mating mosquitos

Published: March 12th 2008
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I know that's a really weird blog title, but my bathroom is infested with mosquitos, and I have become the queen of killing them and I was just so surprised when I saw mating mosquitos on the wall.
Matthew is home...did I write that in my last blog?...and he is doing much better. I know...I still haven't written much about him on here.n If I didn't explain it much before, I'll just tell you now that he began to die in the hospital awaiting test results proving his need for bowel obstruction surgery and then after surgery and all of that, he was home for 9 days and then had to go back to the hospital. Getting him admitted was a 12 hour day and I pretty much was suffering from bursts of uncontrollable sobbing while he was stuck with needles 7 times before on the 8th time an i.v. finally stayed in him. It was very, very painful for me to take care of a baby suffering so much.
And I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Today, I had a day off. Our pastor and I went to St. James High to support one of my best buddies here from our church at his cadet inspection for the military part of his schooling. I was so glad to have the opportunity to support Tafar like that, and I took lots of pictures for him. Afterwards, he shared his school lunch with me was a LONG HHHOOOTTT day in the sun! Lunch was, of course, rice and peas , cabbage and carrot salad, and chicken. Oh so typical for here and OH SO GOOD.
It's too bad more of our friends didn't stay in town to hang out, but Kemar and I hung out for a long time, just sitting outside KFC talking and laughing and before our ride home came , we walked over to this huge tent where some church was having a 'crusade'...but basically it's an outdoor church service.
I watched a huge cruise ship leaving the island. ...spring breakers are here for a few weeks now...

I'm getting a neck and headache from being on the computer, and I want to get to bed...I still have to make my bed, you see, because Matthew peed ALL OVER my bed the other night...usually I am such a pro when it comes to covering him up with his diaper before he pees all over the place, but I guess at 3somethingAM, I'm not as quick as usual. At least his doodoo didn't go anywhere outside the diaper.
Sorry if that grosses anyone's just a reality of life with babies! And I love it! haha

Please, if anyone has questions or wants specific stories of what's going on here, let me know, because I think a lot of my blogs are full of aimless babbling...I usually write them so quickly that I don't really remember them later...

I am going to post some new pictures on my myspace, maybe. Depends on how patient I am...but it's already almost 10PM and I'd like to just go read my Bible, and Love in the Time of Cholera, and go to sleep. Last night, I slept through the night for the first time in a long time! Unfortunately, the last dream I remember was this awful scary dream about me being the victim in a horror movie. For some reason, I went through this stage in high school when I wanted to watch all the 'Scream' and 'Halloween' movies...big mistake.
Anyways...Jamaica is amazing and beautiful. I think I got a little sunburned today from being outside at Tafar's school, but hey, that's only my 3rd burn in 5 months. All I have to do is put mustard on it and I'll be hunky-dory by tomorrow!

Thank you again to anyone who has been supporting me, and I don't just mean financially. I know I don't write back to personal messages very often, but I hope you know I'm 'busy' with life with these kids. I'm going to miss my life here so much while I'm gone, but of course I'll enjoy the break and I am STOKED to spend some time with my family!!
OK...enough for now...sometimes once I get typing, it's so hard to stop.


12th March 2008

pee and peas
I miss ginger beer. they don't sell the island kind up here. you won't have to miss getting pee'd on. Crackers can fill the bill. i chase her around the floor saying" pee pee on the potty pad Crackers, pee pee on the potty pad.!" when she starts to sniffing around. She was doing really good last week. This week, not so good. See you soon. mommy

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