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Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Western » Gracias January 7th 2012

Depuis San Juan del Sur, il s'en est passe des choses...Je suis allee dans le Nord a Popoyo, sur la cote Pacifique, des plages desertes, trop belles, mais que des surfers (faudrait vraiment que j'essaie un jour...). Puis je suis allee voir Fernando, Luz et le nouveau ne a Masaya, j'ai ete visiter Leon (ou j'ai fait du Sanboarding sur le plus jeune volcan du monde, le Cerro Negro, toujours actif, truc de ouf), tres belle ville au coeur de la revolution sandiniste. Bonne ambiance nocture et charmantes ruelles trufees de belles eglises, dont la plus grande d'Amerique centrale, la Basílica Catedral de la Asunción de León. Je suis ensuite partie pour le Nord, Esteli, avec sa magnifique cascade a quelque 20 minutes du centre en bus, la Estanzuela. Apres j'ai fait le canyon de Somoto ... read more

We expected to be picked up for the 45 minute drive from Copan Ruinas to Finca El Cisne, the coffee plantation we would be staying on for the next 2 days, in a pick up truck, which was a little concerning considering the light rain that was falling. So when a mini van arrived, we thought this is good, at least we will stay dry. That thought dissipated very quickly when we were sliding precariously along extremely muddy, steep roads not far from town. Alex was a very skilled driver but when your van with no seatbelts, full of 4 Australians, 3 Americans, 2 French Canadians and 2 Hondurans is sliding sideways, just inches from the edge of a very steep embankment, you start to get very nervous. There were several times where we called out ... read more
Tasting some of the fruit on horseback
Great local food  -Finca El Cisne
Coffee beans out to dry

As we crossed the border into Honduras on our Hedman Alas bus trip, we were hit up for 40 Quetzales, departure tax from the Guatemalan official. We had not noticed anyone else having to pay when they handed over their passports and customs declarations, nor had we read of any fees payable to leave the country on land. But it is hard to argue with someone who is holding your passports, so despite having spent all our Quetzales (they kindly agreed to take US$) we paid up and walked across the road to Honduras and their officials. While waiting there for the rest of the bus passengers to clear customs we spotted a unique take on a no smoking sign on the window. The English translation is "Smoking is suicidal. Please go commit suicide somewhere else."Don't ... read more
Chilling out in Copan Ruinas
Macaws at Copan Ruinas
Copan Ruinas - ruins

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Western December 6th 2011

Discovered that the pretty, little, cobbled town of Copan not only had sunshine, blue skies and Mayan ruins but also had a large selection of divine cheeses. Full of dairy, we set out to explore Copan. Had no idea where we were heading, we jumped in a tuktuk. Cobbled streets, tiny wheels and dubious driving skills complete with no suspension is interesting on the tummy. Picked up our mayan history the budget travellers way, by eavesdropping on tour guides. We enjoyed ourselves rather a lot in the cooling tunnels and tombs, in hindsight perhaps being rather too jovial for the situation. This was further clarified when exiting the temple the door mysteriously slammed shut and locked, preventing our return. Don't think the mayan spirits were impressed. Bit embarrasing Had a fabulous day out visiting Macaw Mountain, ... read more
bit chilly

Yesterday we spent most of the day sitting and waiting as we travelled to Copan Ruinas from Antigua. And again it reminded me of how the worst part of travelling is the travel. Why does even a straightforward trip of a few hours end up taking all day? And why is the travel component so unpleasant? Maybe it is just me? I tend to feel just a little bit queasy travelling by bus - just on the edge of motion sickness - and even luxury recliner seats do not seem to dissipate that completely. I also have a pathological hatred of being cooped up in any vehicle for too long - planes, trains, ships or automobiles. What is the psychological thing about not being able to get off -that really makes you want to get off? ... read more

Left the island and amazingly made it all the way to Copan. It was another 12 hour boat and bus day bit at least it was only one.  Two nights is all I stayed here but you could easily get sucked in. It's a very pretty town only 10k from the Guatemalan border and alot less touristy than most places I've been. I was surprised considering the Mayan ruins are the main attraction.  Arrived around 7pm and found a hostel straight away and found out the national park is 1k from the town so no tours necessary just a stroll out of town and pay the entrance fee. Armed with all the necessary info I headed for food and a wander around the town.  Next morning I headed to the ruins and they were just stunning. ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
A Scale Model

31st October ’11 Antigua to Copan, Honduras 3.45 am and the alarm goes off and we staggered out to get the rucksacks loaded on to the top of the minibus. The seats are meant for two but only actually fit 1 ½! Add Howard’s Asda pillow in with us and needless to say we didn’t get much sleep!! We had a breakfast stop about 8ish and then carried on to the border. Again there were moneychangers there with their big wads of cash and we managed to change our last few quetzals for Hondurian lempira. We got through the border crossing with no problems and now have a Honduras stamp in our passports to add to the collection! We then travelled into the Copan Valley, again with high mountains and hills, all very green and lush ... read more
Copan, Honduras
Copan, Honduras
Copan, Honduras

After leaving the chilled relaxing ways of El Tunco beach it was up early again to catch the bus to Copan, Honduras, entering country number 5 of the trip. The shuttle bus was due in at 6am, and finally got there 7:15am…. We have now become numb to late running buses, and as long as they turn up at some point, we are happy. This journey to Honduras was to be a strange one, in that even though El Salvador boarders Honduras, we headed back into Guatemala to get to Honduras from there, as it would be quicker? I’m always happy when bus routes are amended to be quicker; however after our border crossing incident mentioned previously, we didn’t really fancy crossing two borders in the matter of hours! Turns out however that the bodge job ... read more
Copan Ruins
Well preserved carving from around 800ad
The remnants of the mud that found their way into Donna's ear and beyond!

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Western » Copán Ruinas September 21st 2011

How quickly plans can change when you have no itinerary. This afternoon we met two canadians on their way to the Bay Islands (Roatan & Utila). They informed us that if we left tomorrow morning at 5am we could be on the islands around 5pm. For some reason we never looked into it - just figuring that the trip was much longer than that. So - tomorrow we leave for Utila and I hope to get PADI certified to open water dive. It sounds like it is one of the cheapest places in the world to get certified, but also has good diving and high quality instructors. Amy is still undecided about getting certified - she will decide when she learns more at the island. Getting certified is usually four days as I understand and an ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Western » Copán Ruinas September 20th 2011

This morning we headed for some breakfast at Comedor Mary. We had a traditional Central American breakfast with some coffee and a Mango licuado (smoothie). I believe the whole meal for the two of us was about L150 (Limpira is the currency of Honduras) - which is probably about $8. After our meal we headed to the Copan Ruins - the main reason for our stop here. The ruins are located about one kilometer outside of the town of Copan Ruinas - but there is a footpath the whole way and it is a very easy walk. On the way to the ruins we crossed the copan river and saw a huge tree! We also saw an interesting caterpillar that was a super bright green. The entrance to the ruins costs L285 or $15 - I ... read more

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