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Hi people of TravelBlog, is this time I'm going to talk to them about my trip to the water park, called Villa mar Park, this was a great trip with my family, we went to a new place that we did not know, was a great experience, if the biggest and most riskyexperience that I have lived because it was extremely , I step of all, the only thing I regret was that he hurt the knee when passing by a slide in the form of long neck a dinosaur, to the almost get hit me the knee very strong against the it cemented, that hurt me much but I still kept bathing extremely, because here everything is end for the theme which is the Park, people here were very polite and quite friendly, this place ... read more
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Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Central » Danlí November 25th 2013

Good afternoon from Danli. A great spot for a cigar and a couple nights rest. Quiet town of 100,000 or so on the way to the Nicaraguan frontier. Very mellow folks here not like Tegus', which was nice but kinda keyed up! I will post pics to the other blog if the correspond to it and some here as well! I realized last night I'm kinda blowing through things a bit fast so I decided it was time to relax a couple nights here and one or two nights in El Paraiso....a tinyyyyyy town just south of here. The church here in Danli is awesome! The wood beam ceilings are scary cool! And the clock is one of the oldest in the world! Found a great little hotel for 15 bucks a night insanely cheap considering ... read more
Hotel in Danli.

So I made it alive to Honduras! I left El Salvador hastily because it had a weird vibe to me...but thats just me. Bought myself a ticket on a hugeeeeee,nice bus to Tegucigalpa....or so I thought! Looking back a few nights ago is kind of hazy, but I'll do my best to recall! So I had 3 hours or so to kill before the bus left the Sheraton Presidente in San Salvador. So what to do? I know how about breakfast poolside for 12 bucks! Cool though theres a convention of Different ministers of Latin American countries. Who am I seated with? Ha only the Minister of Defense of Peru and his wife! I sit quietly with no sudden moves this man has a visible entourage of at least 3 secret service agents! Post breakfast its ... read more
Coke is everywhere!
Tegus' cathedral

July 26 - Not much to say about today. I didn't sleep well, got up at 4:45am and left at 5:45am to get a taxi to the ferry. The ferry was almost in the same place as the Carnival ship yesterday – there was a new ship there today. The ferry left at 7am and it was totally calm. Such a different experience that the ride over. I talked to a woman from Roatan who lives in the Cayman Islands for work for most of the ride. Then I had to get my luggage and a taxi to the bus for Tegucigalpa. It was leaving shortly afterwards, so that was good. From 9:30am until almost 2pm, I was mostly in a sleepy haze. Not quite asleep, but not quite awake. That really is a decent way ... read more

Next stop was Comayagua, the former capital of Honduras, known for its colonial architecture. I stayed two nights here. It was a bit underwhelming, but there were definitely some nice churches, and a cool cafe or two, that made the stop not a total bust. Stayed at the "Hotel American Inc.", with nary an American in sight. Somewhat generic, with broken internet, but clean enough, with actual working hot water. Saw very few other tourists during my stay, only perhaps three or four, which was kind of neat in some ways, but one of the times when I felt a little bit more lonely than usual. Normal enough while travelling solo, and hanging around in the main town square was good for people watching. The city hall and main cathedral are the focus points of the ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Central » Comayagua January 3rd 2012

11/19/11 “Where’s Jan? Jan’s gone.” I was nearly screaming in the crowded café. I looked from the chair in which she had just been sitting to all the faces now staring at me, wondering what it was I was screaming about. How do you say ‘missing’ in Spanish? How do you say ‘thief’? “Calm down. Where’d you see her last?” John asked calm, and annoyingly collected as he walked to the table. He wasn’t missing Jan. He’d only recently been introduced to her. “What do you mean where’d I see her last? She was sitting right there… I got up to get some sugar and came back and she was gone. Someone took her. Ladrons! Ladrons!” the word for thief suddenly came to me. People were looking at me because now they knew what I was ... read more

Note – Apologies but what proceeds isn’t very interesting, however it was 2 days of our trip, and therefore it does need to be documented!! The lack of photos we took here too are few and far between, and therefore there are only 2 snaps of Tegucigalpa, neither of which I imagine will be breathtaking! Our next real stop was to be Granada in Nicaragua, however getting there was going to be the difficult thing. We basically had to get back to the mainland (La Ceiba),from there get a 7 hour bus to Tegucigalpa (the capital of Honduras), stay the night, then get another bus to the capital of Nicaragua, Managua (8 hours by bus), stay the night, and then another bus from there in the morning to Granada. Mission The mission was made even harder ... read more
The only other photo we took inTegucigalpa...again, of the view from the Hotel room!!

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Central » Comayagua August 11th 2011

I wake up in the mountain town of Tilaran, Costa Rica. Forty kilometers south, via a dirt road, is the eco-paradise once featured by National Geographic, Monteverde. It has butterfly, frog, and snake gardens, suspension bridges, and canopy tours. But I’m not going there. No, I’ve had enough of Costa Rica and its high prices; paying $10 for a breakfast that would cost $7 in LA. In Monteverde I could spend as much walking across one bridge as I would for three days of adventure in Nicaragua. And so, I’m heading north, back to Nicaragua. My destination: a beach city named San Juan del Sur just 25km north of the Costa Rica/Nicaragua border. Here I should be able to get a hotel for $5 and breakfast for $2. I’m happy to be on the road again ... read more
Bella Esperanza near a wind farm, Nicaragua
Water filled with surfers, Madera Beach
Hotel in Playa Madera

This is a message straight from our team in Honduras. The progress in work that they are doing is amazing. For bible school they had a huge turnout. God is really working with this group. It looks like he is showing out!! Lets pray for continued blessing on the group and the people they are witnessing too!! Good Morning, Staying positive is a must today and counting our blessings is so important to keep going because yesterday was extremely challenging for all of us. Please pray for continued faith strength & health while we complete this mission. On with the details. With much debate in the morning yesterday on the tile design plus a 2 hour delay on supplies the power going out & lack of water still the men’s hard work paid off & the ... read more

Good morning everyone. I have finally received some info that I can pass along to everyone. One of the messages I got I was told just how much of a blessing it is for our group to be there. That just proves to us that God is leading them and our church in the right direction. On Saturday they actually got about half of the tile laid in the church. It was a slow process since they are having to bring water in for them to mix grout and thin set. We could not imagine not having water in our church, or at least I couldn’t. The ladies from the team are painting the Sunday school rooms, and I was informed that Leighton Keys is quite the artist. The group got to go church with the ... read more

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