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February 22nd 2008
Published: February 23rd 2008
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Hey all,
Jamaican lifestyle is very relaxing! sitting in the sun all day sipping on cocktails, the tempreture of the water here is hotter than the pool! Couple of days ago went to the Duns river falls, got to climb up the 800feet of waterfalls was awsome, also becuase it was free, we got a dvd made of our trip up the falls, so i will be sending that home for all to see, might even try put it up on youtube. We arrived at our other resort yesterday, awsome place, no little shit head kids here like at the other resort! more people our age which is good. We went to Margaritavile last night, the most popular club/bar in Jamaica, it has a waterslide in it that goes into the ocen below! preety cool! Today unfortunatly we have to make our way to the capital of jamaica Kingston to stay there overnight before catchine our plane back to miami, be good to have an alcohol free day havent had one yet since i left australia! ill be putting up photos of Jamaica when i get to miami, the internet here is not very good,
any ways, missing you all talk to you all soon
love scott


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