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September 15th is Honduras' Independence Day. This year it fell on a Wednesday. Teacher's Day fell on the Friday (17th) so we had 3 days off from school plus a weekend, to make it a 5 day mini-vacation - our first real break from school. Last year at this time, our school had closed down for H1N1 scares and we had almost 2 weeks to take off to Nicaragua. This year, Walt and I decided to stay a little closer to home. The plan was to drive my car to Comayagua, spend a night or two there, then drive on to Lago Yojoa and visit Pulhapanzak, as Walter had never been. The only problem with this plan was that the Monday before we were supposed to leave, I took my car in for repairs, as the ... read more
Hotel Agua Azul

Copán Monday 16th August It’s another long travelling day today as the alarm wakes us up at 5:15. I wake up with the song “Total Eclipse of The Heart” in my head. How did that get in there?? We’ve got possibly 9 hours of travelling ahead and I’m sure I’m going to get beaten up by the rest of the group if I can’t stop myself singing that. We’ve got quite a complicated journey ahead to get from Roatán to Copán, our next destination. Our journey will be by taxi, ferry, taxi, bus and then one more bus and will take us back through La Ceiba and San Pedro Sula again. Let’s hope we make all the connections! We do make all the connections! The final bus, from San Pedro Sul to Copán we make with ... read more
Watching The Rain
Copán Ruins
Copán Ruins

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Western » Gracias August 10th 2010

(Day 858 on the road) One thing that you won't see in Honduras are other tourists. After the very touristy Bay Islands on the Caribbean north coast we were expecting tourists all over the rest of the country, but to our surprise there were almost none at all. During our whole final week in the country we met only a handful of other travellers (three German students and a US family at Lake Yojoa). Apart from them, it felt at times that all governments had issued stern travel warnings against Honduras and we had somehow missed it: Every hotel we stayed in: Absolutely empty, not a single other guest in sight. Every local bus we used: Only locals, no gringos or other tourists. Every attraction we visited: Dito, only us. Wonderful! When I look back at ... read more
Pulhapanzak Waterfall
Me in the smoking cave at Aquas Termales de Azacualpa
Iglesia Las Mercedes in Gracias

Seeing as Ellie and I hadn't gotten to bed till about 3am Monday Morning, there was no way we were going to be up for the 6.30am ferry back to the mainland on Monday morning. In that case, we decided to go for the 2.30pm ferry. I really didn't want to leave...Utila had been epic and I definitely felt lik I had gotten very comfey staying in one place for a loger period of time, but it was necessary that we started to head on as we only had 18days to get up to Cancun! Tom had decided to come with us for some of the remainder of our travels which we were excited about! As usual, we seemed to be leaving eveything to the last minute with only 15 minutes to get the ferry, ELlie ... read more

From Santa Ana in El Salvador, we had decided to duck through Guatemala to Copan Ruinas in Honduras. The first leg is our arranged ride with the guys in the truck, who take us out of their way to drop us at the Guatemalan frontera (border) before their work, which is great. We pas through Metapan, known for cement works, and glimpse beautiful lakes and lush forests with little rubbish. Immigration at the El Salvador/Guatemala border is straight forward, and we walk over a small bridge back into Guatemala to jump on a public micro bus. We travel through nice mountain areas, which strangely seem drier than in El Salvador. By the time we get off that bus we are in sweltering heat and waiting for the next micro bus at an intersection called Vado Hondo. ... read more
So many caterpillars!
Ball court, Copan
The Hieroglyphic Staircase, Copan

It’s a week today since I got back to the United States. 2 weeks ago, I left La Ceiba for Copan and then to Guatemala for a night to get the bus to Mexico. The journey to Mexico was stressful, it took longer than normal because of floods & road closure as a result of the bad weather but after 2 half days & a full day on the road I got to Mexico City a day before my flight to the United States. I was happy to b back in Mexico City -I spent the day walking around the downtown area and did some last minute shopping. FIFA has a fan centre in downtown Mexico City. The centre is open stage with a Big screen to watch the match and live bands play also ... read more
My Backpack

Counting down the days to head out to Honduras on a charitable medical mission trip! Planning to spend a week there on mission and then a week on my own on vacation. Though I've traveled quite a bit this is my first travel blog, so am learning the ins and outs of posting. ... read more

(Day 806 on the road) I am really crossing some borders at the moment. The first time I was in Guatemala two weeks ago, I was in the country for a mere three days to check out Tikal before heading to url= After returning from Belize, I was in Guatemala for just a tat longer this time, five days that is, before crossing the border to neighbouring Honduras (where I will stay only two days as well). The reason for all this border crossing is that Central America is really quite small, about the size of France actually. This makes it often impractical to focus on one country and then the next, so frequent border crossings are often needed in order to see all... read more
My horse was smaller, yes, but much fiercer!
Me upside down in front of Structure IV at Copan
Colorful macaw at the Copan ruinas

From Honduras I zoomed back to my home in Aztec, New Mexico in a matter of hours. I felt ripped away from the comfortable life I had lived for the past few weeks. My routine was predictable: Breakfast at 7:30 with Orphilia, Spanish tutoring from 8:00 to noon at Ixbalanque School right around the corner. My Spanish teacher and I talked about everything, from fruit to our experiences of giving birth to our children, relationships, marriage, dreams (I offered my amateur services as a dream therapist), "unacceptable" (dirty) words, travels, financial difficulties, hopes for the future. All of this in Spanish and sign language. I had the most fun when I described my experience of traveling on a boat 25 years ago from Singapore to Sumatra when the boat sank in the middle of the night. ... read more

This adventure, as for the others, started innocently enough. My friend Suyapa works at a school about 7 miles from Copan, where children from the nearby village attend. Most are quite poor. I told Suyapa I wanted to visit her school, thinking there might be a possibility in the future to work with the kids or school in some way. Before I left, Orphilia and Elda teased me about how I was coing on an expedition to the jungle with animals and all kinds of dangers. Just visiting kids in the country I thought, nothing very adventurous about that. Suyapa and I left in the morning, and rode a bus-van that serves the area. The road travels through beautiful hills with coffee plantations and other cleared land, all wet from the previous night´s deluge. Suyapa is ... read more

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