicious water, and ate the coconut.

my last night sleeping with baby matthew. he only woke up twice to be fed. but we both have this awful cough so that was no fun. it also wasn't too fun when he puked all over me at 4am. haha but whatever. i just changed my shirt in the darkness and we went back to bed after i fed him. and he hasn't spit up again, so...this child has been through so much. anyways...he was really happy this morning and so "talkative"...i recorded him on my cell phone. two or three minutes of the voice i've been waking up to for over two months. crazy.

ok enough now. i really need to bathe, get dressed and get my clothes off the line. and finish packing my carry on.

what's a girl to do?


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